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AgilePM certification

AgilePM certification

What is AgilePM?

AgilePM is based on the well-known DSDM Agile Project Framework. The method aims to balance the standards and governance required for good project management, with the flexibility and adaptability provided by agile.

Features of AgilePM

AgilePM has many important features, including:

  • It is a tried-and-tested approach, successfully adopted by a wide range of organisations across multiple industries
  • Addresses the full project lifecycle, offering flexibility while retaining concepts key to effective project delivery and project management
  • Assigns clear roles and responsibilities, advocating collaboration, open communication, and team empowerment
  • Ensures solutions meet project objectives through strict acceptance criteria
  • Incorporates agile tools to support effective solution development
  • It can be easily integrated with existing processes such as PRINCE2 and ISO9001.

Advantages of AgilePM

The primary advantage that AgilePM and DSDM have over other methods is that while many other agile methods were designed for small projects and small teams, DSDM was designed to support larger projects with multiple teams. This allows AgilePM to scale organically without the addition of add-ons.

Not just a method

AgilePM is not just a project management method. It is also a certification scheme that helps project managers and aspiring project managers learn to effectively manage projects using modern tools, agile approaches, and best-practice management solutions.

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Is AgilePM certification popular

Is AgilePM certification popular?

Leading agile framework

Since its introduction in 2010, AgilePM has established itself as the world’s leading agile project management framework. Since then, nearly 200,000 people have become certified in AgilePM worldwide.

30% of all AgilePM exams have been sat in the UK – it’s a great choice for those working in the United Kingdom, or EU.

Career development

AgilePM is fast becoming one of the most popular agile certifications available. Instructor-led AgilePM training offers a fast route for anyone wanting to demonstrate their expertise as an agile project manager or those who want to begin working as an agile project manager.

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Why is AgilePM certification so popular

Why is AgilePM certification so popular?

There are 6 key factors why AgilePM certification is proving to be the most popular agile project management certification.

AgilePM provides governance and agility

Based upon DSDM and the Agile Project Framework, AgilePM blends both corporate governance aspects with key agile concepts and is specifically aimed at project managers.

The authors of the Agile Project Framework were the same people who developed DSDM, one of the founding signatories to the Agile Manifesto.

That is why sometimes AgilePM is also known as AgilePM DSDM.

AgilePM never compromises quality

Never compromising quality is an underlying principle of AgilePM. This is achieved by agreeing high-level acceptance criteria throughout the full project lifecycle.

Risk management

A starting point in AgilePM for understanding risks is the Project Approach Questionnaire. This enables a shared understanding of project risks and how to mitigate them.

Beyond product development approaches

Whereas common agile methods such as Scrum offer product development approaches, they do not address project management. AgilePM goes further than Scrum by offering an agile project management approach based upon DSDM and its proven Agile Project Framework.

Clear roles and responsibilities

AgilePM assigns clear roles and responsibilities to individuals from the business, user, technical and management areas so that effective stakeholder collaboration can occur.

Incorporates popular agile practices

AgilePM incorporates key agile practices such as MoSCoW prioritisation, timeboxing, and iterative development to support effective product development.

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What are the levels of AgilePM certification

What are the levels of AgilePM certification?

There are 2 levels of AgilePM certification: the entry-level AgilePM Foundation certification and the intermediate AgilePM Practitioner certification.

AgilePM Foundation

This entry-level agile project management certification has no prerequisites and does not require any previous experience in project management. It is a great way to start learning about the agile mindset as well as applicable project management skills and tools.

AgilePM Foundation exam
  • Style: Multiple-choice
  • Questions: 50
  • Pass mark: 50% (25/50)
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Materials allowed: Closed-book
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Results: Same day.

AgilePM Practitioner

This intermediate agile project management certification helps students learn to tailor the AgilePM approach to suit different contexts and project scenarios.

Certification requires no previous experience in agile project management, making it a great way for first-time project managers to learn applicable agile skills and tools.

To take the Practitioner exam, students must first pass the AgilePM Foundation exam.

  • Style: Multiple-choice
  • Questions: 80
  • Pass mark: 50% (40/80)
  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Materials allowed: Open-book
  • Prerequisites: AgilePM Foundation (2010 or 2014 version), or DSDM Atern Foundation, or DSDM Advanced Practitioner
  • Results: Same day.

