Business Learning Library (BLL)™

Business Learning Library (BLL)™

Short online business courses

The Business Learning Library (BLL)™ is ideal for professionals at all career stages. Whether you are eager to continue your learning journey, just starting your career, or you are an executive committed to ongoing professional development, this range of short online business courses is for you.

Business Learning Library (BLL)

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Benefits of gaining Business Learning Library

Business Learning Library™ benefits

The benefits of the Business Learning Library™ extend far beyond skill acquisition. It empowers individuals and organisations with the essential business skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

Benefits for individuals

  • Enhance skills – The Business Learning Library™ provides targeted, practical skills that can be immediately applied in business settings, enhancing your competency and adaptability.
  • Gain credibility – Upon passing the assessments and completing each course, you will be issued a digital certificate. Once you earn your digital certificate, add it to your digital portfolio, and share it on social media.
  • Upskilling – The Business Learning Library™ enables you to diversify your skill set, making you more versatile and resilient in your careers.
  • Career progression – Career advisers have carefully curated specific courses relevant to your career path. Upon completing the courses in your career path you will receive a digital certificate.
  • Thought provoking – The Business Learning Library™ offers valuable insight and inspiration, making it suitable for a diverse audience, from professionals to those just embarking on their journey.

Benefits for organisations include:

Bespoke library – The library can be customised to address specific skill gaps or business needs within the organisation.

Enhanced employee performance – Organisations can expect improved employee performance and productivity due to the newly acquired skills and knowledge from the Business Learning Library™.

Rapid skills acquisition – The Business Learning Library™ provides a fast track to acquiring essential skills. An organisation can quickly upskill its workforce, allowing it to adapt to new challenges, embrace emerging technologies, and seize opportunities with agility.

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The Business Learning Library™ includes

Business Learning Library™ includes

  • Access to over 200 courses, plus more coming soon.
  • An interactive and engaging elearning platform to help you learn.
  • Quizzes to assess and reinforce your knowledge.
  • Accredible digital badges and certificates.

Course categories

With over 200 short courses to choose from, the extensive library offers a comprehensive and diverse range of business-focused topics, including the ones listed below, with more coming soon.


Leadership courses give you the skills and knowledge to unlock your full potential and excel in leadership roles.

Project and Change Management

Project and change management courses provide the essential knowledge and skills to excel in dynamic project environments and successfully navigate organisational change.

Soft Skills

Soft skills courses are crafted to enhance your career path, boosting your professional capabilities, and helping you thrive in your chosen field.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing courses are designed to empower individuals to prioritise their well-being and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Personal Development

Personal development courses are carefully crafted to assist you in achieving your personal goals and taking charge of your future by providing the knowledge and tools needed for personal growth.

Business Administration

Business administration courses are designed to empower you with the knowledge and competencies required to drive business success, boost revenue, and foster lasting customer relationships.

Human Resources

Human resources courses are crafted to empower individuals and organisations with the expertise needed to enhance HR capabilities and contribute effectively to your organisation’s success.

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Online self-paced courses Business Learning Library™

Online self-paced courses

Learning technology

The self-study Business Learning Library™ has been designed with the latest web technologies, so it works on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. It is fully responsive and fits any device and screen size – desktop, tablet and mobile. No browser plugins or installation files are required.

Best practice design

The Business Learning Library™ has been designed using the latest best practices in elearning.

Courses are highly interactive, and exercises have been designed to aid a deeper level of understanding, leading to longer-lasting learning. The interactive elearning courses will equip you with a solid grasp of essential business skills.

Benefits of elearning

Online elearning is ideal for busy people and has the following benefits:

  • Saves you time – all courses are online, which means you can learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, without needing travel or fixed class times.
  • Saves you money – the competitively priced Business Learning Library™ offers manageable monthly payments, empowering you to budget your expenses effectively.
  • Easy to use platform – through the interactive and user-friendly platform, you can swiftly acquire the necessary skills in a condensed timeframe.
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