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What is the best PRINCE2 qualification?

By Simon Buehring on 26 Mar 2020

What is the best PRINCE2 qualification?

PRINCE2 is the most widely recognized project management qualification. It’s considered an industry standard both employers and professionals. So, whether you’re an experienced professional who requires accreditation or if you’re trying to get your first project management role, you’re going to need a PRINCE2 qualification.

There’s no ‘best’ PRINCE2 qualification. Each course is designed for specific levels of knowledge and understanding. What is ‘best’ depends on what you do, what you want to do and where you want to take your career.

Below, you’ll find information about each PRINCE2 course to help you find the best PRINCE2 qualification for your level of expertise.

PRINCE2 Foundation course

The PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is a great place to start for beginners. You’ll learn the basic PRINCE2 principles and some of the terms used by project managers. If you’re new to project management, or if you want to work your way up to a higher PRINCE2 qualification, this is a great place to start.

This course will show you how work alongside project managers and understand what they're trying to achieve. Topics include the 7 PRINCE2 principles, the 7 PRINCE2 themes, the 7 PRINCE2 processes and much more.

To complete this course, you’ll need to sit a final exam. To pass, you’ll have to show that you’ve gained a solid understanding of the relationships, processes, tasks and roles involved in project management.

If you study a PRINCE2 Foundation course with Knowledge Train, you can choose to attend one of our classroom courses or study online. Our courses are some of the best around and we pride ourselves in delivering courses that are engaging and informative. If you’re considering obtaining your first PRINCE2 qualification, why not look at some of the courses we have on offer.

PRINCE2 Practitioner course

If you’re currently supporting a project or working alongside a project management team, the PRINCE2 Practitioner course will teach you how to apply PRINCE2 to the running of a project.

This course requires you first complete a PRINCE2 Foundation course and understand the basics of PRINCE2. When you complete your Practitioner qualification, you’ll have a great understanding of the relationships between PRINCE2 processes and be able to apply these to specific problem scenarios.

When you complete this course, you’ll become a certified PRINCE2 project manager. This is an internationally recognized qualification and brings with it a world of new job opportunities. The average salary of a certified PRINCE2 project manager is £32,000[1].

Successful completion of both the Foundation and Practitioner courses is required to become a registered PRINCE2 practitioner. If you study with Knowledge Train, you can complete both in just a 1-week course. If you’d like to know more, take a look at our combined Foundation & Practitioner courses.

PRINCE2 Professional

The PRINCE2 Professional certificate is the highest level of PRINCE2 qualification on the market. You don’t study to become a PRINCE2 Professional. Rather, you’ll be assessed by a board of examiners over a 3-day period to determine whether your years of PRINCE2 project management experience have taught you how to effectively solve complex project management problems.

Candidates will gather at an assessment centre and work in groups to demonstrate their competence in project management. If you’re lucky enough to be invited, you’ll be assessed on more than 20 individual criteria necessary to become a PRINCE2 Professional.

The PRINCE2 Professional qualification is relatively new, having been launched in 2012. As such, not many project managers have achieved this level of qualification. If you pass your PRINCE2 Professional assessment, you’ll really stand out from the pack and show employers that you’re one of the best around.


PRINCE2 Agile® has both Foundation and Practitioner level qualifications designed to teach PRINCE2 Project managers how to adapt their practices to fit within an agile business framework.

If you don’t already have a standard PRINCE2 qualification, we recommend you start there first. The PRINCE2 Agile course is designed to adapt your existing knowledge of PRINCE2 methods to agile business practices.


So, there you have it. There isn’t a ‘best’ PRINCE2 qualification, you’ll have to decide what’s best for you and your career. What’s certain is that PRINCE2 qualifications are more widely recognized and more flexible than most other project management certifications on the market.

Whether you’re just starting out in project management or are a seasoned veteran, there’s really no substitute for a PRINCE2 qualification.

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