How to earn your AgilePM certification

To earn your Agile Project Management certification, you can enrol on our instructor-led AgilePM training. Our instructor-led courses either take place in a traditional physical classroom or take place in a virtual classroom using advanced virtual learning technology. In a physical classroom course, you must travel to the venue. In the virtual classroom course, you participate over the internet using a computer and headset (and optional video camera).

Instructor-led courses

All instructor-led courses are taught by experienced Agile Project Management trainers and offer all the benefits of face-to-face learning with an experienced tutor. To participate in an instructor-led course, you must be able to commit to a fixed classroom schedule.

To check whether there is a classroom instructor-led course in your area, or a virtual instructor-led course hosted on the internet, please check the dates on the AgilePM Foundation page or AgilePM Practitioner page.

Self-paced courses

If you cannot commit to a fixed classroom schedule, you can always obtain your Agile Project Management certification by enrolling in a self-paced online AgilePM course.

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History of agile project management

History of agile project management

Shaping the Agile Manifesto

In 1994, frustrated by costly, rigid, or unreliable software development methods, the not-for-profit DSDM Consortium was formed to help define new, industry-standard management methods.

In 2001, DSDM helped shape the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, also known as the Agile Manifesto.

Agile Project Framework

AgilePM and the DSDM Agile Project Framework were released in 2010. Nearly 200,000 people around the world have become AgilePM certified, making AgilePM the most popular agile project management certification in the world.

Agile Business Consortium

In 2016 the DSDM Consortium changed its focus from IT-specific frameworks to the wider context of business agility and rebranded as the Agile Business Consortium.

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AgilePM Foundation course details:

Course format
  • Instructor-led AgilePM Foundation courses are available as either traditional classroom courses or online virtual classroom courses.
Course includes
  • AgilePM Foundation instructor-led tuition
  • AgilePM Foundation course materials
  • AgilePM Agile Project Management Handbook
  • Sample AgilePM Foundation exams
  • AgilePM Foundation exam.
Course times
  • AgilePM Foundation courses are held over 3 days from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Learning outcomes

  • Instructor-led AgilePM Foundation training provides students with a basic understanding of the Agile Project Framework derived from DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Methodology).
Course content

The instructor-led AgilePM Foundation course covers the following topics:

  • The underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile
  • The lifecycle of an Agile project, including alternative configurations
  • The products produced during an Agile project and their purpose
  • The techniques used and their benefits and limitations
  • The roles and responsibilities within an Agile project.
  • None.
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AgilePM Practitioner course details:

Course format
  • Instructor-led AgilePM Practitioner courses are available as either traditional classroom courses or online virtual classroom courses.
Course includes
  • AgilePM Practitioner instructor-led tuition
  • AgilePM Practitioner course materials
  • AgilePM Practitioner sample exams
  • AgilePM Practitioner exam
  • 3-month free membership to the Agile Business Consortium after passing the Practitioner exam.
Course times
  • AgilePM Practitioner courses are held over 1 day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Learning outcomes

  • AgilePM Practitioner instructor-led training provides builds on ideas taught at Foundation level and equips students with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Framework to apply and tailor it to any given scenario.
Course content

Instructor-led AgilePM Practitioner training covers the following topics:

  • How to appropriately configure the lifecycle of an Agile project
  • How to produce and evaluate the content of Agile products produced during an Agile project
  • How to test, estimate and measure progress in an Agile project
  • The Agile approach to managing requirements.
  • AgilePM Foundation.
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AgilePM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Knowledge Train accredited for AgilePM training?

Yes. Knowledge Train is an APMG Accredited Training Organisation for AgilePM. Not only that, but we have won awards for the quality of our AgilePM training.

AgilePM verified leader - autumn 2018 AgilePM verified leader - spring 2020

Why choose Knowledge Train over other course providers?

Instructor-led classroom training

Our instructor-led classroom courses are taught by some of the best AgilePM trainers in the UK. Each is a training expert with years of experience working in agile project management. They help deliver a high quality of training you won’t find elsewhere.

