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    AgileBA Foundation & Practitioner


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    AgileBA Foundation & Practitioner


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    This Agile BA Foundation and Practitioner course offers the following benefits:

    • AgileBA guidance and training provides business analysts in Agile projects, with the tools they need to adopt an agile approach.
    • It gives advice on focus and value-delivery and guidance on working with business stakeholders, developers, testers and outlines the skills needed to deliver solutions incrementally.
    • It equips business analysts with techniques to incorporate Agile approaches into a programme and to align change with organizational objectives.
    • Students will gain knowledge and understanding of:
    • How to apply AgileBA guidance
    • How to apply Agile Business Analysis techniques
    • How to move from traditional to more agile ways of working


    Agile BA Foundation and Practitioner

    The Agile BA Foundation and Practitioner course comes with:

    • Training and exam preparation from an approved AgileBA trainer
    • AgileBA Foundation and Practitioner exams
    • Agile BA Foundation and Practitioner certification (dependent upon passing each exam)
    • AgileBA Agile Business Analysis Handbook
    • 1-year Agile Business Consortium membership for free (on passing an exam)
    • Pre-course study materials
    • Detailed course materials
    • Sample exams.


    Who should attend?

    • Business analysts, change analysts, project managers, Scrum Product Owners, system analysts, agile developers
    • Any of the above roles which are currently practicing in, or aspiring to work in, an Agile environment
    • Any of the above roles which are working in a traditional environment who are seeking to migrate to Agile.

    AgileBA Foundation and Practitioner course times for students:

    • This course lasts 4 days.
    • The Foundation exam takes place in the afternoon of day 3.
    • The Practitioner exam takes place in the afternoon of the day 4.
    • There is 1 hours of homework on the first 3 nights
    • There is 3 hours of pre-course study to be completed before joining the course.

    Self-study AgileBA Foundation and Practitioner course online

    • Course access duration: 12 months.


    Learning outcomes

    This Agile BA Foundation and Practitioner course helps students gain an understanding of how to:

    • Apply the underpinning philosophy and principles of DSDM in a project
    • Appropriately configure the processes of an agile project to a given scenario
    • Produce and evaluate the content of BA-produced agile products produced during an Agile project in a given scenario
    • Apply the following agile practices in a project situation: facilitated workshops; MoSCoW prioritisation; iterative development; modelling; timeboxing
    • Identify the agile practices to be used for a given situation within a scenario
    • Understand the roles and responsibilities within an agile project and the different levels of empowerment with respect to requirements and the business case
    • Understand the mechanisms for facilitation and support within an agile project
    • Understand in outline how to test, estimate and evaluate benefits delivery in an agile project
    • Describe the agile approach to managing and prioritising requirements and identify action to rectify problems with requirements within an agile project from a given scenario.



    AgileBA Foundation exam

    The AgileBA Foundation exam tests a student’s knowledge of agile principles and philosophy, agile processes mand practices, and the roles and responsibilities with an agile project.

    • Style: Multiple-choice
    • Questions: 50
    • Pass mark: 50% (25/50)
    • Duration: 40 minutes
    • Materials allowed: Closed-book
    • Pre-requisites: None
    • Timing: Afternoon of day 3
    • Results: Same day.

    AgileBA Practitioner exam

    The AgileBA Practitioner exam tests whether the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Business Analysis guidance to apply and tailor it to a given scenario situation. The scenario is designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate they possess the competence to begin working as an Agile Business Analyst.

    • Style: Objective-test
    • Questions: 4 (20 marks each)
    • Pass mark: 50% (40/80)
    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • Book: Open-book (Handbook only)
    • Pre-requisites: AgileBA Foundation pass.

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