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For organisations we offer a range of solutions to help improve team performance including innovative consultancy services focusing on bespoke training and coaching.

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Business Solutions | Consultancy services

Consultancy services

At a glance

  • Consulting services help you solve performance issues with innovative training and coaching solutions.
  • Bespoke training programmes delivered by expert consultants.
  • Improve your teams’ performance and productivity with practical, applicable skills.

What it is

‘One-size-fits-all,’ standardised training afforded by many training providers often fails to deliver tangible improvements in team performance.

Every team faces unique challenges, created (or compounded) by different skillsets, varying levels of understanding and different approaches to common problems.

Our staff customised training solutions address your key areas of concern and create targeted, applicable training that deliver real benefits.

How it works

  • You start with a free consultation with one of our consultants.
  • We’ll help you create a performance improvement roadmap that correctly identifies what needs to improve and how to improve it.
  • Incrementally, we deliver solutions which give you the greatest benefit first, enabling you to start improving team performance early.
  • You choose how your training is delivered: in-house, virtual classroom, workshops, self-study, or any combination of these.
Business Solutions | Our consultants

Our consultants

We work with some of the top consultants and trainers in the UK. All are industry professionals and subject matter experts. To learn more about our team, click here.

Practical approaches to problem-solving

Our consulting services help you identify problem areas and help us focus on developing solutions to improve the skills, practices, and knowledge of team members and enhance overall team performance.

We offer free consultations for new customers which gives you an honest, realistic appraisal of what we can offer and how it might help your team.

Our goal is to deliver tangible benefits through a logical and holistic approach to training service provision.

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Bespoke training

Standardised framework such as PRINCE2 or AgilePM might sometimes serve as a useful template to help structure your desired training, but more often a bespoke solution is needed.

In our bespoke training we prioritise applicable skills before professional certification. You’re free to pick and choose which elements you’d like to incorporate into your training plan to save time and money.

Our services

Since 2005, Knowledge Train has developed a proven record in crafting effective, practical, training solutions that deliver real benefits. We provide bespoke training programmes to help your organisation improve in the following disciplines:

  • Project, Programme and Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Office
  • Agile transformation and implementation
  • Change Management
  • Business Analysis
  • IT Service Management and DevOps.
Business Solutions | Staff Development

Staff development

At a glance

  • Help key staff achieve professional development goals with accredited training.
  • Flexible training formats lets you choose how and when training is delivered.
  • Adjustable costs let you tailor training to fit your budget.

What it is

We offer a range of flexible and affordable training solutions to help your staff meet their continuing professional development (CPD) goals.

Purchasing off-the-shelf training gives you the freedom to choose how and when training is delivered.

We offer both accredited and non-accredited training as self-paced online, instructor-led virtual classroom, or in-house courses.

Our courses are the fastest, simplest way to enable staff to gain certification to meet their professional development goals.

How it works

  • You choose from a wide portfolio of off-the-shelf training covering the most popular business subjects.
  • You tailor your training package to fit your training budget using our training bundles, team licenses and flexible delivery formats.
  • Our high standard of customer service guarantees a hassle-free training experience. Our staff are always on hand to quickly resolve any issues your staff might have.
Business Solutions | Flexible


To help facilitate staff training with minimum interruption to the workday we offer flexible, practical training solutions to suit all needs.

Self-study online training is perfect for staff too busy to commit to a fixed classroom schedule, or those who prefer to study at their own pace. Students can spend as little as 15 minutes a day studying through our fast, bite-sized training modules.

Virtual classes are a great way to complete training as quickly as possible. We use a purpose-built virtual training platform which provides all the benefits of in-person training without the additional costs of commuting to and from a training venue.


We always aim to create mutually beneficial relationships with corporate clients and offer special rates for large purchases.

Tailor training to fit your budget – our staff are always happy to help you meet your training goals without breaking your budget.

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Our training is designed to prepare students to reliably pass the required exams and achieve professional certification.

If you want to help your staff learn practical, applicable skills but do not require professional certification our team training licence can help you up-skill large groups with a fixed, predictable cost.

Our e-Learning courses are embedded in an accessible, informative Learning Management System (LMS) which your staff can use to track and assess training performance.

Our services

Knowledge Train has a track record in staff development training provision. We can provide staff training to help your team meet their CPD goals in any of the following disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Agile transformation and implementation
  • Change Management
  • Business Analysis
  • IT Service Management and DevOps.
Business Solutions | Compliance Training

Compliance Training

At a glance

  • Ensure your business meets regulatory standards with compliance training solutions.
  • Fast and affordable training designed for organisations of any size with minimal interruptions to the workday.
  • We offer both accredited and non-accredited training to suit your needs.

What it is

We have a growing portfolio of compliance training solutions to help corporate clients meet regulatory requirements.