In fact, our Agile Project Management (AgilePM) training courses have won awards for being leaders in the field.
AgilePM verified leader - autumn 2018AgilePM verified leader - spring 2020

If you’d like to try our instructor-led training and learn how we run our virtual classroom courses, give our team a call on +44 (0)207 148 5985 and we’ll find you a place on our next available course.

Should I take instructor-led or self-paced AgilePM training?

We’ve designed our instructor-led and self-paced courses to give you the best possible chance to learn about Agile Project Management and pass your AgilePM exams. Simply choose the course format that best suits your needs.

You should take instructor-led AgilePM classroom training if any of the following apply:

  • You can commit to a fixed classroom schedule
  • You’d like to earn your AgilePM certification as quickly as possible
  • You prefer face-to-face learning with a trainer
  • You enjoy learning in a social environment with other students.

You should take a self-paced online AgilePM course if any of the following apply:

  • You cannot commit to a fixed classroom schedule
  • You cannot travel to a classroom training venue
  • You prefer to learn at your own pace.

Should I take an instructor-led AgilePM Foundation or Practitioner course?

Instructor-led AgilePM Foundation training is best suited to:

  • Project managers who want to learn to manage agile projects
  • Anyone who wants to become an agile project manager
  • Senior staff who want to learn how to work effectively with agile project managers.

Instructor-led AgilePM Practitioner training is best suited to:

  • AgilePM certified students who want to become agile project managers
  • Project managers who want to add an internationally recognised agile certification to their CV
  • Project assistants, administrators, management specialists, risk managers, business analysts and similar roles who want to start a career in agile project management.

Does my AgilePM certification expire?

AgilePM Foundation certification does not expire and is valid for life. AgilePM Practitioner certification expires after 5 years. Candidates who pass the Practitioner exam are recognised as ‘AgilePM Registered Practitioners’.

Maintaining the ‘Registered Practitioner’ status must be done within 3-5 years by passing an AgilePM Re-registration exam which is the same format as the Practitioner exam and lasts for 2.5 hours.

Beyond the 5-year period, you will be required to complete the full Practitioner exam again to be reinstated as an AgilePM Registered Practitioner.

When do I receive my AgilePM certificate?

For students of our instructor-led classroom courses, you choose to take your AgilePM exams when you feel ready to sit the exam(s). All exam results and certifications are administered by APMG International via the APMG Candidate Portal.

AgilePM Foundation exam results and certifications will be given within 1 working day of submitting your exam.

AgilePM Practitioner exam results and certification will be given within 3 working days of submitting your exam.

When do I receive my AgilePM handbook?

Instructor-led traditional classroom course students
  • You will receive the AgilePM handbook on the first morning of the classroom course.
Instructor-led virtual classroom course students
  • If you live in the United Kingdom, you will receive your handbook via courier in a timely manner before the start of your virtual classroom course.
  • If you live outside the UK, you will receive a digital copy of the AgilePM Handbook via email. You can still elect to receive a hard copy of the AgilePM handbook, but you must pay an additional postage fee.

How can I prepare for the course?

If you’ve enrolled in our instructor-led AgilePM course, we’ll provide introductory reading to help you familiarise yourself with basic terms and concepts before the course begins.

This reading should take no more than 3 hours and provides a basic overview of some of the topics you’ll encounter on the first day of your AgilePM course.

When can I take my AgilePM exam?

As a student learning on an instructor-led AgilePM course, your instructor may set aside time during training hours within which to take the exams. You are not obligated to sit the exams at this time however and can book your AgilePM exams whenever is most convenient for you.

Do I receive any support to help me pass my AgilePM exams?

All our trainers on our instructor-led AgilePM training courses are experienced at coaching students to learn what is required to pass their AgilePM exams.

In addition, you’ll receive official sample exams that match the style, form, and content of questions you will be asked in your AgilePM exams.

If you are a student of our instructor-led virtual classroom AgilePM training courses you can take advantage of watching recordings of the training sessions for later review.

Is there any homework?

As a student on an instructor-led AgilePM training course, our trainers will assign you homework of approximately 2 hours of homework at the end of each day.

Homework may include reading assignments, pop-quizzes, and other beneficial revision exercises.

Is there AgilePM course near me?

