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    MSP Foundation & Practitioner course

    4-day MSP Foundation and MSP Practitioner virtual classroom combines both MSP courses in a single training solution. This combined MSP certification is ideal for those who want to learn all aspects of successful programme management.

    All candidates receive a copy of the “Managing Successful Programmes” MSP manual (5th edition) and receive tuition from an experienced MSP instructor.

    This MSP Foundation & Practitioner course includes online MSP Foundation and Practitioner exams.

    Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
    Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
    location Location: London or online
    classroom Format: Instructor-led traditional or virtual classroom.
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    MSP Foundation course

    This 3-day MSP Foundation course as an ideal way to learn about programme management principles and MSP framework. This course scores a 99% pass rate in the MSP Foundation exam.

    All candidates receive a copy of the ‘Managing Successful Programmes’ MSP manual (5th edition) and receive expert tuition from an experienced MSP instructor.

    This MSP Foundation course includes an online MSP Foundation exam.

    Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
    Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
    location Location: London or online
    classroom Format: Instructor-led traditional or virtual classroom.

    MSP Practitioner course

    On this 1-day MSP practitioner course students learn to apply the MSP principles, processes, and tools to changes programmes.

    MSP Practitioner certification shows your understanding of analytical tools and the ability to think strategically as a successful programme manager. Tuition from an experienced MSP trainer.

    This MSP Practitioner course includes an online MSP Practitioner exam.

    Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
    Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: MSP Foundation
    location Location: London or online
    classroom Format: Instructor-led traditional or virtual classroom.

    More about MSP certification

    What is MSP?

    MSP stands for Managing Successful Programmes (not to be confused with Managing Successful Projects — the PRINCE2 manual).

    MSP is a programme management framework used to manage large, complex organisational change programmes and other programmes which rely on the coordination of multiple interrelated projects.

    MSP has been adopted by many organisations within both the public and private sectors. MSP’s unique approach to uncertainty and risk makes particularly suited to supporting change initiatives, but it can be used to manage any programme which relies on complex inputs from multiple inter-related projects.

    The core publication, “Managing Successful Programmes,” draws on the expertise of industry experts and experienced programme managers around the world to create a comprehensive list of programme management best-practices and guidance.

    Why use MSP?

    Today's markets and economies are subject to constant change. Organizations that embrace transformation, effective leadership and strategic control are more likely to remain profitable. Effective programme management with adequate MSP training is the key to enabling this transformation.

    If you have multiple interdependencies to manage, risks to consider and conflicting priorities to resolve, MSP can provide a simple, comprehensive solution to help manage programmes reliant on the output of multiple projects.

    Programmes are most likely to fail in the following conditions:

    • There is insufficient board-level support
    • The organisation suffers from weak leadership
    • There are unrealistic expectations that do not align with the organizations’ capacity for change
    • There is inadequate focus on benefits
    • There is a poorly defined or poorly communicated vision
    • A failure to address cultural change
    • Insufficient stakeholder engagement.

    MSP provides a structured framework and approach to programme management that can help organizations avoid these pitfalls and achieve a programmes’ goals.

    MSP framework

    Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a programme management framework from AXELOS. MSP aids successful delivery of transformational change through the application of programme management.

    The MSP framework is based on three core concepts:

    MSP principles

    Derived from lessons learned by experienced programme managers worldwide. These are the common factors that underpin the success of any transformational change.

    MSP governance themes

    Programme governance defines an organization's approach to programme management. These guide organizations in how to select leadership, delivery teams, organization structures and controls, giving the best chance for success.

    MSP transformational flow

    This provides a structured route through the lifecycle of a programme. Detailing how programmes must be well-designed from inception, through delivery of the new capability, to outcomes and benefits.

    What is MSP training?

    MSP training involves either attending an online or virtual MSP course, and usually includes taking one or more of the MSP examinations.

    Passing the exams leads to a Managing Successful Programmes qualification which is seen as an industry-standard by many in the profession.

    This makes MSP training an excellent way for experienced programme managers to sharpen their skills and for new programme manager to flesh out their CV.

    Why take an MSP course?

    Managing Successful Programmes training equips students with the skills to manage their programmes consistently and effectively.

    MSP provides a proven, best practice approach for designing and running programmes so that organisations can both deliver their strategy and gain measurable benefits from change.

    Taking an MSP course can improve the programme-level decision-making of all professionals with programme management responsibilities. MSP can be used within both public and private sectors, and in companies of all size.

    Benefits of MSP training

    The benefits of MSP training include:

    • MSP teaches you to combine rigorous programme governance with the flexibility required to respond to rapid change
    • MSP provides a practical, step-by-step approach for designing and running successful programmes
    • Our MSP courses cover all key principles, governance themes and the processes needed to deliver change
    • MSP exams measure your capacity to embed, review and apply the MSP framework, and achieve high-quality outcomes

    Our MSP Foundation, and combined MSP Foundation & Practitioner courses include a free copy of the official MSP handbook – Managing Successful Programmes. It includes real-life examples of how to apply the MSP best-practice programme management framework.

    Why get an MSP qualification?

    MSP training can improve candidate’s abilities to successfully manage complex programmes. An MSP qualification is highly recommended for project managers, business analysts, change managers and others involved in the management, or support of programmes.

    An MSP qualification is recognised globally and provides evidence of your ability and understanding of programme management to prospective employers.

    An MSP qualification from AXELOS comes at 3 levels:

    MSP Foundation

    It enables you to work effectively within a programme team. There is no prerequisite for this MSP course. This MSP course is recommended for:

    • Programme managers
    • Members of a programme office
    • Business change team members
    • Project delivery team members
    • Professionals wishing to pursue higher-level certifications such as business change managers and senior responsible owners.

    MSP Practitioner

    MSP Practitioner training teaches candidates to apply the MSP framework to working programmes. To be eligible for MSP Practitioner certification, you must first pass the MSP Foundation exam. The MSP Practitioner course is recommended for:

    • Programme managers
    • Project managers
    • Business change managers
    • Experts and advisers working within a programme office
    • Specialist/governance roles involved in supporting programmes
    • Senior responsible owners.

    MSP Advanced Practitioner

    This certificate proves that you can lead and manage a programme of transformational change. MSP Practitioner certification is required to sit the MSP Advanced Practitioner exam. This MSP course is recommended for:

    • Senior responsible owners
    • Senior programme managers
    • Business change managers
    • Programme support roles.

    MSP FAQs

    A programme is a large change initiative within an organisation which consists of a dossier of projects. Whereas projects may deliver planned benefits in just a few days or weeks, a programme is generally only expected to realise benefits for the organisation after a period of months or years.

    Programme management is the coordinated organization, direction, and implementation of a dossier of projects and transformation activities to achieve outcomes and realize strategic benefits for an organisation.

    The MSP Foundation qualification does not expire. Your MSP Practitioner certificate must be renewed within 3-5 years.

    MSP Practitioner holders can take a re-registration examination set at the same standard as the MSP Practitioner examination. MSP re-registration allows programme management professionals to demonstrate their commitment to continuing professional development.

    Yes, our MSP training is accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS. As an accredited training organisation Knowledge Train provides students with exams as part of their MSP course.

    Yes. All MSP training courses are available as in-house, on-site training. Please call +44 (0)207-148-5985 to speak with a consultant to find out more about your needs. At the current time, there is no online learning or elearning available.