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    These APMG Change Management courses online are an excellent way to improve your career and enhance your CV.

    These interactive change management online courses are designed to help you quickly learn core organisational change tools and techniques and give you the best possible chance of earning your certification.

    All APMG Change Management online courses include exams.

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    Certification Certificate: APMG Change Management Foundation/Practitioner
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    More about change management online courses

    What is change management?

    Organisational change management comes in many shapes and forms. For example, adopting new processes in a single department is a change project. A merger of two multi-national businesses is also a change project, but on an enterprise scale.

    In all organisational change initiatives, best-practice frameworks, tools, and techniques help change professionals move the organisation to its new state.

    Benefits of change management

    Change management reduces the risk that new systems or practices will be rejected by those affected by the change.

    Effective change management reduces the negative impacts of change, helps enterprises adapt to necessary changes, and operate more efficiently in the long run.

    Change managers and success

    Change managers

    Change managers are needed whenever an organisation undertakes a change project or programme that risks interrupting day-to-day operations.

    Over time, employees may become accustomed to specific tools (even inefficient ones), and any change will disrupt workflow as the staff learns to adapt to new software or processes.

    Change managers must help those involved understand how the change will affect their role, help them prepare for change, and finally help them adapt to changes when implemented.

    Ensuring change management success

    Effective change requires skilled change managers to understand business culture, language, and behaviour, and align current culture with the planned change.

    Change management teams use every opportunity to reinforce positive outcomes by helping those most readily affected by the change. Individuals must be willing to adopt new behaviours and approaches. This can be difficult.

    Change managers not only serve to govern change but mentor and educate staff in their new roles. In doing so, they can help businesses and employees realize the value added by positive changes to business practice more quickly.

    Online change management courses

    Taking one of these change management courses online will help prepare change managers with the skills needed to successfully plan and manage change projects.

    Change management online course design

    Our online courses have the following features:

    Best practice design

    Like all our online courses, our change management courses online have been designed using the latest best practices in instructional design.

    Some competitors develop e-learning cheaply by filming a trainer sat at a computer. We do not think that is a good way to help students learn, nor does it engage learners.

    Deeper, longer-lasting learning

    Our change management online courses are highly interactive. Exercises have been designed by e-learning experts and expert change managers to aid a deeper level of understanding, leading to longer-lasting learning.

    Change management self-study courses online

    Our self-study change management online courses include 1 years’ access to learning content, exam revision material, and exams.

    Benefits of change management training online

    These are the benefits if you take a self-study change management online course.

    1. Saves you time

    If you are a busy professional, you often cannot afford the time to attend classroom training. So, taking a self-study change management course saves you time.

    2. Study on the go

    You only need a device and an active internet connection to study a change management online course, so you can study on the go.

    3. Saves you money

    If you are a freelancer or contractor, you lose money if you take time off work to attend a course.

    With change management online training you have no hotel bills or transport fares to pay, and a change management course online costs less than a classroom course.

    So, choosing to study a change management course online saves you money.

    4. Works on any device

    All our change management online courses work with modern technology. There are no annoying downloads, apps or browser plugins required. Change management courses online work just with your browser.

    Change management online courses also work on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile – and on any OS – Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.

    5. Exam taken online

    All change management online courses come with the APMG Change Management exam taken online. No travel to an exam centre is required, so you can plan on getting your APMG Change Management certification entirely from home.

    Change management online certification

    This change management training online equips students with the skills, tools, and techniques to understand how to plan and manage organisational change effectively.

    These courses also enable you to achieve your professional change management certification by sitting your APMG Change Management examinations online.