AgilePM Courses in England

You can find AgilePM course in these towns and cities in England:


AgilePM Courses in Scotland

You can find AgilePM course in these towns and cities in Scotland:


AgilePM Courses in Wales

You can find AgilePM course in these towns and cities in Wales:


AgilePM Courses in Ireland

You can find AgilePM course in these towns and cities in Ireland:

[1] PMI. 2021. Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey—Twelfth Edition. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 6 June 2022].

More information

Comprehensive Overview of Agile Project Management

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile Project Management is a methodology focused on delivering projects in small, manageable increments. An agile project manager helps ensure that the development stays flexible and responsive. This method is important for handling projects that need to adapt quickly to changes.

Key Principles of Agile Methodology

The agile methodology is built on principles that emphasize collaboration, customer satisfaction, and adaptive planning. Key principles include:

  • Customer Collaboration: Engaging customers throughout the project.
  • Incremental Delivery: Regularly delivering functional parts of the project.
  • Flexibility: Responding to change rather than strictly following a plan.

Applying these principles lays a strong foundation for successful agile project management.

Benefits of Agile Project Management

Adopting agile project management provides several benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: Enables teams to deliver projects faster.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Easily adapts to new requirements and changes.
  • Continuous Improvement: Encourages ongoing learning and improvement at every stage.

How to Implement Agile Practices

To effectively implement agile practices:

  1. Understand Agile Methodology: Gain a solid understanding of agile principles.
  2. Train Your Team: Ensure all team members are familiar with agile practices.
  3. Start Small: Begin with a pilot project to try out agile methods.
  4. Continuous Feedback: Use iterative cycles to gather feedback and improve.

Differences Between Agile and Traditional Project Management

Agile and traditional project management differ in several ways:

  • Flexibility: Agile focuses on adaptability, while traditional methods follow a fixed plan.
  • Delivery: Agile delivers updates incrementally; traditional methods aim for a single final product.
  • Team Roles: Agile promotes collaborative roles, unlike the hierarchical structure of traditional management.

Understanding Scrum and its Role in Agile

Scrum is an agile methodology framework that emphasizes teamwork and iterative progress toward goals. In Scrum, roles like the Product Owner and Scrum Master guide the project to ensure effective agile practice.

What is the Agile Project Framework (APF)?

The Agile Project Framework (APF) is a structured approach to managing agile projects. APF principles come from methodologies like DSDM Atern. Earning a foundation certificate in APF can deepen your understanding and implementation of agile techniques.

History and Evolution of Agile Methodology

Agile methodology has evolved over the years. Originally designed for software development, agile principles are now applied across various industries. This history highlights agile’s adaptable nature and its impact on modern project management.

Common Challenges in Agile Projects and How to Overcome Them

Common challenges in agile projects include:

  • Resistance to Change: Address this through stakeholder engagement and communication.
  • Scope Creep: Manage by defining clear, evolving project scopes.
  • Team Dynamics: Encourage a culture of collaboration and open communication.

Effective risk management and problem-solving are key to overcoming these challenges.

Role of Leadership in Agile Projects

Leadership is important in agile projects by:

  • Facilitating Team Collaboration: Promoting teamwork and open communication.
  • Guiding Development: Providing direction and support during the project.
  • Driving Continuous Improvement: Encouraging ongoing learning and adaptation.

Importance of Team Collaboration in Agile

Team collaboration is essential in agile project management. It improves efficiency, enables quick problem resolution, and fosters a learning environment. Effective teamwork ensures that agile principles are fully implemented in any project.

Agile Project Management Certifications

Overview of Agile Certifications

Agile certifications validate your expertise in agile project management. Various certifications, such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, and AgilePM, cater to different roles and experience levels. These qualifications are important for career growth and skill enhancement.

How to Choose the Right Agile Certification

Choosing the right agile certification involves:

  1. Assessing Career Goals: Identify which certification aligns with your career goals.
  2. Considering Experience Level: Select a certification suitable for your experience level.
  3. Evaluating Course Content: Ensure the material is relevant to your professional needs.

Steps to Obtain an Agile Certification

To obtain an agile certification:

  1. Select a Certification: Choose from recognized certifications like AgilePM or Scrum.
  2. Enroll in a Course: Register for a training course that meets your needs.
  3. Prepare for the Exam: Study and practice using sample exams.
  4. Take the Exam: Pass the certification exam.

