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    Programme Management Certification and Training

    MSP training

    These MSP courses will give you confidence to perform your programme management role using MSP.

    Gaining your MSP certification by attending an MSP course will make your CV stand out.

    All MSP courses include exams taken as part of the course.

    Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS
    Certification Certificate: MSP Foundation/Practitioner
    classroom Format: Instructor-led traditional or virtual classroom

    Price from £899 £1,699

    AXELOS Peoplecert accredited training organisation for MSP (Managing Successful Programmes).

    Certifications for programme managers

    Click here for information about programme management certifications suitable for people working in a programme management environment.

    Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
    Certification Certificate: MSP Foundation/Practitioner

    Price from £599 £1,799

    AXELOS Peoplecert accredited training organisation for MSP (Managing Successful Programmes).

    More about programme management training

    Benefits of programme management training

    Whether you are an experienced programme manager or are new to the role, it is always a good choice to invest in your career.

    Choosing to enrol in a programme management course has several benefits:

    1. If you are looking to secure a new role, or promotion, employers will generally favour candidates possessing a relevant qualification. Earning a programme management qualification shows that you are a go-getter, always looking for new opportunities.

    2. Programme management courses teach you the tools and techniques needed to approach problems with confidence. Popular frameworks such as MSP are built on decades of investigation and feedback from professional programme managers. If you ever encounter a problem you cannot solve, professional training will give you the answers.

    3. Completing a programme management course and exam will award you with a A programme management qualification on your CV shows employers and co-workers that you can make a positive contribution to their change programmes.

    What is the best programme management training in the UK?

    There are several programme management course providers in the UK. At Knowledge Train, we pride ourselves on the quality of and the expertise of our instructors.

    What are the different types of programme management training?

    You can take programme management training either as a live or virtual classroom course, or as an online self-study course (coming soon). For groups, in-house programme management training is also available.

    Programme management courses (live or virtual classroom) are taught by industry experts and accredited training professionals. For those preferring to learn face-to-face with an experienced trainer, there is no better way to earn your certification!

    In-house training is available if your programme management team require training. All in-house training is fully customizable so that your organisation’s needs are met.

    What do I need to become a programme manager?

    These are some of the skills, experience and qualifications employers might expect to find in a programme manager:

    • Project management experience: Knowledge of project management tools and methodologies help programme managers better communicate with the many project managers they work alongside. Earning a relevant project management qualification is a good way to demonstrate your understanding of project management to employers.
    • An intermediate, or advanced, programme management qualification: While entry-level qualifications are a great way of proving your general understanding of programme management, advanced qualifications show your ability to apply programme management best practices on programmes.
    • Soft skills: Having great people skills is a must in a role that depends as heavily on communication as programme management.
    • Hard skills: While the necessary technical skills required by programme managers may change from industry to industry, a good knowledge of the techniques used to plan, monitor, and control programmes is essential to achieve beneficial results. Earning a programme management qualification gives you a head-start, providing knowledge of programme management best-practices used by experts worldwide to ensure success.

    Best programme management qualifications UK

    There are several internationally recognized programme management qualifications. In the UK, the most popular programme management qualifications are those based on the MSP framework.

    MSP is owned by AXELOS, a joint venture created in 2014 by the UK government to develop and manage qualifications formerly owned by the UK Office of Government Commerce.

    AXELOS owns the PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile methods, two very popular project management frameworks with a long history of success in both the UK private and public sectors.

    AXELOS products are most readily recognized by UK businesses and generally favoured over international qualifications such as the American, PMI - Program Management Professional (PgMP)®.

    What is included?

    These programme management courses include:

    • MSP examinations
    • Digital copy of the official MSP manual – Managing Successful Programmes (for students on the MSP Foundation, or MSP Foundation & Practitioner courses)
    • Expert tuition from highly experienced and expert programme management trainers
    • High quality programme management training materials
    • For virtual courses, access using state of the art virtual classroom technology.

    Who should attend a programme management training course?

    Programme management courses are suitable for:

    • Project managers looking to move into programme management
    • People affected by change programmes (e.g. functional operational managers)
    • Change managers
    • People supporting change programmes, including PMO staff
    • Senior responsible owners (SROs).

    You should attend a programme management course if you want to develop your existing programme management career or if you want to change careers into programme management.

    Attending a programme management course will help you:

    • learn the language of programme management
    • communicate better with stakeholders and change team members
    • develop your leadership skills
    • learn programme management best practices
    • be better able to achieve your programme’s expected benefits.

    Even if you already have existing programme management experience and knowledge, earning your programme management qualification provides a good way to demonstrate your programme management competence to employers.

    • People affected by change programmes (e.g. functional operational managers)
    • Project managers looking to move into programme management.