Our unaccredited, short courses are the fastest, most affordable way to meet legal requirements and protect your organisation against regulatory infringement.

Our accredited courses are a great way to train key staff and compliance mentors in your organisation.

How it works

  • You receive on-demand training reports to track staff training progression.
  • Staff learn using our self-paced courses hosted in an intuitive, easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Bulk discounts, fixed annual contracts and flexible training credit lets you choose the payment plan best suited to your compliance training needs.
Business Solutions | Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Many of our unaccredited compliance e-Learning courses can be completed in as little as 2 hours. They’re the perfect way to ensure large teams are brough up to date in the latest compliance regulations as quickly as possible.

IOSH and NEBOSH accredited training

We work with trusted training partners to provide a range of NEBOSH and IOSH certified courses. We provide industry-standard compliance training to supervisors, senior managers, and safety advisors in almost every industry.

We can facilitate training which covers general health and safety, as well as specialist areas, including fire, environmental, oil & gas, and more.

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Compliance training on request

If you require compliance or health & safety training not listed on our website, reach out to us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)207 148 5985 and we’ll find suitable training through our network of trusted training partners.

Our services

Knowledge Train has a track record in compliance training service provision. We provide compliance training to help your organisation meet legal requirements in the following areas:

  • GDPR awareness
  • Cyber security awareness
  • Health and safety.

Our GDPR and Cybersecurity compliance training courses have been developed in-house with the same attention we give to all our products. We never compromise on quality so you can be assured that your staff will receive the best training available when choosing Knowledge Train as your primary training provider.

Business Solutions | Apprentice training partnerships

Apprentice training partnerships

At a glance

  • Help apprenticeship providers meet training requirements.
  • Expand your existing apprenticeship programmes.
  • Receive detailed feedback with progress reports using our easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS).

What it is

We work with listed apprenticeship providers to help expand your portfolio of available apprenticeship programmes by providing the necessary training at affordable rates.

We maintain a high standard of training across all platforms.

Flexible course delivery lets us cater to large groups or individual learners.

How it works

  • You receive full reports on apprentices’ training progress who learn using e-Learning courses embedded in a modern Learning Management System (LMS).
  • High pass rates and high-quality training make us one of the leading training service providers in the UK.
  • Competitive pricing allows our corporate clients to make the most use of their apprenticeship training budgets.
Business Solutions | Industry-leading training

Industry-leading training

Our self-study online courses are designed with the aid of e-learning professionals and subject matter experts to promote faster, longer-lasting learning and help candidates pass their certification exams.

Flexible delivery

A selection of online, self-paced courses or virtual classroom training lets you tailor your training plans to fit time and budget constraints.

Apprenticeship end-point-assessments (EPA)

We can provide the industry-specific training that all apprentices must complete prior to EPA.

  • Associate Project Manager apprenticeships – We offer APM Project Management qualifications (equivalent to IPMA Level D qualifications) as required by apprentices as part of their training and development plan
  • Business Analyst apprenticeships – Our BCS Business International Diploma in Business Analysis covers all requirements needed to qualify for the Register of IT Technicians (RITTech) level 4.

Our services

Knowledge Train has a proven record in apprenticeship training service provision. We can provide apprenticeship training to help your organisation meet apprenticeship training requirements in the following subjects:

  • Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprenticeships
  • Level 4 Business Analyst apprenticeships.
Business Solutions | Custom e-Learning development

Custom e-Learning development

At a glance

  • We help organisations develop modern, engaging e-Learning training.
  • Convert your face-to-face classroom courses into e-Learning.
  • Choose to host the finished courses in your LMS or ours.

What it is

We have over 10 years’ experience of developing interactive e-Learning.

We use cutting edge tools and best practices in online learning to design, develop, and test bespoke online training.

We employ innovative instructional designers who can take challenging subject matter, and turn it into engaging, interactive e-Learning which motivates students.

How it works

  • We take your existing PowerPoint or other courseware and turn it into engaging, interactive e-Learning.
  • Our expert instructional designers consult with your subject matter experts to ensure your requirements are fully understood.
  • You choose to host the finished course either on our LMS, or on your own platform.
Business Solutions | Best practices

Best practices

We know and understand modern best practices in instructional design. Our staff are experts in the latest technologies, tools, and techniques to design, build and test modern e-Learning content.

Whether it’s gamification, micro-learning, or web accessibility standards for learners, our expert team of instructional designer, developers, and testers can build you online courses that motivate and engage your staff.

Our services

Knowledge Train has a proven history in designing, building, testing, and hosting e-Learning in a modern Learning Management Systems (LMSs). We supply custom design and development services for organisations wanting to convert existing courseware into online training, or for organisations wanting to design entirely new online courses.

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