Benefits of Getting Certified in Agile Project Management

Obtaining an agile project management certification offers several benefits:

  • Career Advancement: Improves job prospects and career growth.
  • Improved Skills: Provides structured learning and practical skills.
  • Recognition: Establishes credibility in project management.

AgilePM vs. Other Agile Certifications

Comparing AgilePM to other agile certifications:

  • Focus: AgilePM offers a broad framework, while others may focus on specific roles.
  • Content: AgilePM covers a wider range of agile practices.
  • Efficiency: AgilePM is designed for quick application and implementation.

Continuing Professional Development in Agile

Continuing professional development in agile includes:

  • Attending Workshops: Participate in advanced workshops and seminars.
  • Staying Updated: Keep up with the latest trends in agile.
  • Further Certifications: Pursue additional certifications to enhance your expertise.

Preparing for Agile Certification Exams

Tips for preparing for agile certification exams include:

  • Study Regularly: Create and stick to a study schedule.
  • Use Practice Tests: Get familiar with exam formats through practice tests.
  • Join Study Groups: Collaborate with peers to enhance learning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Agile Certifications

  • What are agile certifications?
    Agile certifications validate expertise in agile project management.
  • Why are agile certifications important?
    They improve career opportunities and confirm your skills in agile practices.
  • How do I choose the right certification?
    Assess your career goals and experience level to select the most relevant certification.

For further information, contact Knowledge Train.

Courses Offered by Knowledge Train

Why Choose Knowledge Train for Agile Training?

Choosing Knowledge Train for your agile training courses offers several advantages. Located in London, our courses are designed by industry experts to help you learn the essentials of agile project management. With an emphasis on continuing professional development, our certifications bolster your management skills and career prospects.

Key Features of Knowledge Train’s AgilePM Courses

Our project management training courses come with several key features:

  • Digital badge upon completion
  • Emphasis on continuing professional development
  • Comprehensive exam preparation
  • High-quality course materials
  • Experienced instructors

Overview of Instructor-Led Training Courses

Knowledge Train offers a range of instructor-led training courses that provide:

  • In-person classroom experience
  • Hands-on learning
  • Preparation for exams
  • Structured course schedules focused on agile project management training

Self-Paced Online Courses: Pros and Cons

Self-paced online training allows you to learn at your own pace. Here are some pros and cons:


  • Flexible scheduling
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Suitable for continuing education


  • Requires self-discipline
  • Limited real-time instructor support

Customized Training Solutions for Organizations

Knowledge Train provides customized training solutions tailored to meet organizational needs. Ideal for companies seeking agile project management certifications for their teams, these programs include professional development and bespoke course content.

Benefits of Classroom Training with Knowledge Train

Classroom training offers a rich learning experience. Benefits include:

  • Direct interaction with instructors
  • Immediate feedback
  • Hands-on project management exercises
  • Engaging agile project management course content

Virtual Classroom Training Experience

For those unable to attend in person, our virtual classroom training offers an alternative. Experience comprehensive online courses and virtual training sessions that cover project management fundamentals and agile methodology. Benefit from an interactive training experience without the need to travel.

Course Content and Structure

Detailed Course Breakdown for AgilePM Foundation

Our AgilePM Foundation course focuses on:

  • Basics of agile project management
  • AgilePM certification process
  • Intensive exam preparation
  • Structured course breakdown to enhance learning

Detailed Course Breakdown for AgilePM Practitioner

Aimed at advanced learners, the AgilePM Practitioner course includes:

  • Detailed course outline
  • Advanced project management techniques
  • Rigorous exams
  • Pathways for continuous learning in agilepm

AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner Combined Course Outline

Our combined course offers a seamless certification program:

  • Comprehensive coverage of both AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner
  • Project management curriculum
  • Accelerated learning path to achieve dual certifications

Course Schedule and Timings

Our agile training course schedules are flexible to accommodate various timings:

  • Multiple classes offered throughout the year
  • Detailed schedules available online
  • Evening and weekend options for busy professionals

Pre-requisites and Enrollment Criteria

To enroll in our project management courses, consider the following eligibility criteria:

  • Basic understanding of agile principles
  • Relevant professional experience
  • Meeting specific agile training prerequisites

Course Materials and Resources Provided

We offer extensive course materials including:

  • Manuals and textbooks
  • Digital resources
  • Access to project management tools
  • Comprehensive agile courses guides

Overview of Course Assessments and Exams

Our courses culminate in rigorous assessments and certification exams:

  • Regular course evaluations
  • Practice tests
  • Agile project management-specific exams
  • Detailed feedback to guide improvement

How to Prepare for Your First AgilePM Class

Preparation steps for beginners:

  1. Review the course material provided.
  2. Familiarize yourself with basic agilepm concepts.
  3. Plan your study schedule ahead of time.
  4. Engage in preliminary project management exercises.

Unique Selling Points and Benefits

How AgilePM Certification Can Advance Your Career

AgilePM certification equips professionals with essential skills in agile project management. This enhances their resumes and opens up career advancement opportunities. The certification shows proficiency in managing projects efficiently, a trait highly valued in today’s business environment. Mastering agile project management principles can lead to professional growth and help secure senior roles within your organization.

Comparison of AgilePM with Other Agile Frameworks

AgilePM, Scrum, and DSDM Atern each offer unique approaches to agile project management. While Scrum focuses on iterative development and team roles, AgilePM builds on the DSDM Atern framework, emphasizing thorough project delivery processes. AgilePM provides detailed guidelines for the entire project lifecycle, ensuring clarity and structure. In contrast, Scrum allows teams to adapt practices to their specific needs. Each methodology has its benefits, but AgilePM stands out for its ability to manage complex projects effectively.

Real-Life Applications of AgilePM

AgilePM is used in various industries to streamline project workflows, enhance communication, and improve efficiency. Case studies show its implementation in IT, finance, and healthcare, highlighting benefits like reduced time-to-market and increased customer satisfaction. Success stories demonstrate how AgilePM methodologies lead to effective project completion within budget and schedule constraints.

Success Stories from Past Learners

Past learners often share success stories, showcasing how AgilePM certification has advanced their careers. Testimonials highlight significant achievements and career progression, often resulting in promotions and new opportunities. These experiences illustrate the practical benefits of AgilePM training, showing real-world advantages beyond theoretical knowledge.

How AgilePM Improves Project Delivery and Efficiency

AgilePM enhances project delivery and efficiency by promoting time management and resource optimization. Its structured approach ensures projects are completed on time and within scope, minimizing delays and maximizing effectiveness. By encouraging continuous improvement and stakeholder collaboration, AgilePM helps organizations achieve higher productivity and better outcomes.

Case Studies Demonstrating the Impact of AgilePM

Case studies provide compelling examples of AgilePM’s impact on various projects. These studies show improved project timelines, increased stakeholder satisfaction, and optimized resource use. The documented benefits highlight how AgilePM methodologies translate into tangible business advantages, reinforcing the value of adopting this framework.

Testimonials from AgilePM Graduates

Graduates of our AgilePM courses often share positive testimonials about their learning experiences and subsequent career advancements. Feedback emphasizes the practical value of the skills acquired and the effectiveness of our training programs. Graduates recommend AgilePM certification as a vital step for anyone looking to excel in project management.

Advantages of Learning with Knowledge Train

Choosing Knowledge Train for your AgilePM training offers numerous advantages. Our courses are designed by industry experts, ensuring high-quality content and instruction. We offer flexible learning options, whether through instructor-led classes or self-paced study, catering to different learning preferences. Our comprehensive support services further enhance the learning experience, providing resources and guidance throughout the course.

Special Offers and Discounts on AgilePM Courses

Knowledge Train frequently offers promotions and discounts on our AgilePM courses. These limited-time deals provide significant savings, making professional development more accessible. Check our website regularly for updates on current promotions and pricing, ensuring you can take advantage of these opportunities to further your career at a lower cost.

Instructor Expertise and Support

Meet Our AgilePM Trainers

Our AgilePM trainers have extensive experience and qualifications in agile project management. They are seasoned professionals who bring real-world insights to the classroom, offering practical knowledge alongside theoretical foundations. Our trainers are committed to delivering high-quality education, ensuring you gain the most from your learning experience.

What Makes Our Instructors Stand Out?

Our instructors stand out due to their deep expertise, distinctive teaching styles, and commitment to student success. They use a student-centric approach, adapting their methods to meet diverse learning needs. Their competence and dedication ensure that you receive not just information, but also inspiration and encouragement throughout your learning journey.

Instructor-led Training vs. Self-Learning

Deciding between instructor-led training and self-learning depends on personal preferences and learning styles. Instructor-led training offers direct interaction, immediate feedback, and structured guidance, ideal for those who benefit from a hands-on approach. Self-learning provides flexibility and the freedom to progress at your own pace, suitable for individuals who prefer a self-directed method. Both have distinct benefits and drawbacks, so choose the one that aligns best with your goals and learning preferences.

Support Services for AgilePM Students

We provide comprehensive support services for AgilePM students, ensuring you have access to all necessary assistance and resources. From initial enrollment to post-certification guidance, our support team is here to help you navigate any challenges. Available resources include study materials, forums, and expert advice, all designed to enhance your learning experience.

Mentorship and Guidance throughout the Course

Throughout your AgilePM course, you will receive continuous mentorship and guidance. Our experienced mentors offer personalized support, answering your questions and providing valuable insights. This ongoing coaching ensures that you remain motivated and on track to successfully complete your certification.

FAQs on Instructor Support and Student Resources

Q: What kind of support can I expect from instructors?

A: Our instructors offer personalized guidance, answer questions, and provide feedback throughout the course.

Q: Are there additional resources available for students?

A: Yes, we provide comprehensive study materials, discussion forums, and access to industry experts to aid your learning.

Q: Can I switch between instructor-led and self-learning modes?

A: Flexibility is key; you may be able to switch modes depending on availability and course structure. Contact us for specific details.

Q: How are mentors assigned to students?

A: Mentors are assigned based on their expertise and your specific learning needs, ensuring personalized and effective support.

Knowledge Train is dedicated to providing exceptional AgilePM training and support, helping you achieve your professional goals with confidence.

FAQs and Contact Information

Common Questions about AgilePM Courses

What is Agile Project Management?
Agile Project Management (AgilePM) is a flexible and iterative approach designed to deliver projects efficiently. It emphasizes collaboration, customer feedback, and small, rapid releases.

What certification options are available?
We offer various levels of AgilePM certification, including Foundation and Practitioner exams. These certifications enhance your credentials and show your proficiency in agile methodologies.

What is the structure of the AgilePM course?
Our AgilePM courses consist of comprehensive modules covering key topics like principles, lifecycle, products, techniques, and roles. Each module builds upon the previous one, giving you a thorough understanding of AgilePM.

What materials and resources are provided?
Students receive detailed course materials, study guides, and access to an extensive online resource library. These resources support your learning and exam preparation.

How are the exams administered?
Exams for AgilePM certification are conducted online. You can schedule your exam at your convenience, allowing ample time to study and prepare using our provided materials.

How to Enroll in a Knowledge Train Course

Steps to Enroll:

  1. Visit our website and go to the desired course page.
  2. Click on the “Enroll Now” button.
  3. Fill out the required details to complete the application process.
  4. Choose your preferred payment option and submit the fee.
  5. Receive confirmation and access to your course materials.

Our enrollment process is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free start to your learning journey with Knowledge Train.

Payment Options and Plans Available

Available Payment Options:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
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Plans Offered:

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  • Financial aid options

We provide flexible payment methods to accommodate your financial needs and make learning accessible.

What Support is Available During the Course?

Student Support Services:

  • Access to experienced instructors
  • Comprehensive study materials
  • Online help desk
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Regular webinars and Q&A sessions

Our dedicated support team ensures you have all the assistance needed to succeed in your course.

How to Access Course Material and Resources

Steps to Access:

  1. Log in to our e-learning platform using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the “My Courses” section.
  3. Download study guides and other materials.
  4. Utilize available online resources and educational content.

Our user-friendly platform provides seamless access to all necessary study materials and resources.

For any inquiries or further assistance, please reach out to our support team. We’re here to help!

Useful Links and Resources for Agile Learners

Recommended Links:

These resources offer additional reading and tools to enhance your understanding of AgilePM.

Additional Resources and Insights

Recommended Reading on Agile Project Management

Must-Read Books:

  • “Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products” by Jim Highsmith
  • “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” by Jeff Sutherland

Stay updated with the latest methodologies and best practices through these insightful books.

Access to Free Webinars and Workshops

Join our free training sessions and workshops to further your knowledge and skills.

Updates on New Courses and Training Programs

Latest Announcements:

  • New AgilePM Practitioner Course starting next month.
  • Upcoming Scrum Master Certification Program.

Keep an eye on our updates section for the latest course offerings and training programs.

Blog Articles and Educational Content

Popular Blog Posts:

  • “The Benefits of Agile Project Management”
  • “Top AgilePM Techniques for Effective Project Delivery”

Visit our blog for informative articles and insights into AgilePM.

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What is the duration of your agile project course?

Our agile project management course is a 3-day intensive program designed for quick learning and practical application.

Do you offer certification with your agile training courses?

Yes, upon completing our training course, participants receive an agile certification, recognized by industry leaders.

Can I take your agile project management course online?

Yes, we offer online training options to accommodate different schedules and preferences.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the agile project management course?

While no specific prerequisites are required, having a basic understanding of project management principles can be beneficial.

What makes your agile methodology course popular?

Our courses provide practical insights and hands-on experience, making them popular among professionals seeking to enhance their project management skills.

Is your certification accredited?

Yes, our certification is accredited by APMG International and meets global standards.

Do you offer specialized agile training for project managers?

Yes, we have tailored training courses specifically designed to help project managers become agile and adept in their roles.

Who are the tutors for your agile training courses?

Our courses are taught by experienced tutors from top institutions, including the University of Westminster.

Do you provide a digital badge upon course completion?

Yes, participants receive a digital badge upon completion, which can be shared on professional networks.

Do you cover cyber security in your agile training courses?

While our primary focus is on agile methodologies, aspects of cyber security relevant to project management are also discussed.

Can I find information about the course structure and duration on your website?

Yes, we provide detailed course descriptions, including duration and structure, on our website.

How can I register for the agile project management course?

You can easily register through our website. Simply click the registration button and follow the instructions.

Do you offer a handbook or additional resources for your agile project management courses?

Yes, all participants receive a comprehensive handbook and access to additional learning resources.

What support do you provide after course completion?

We offer ongoing support through our network of industry professionals and access to updated materials.

Is the agile certification recognized by PMI?

Our certifications are widely recognized and respected in the industry, including by entities like PMI.

What unique benefits does your agile training offer?

Our training includes real-world applications, expert instruction, and resources, providing a robust foundation for agile project management.

Is there a trial lesson available before enrolling?

We occasionally offer free webinars and trial lessons. Check our website for upcoming events and availability.

What industries can benefit from your agile project management courses?

Professionals across various industries, including infrastructure, marketing, and digital development, can benefit from our agile training.

How can your courses help in career advancement?

Our courses provide certification and equip you with skills valued by top employers, enhancing your career prospects.

What are the common job titles for your course graduates?

Graduates often secure roles such as project manager, agile coach, and product owner within leading companies.

Do you provide any form of financial aid or scholarships?

We offer several payment plans and occasionally provide scholarships. Please contact us for more details.

What is your policy on cookies and data privacy?

Our website complies with stringent data privacy regulations. Please refer to our policy page for comprehensive details.

How often are your course materials updated?

We regularly update our course materials to reflect the latest developments and best practices in agile project management.

Key Insights

  • We offer a 3 day course for intensive learning in agile project management.
  • Our agile certification programme enhances your skills and knowledge.
  • The popular AgilePM certification helps you stand out in the industry.
  • Explore various project management agile courses for all experience levels.
  • Our courses aim to enable project managers to become agile leaders.
  • Gain recognized credentials through our certification courses.
  • Courses like Master of Studies and advanced diplomas are available with Oxford University Department for Continuing Education.
  • For higher qualifications, consider taking either Master of Science (MSc) or DPhil degrees.
  • Get digital recognition with our digital badge system.
  • We take quality assurance seriously. Compare our courses against any reputable consortium or platforms like Coursera.
  • Easily navigate our website using features such as a button at the bottom.
  • Enhance your career with us, from foundation courses to advanced development and certifications.


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