Interview with Myles Benham

In this video, Myles Benham’s shares his transformative journey with his insightful review of taking a PRINCE2 course with Knowledge Train.
Interview with Myles Benham


Experience Myles Benham’s transformative journey as he shares his insightful review of his PRINCE2 course with Knowledge Train.

Discover how this comprehensive training solidified his project management knowledge and enhanced his ability to oversee projects precisely. Myles explores how the course boosted his confidence, introduced fresh perspectives, and shaped his professional growth. Join us for this enlightening review to gain invaluable insights from Myles Benham on the remarkable impact of PRINCE2 in propelling his career.

Take advantage of this must-watch video with valuable lessons for aspiring and experienced project management professionals.

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PRINCE2 is an established project management methodology and an evolution of the original PRINCE method. It encompasses essential principles, people, practices, and processes that facilitate decision-making, clarify responsibilities, and outline the optimal timing of project milestones. As the globally recognised standard in project management certification, PRINCE2’s versatility makes it applicable to projects of any scale or industry.

Attaining a PRINCE2 qualification offers a host of benefits, such as:

  • Strengthening your CV and improving employability prospects
  • Enhancing project management skills and boosting confidence
  • Facilitating effective communication and collaboration through a shared language
  • Advancing project management capabilities
  • Providing a practical framework for step-by-step guidance and clear responsibilities.

PRINCE2 certification

Choose from two levels of PRINCE2 certification: Foundation and Practitioner.

The Foundation level serves as an introduction to PRINCE2, ideal for individuals who support project managers or hold project management-related responsibilities without being directly responsible for project outcomes.

The Practitioner level represents the highest PRINCE2 certification, catering to professionals who actively manage projects in various roles, such as change managers, project support staff, product managers, and business analysts.

Knowledge Train offers PRINCE2 training in flexible formats to suit your preferences.

Join a virtual classroom course to engage with instructors and fellow learners, or opt for self-paced online courses for a more independent learning experience. Regardless of your chosen format, our PRINCE2 training equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your project management endeavours.

PRINCE2 courses

Embrace the finest chance to ace the PRINCE2 Foundation exam with our training program, backed by an outstanding 99% pass rate, outshining the UK national average of 97%.

Our success doesn’t end there – our remarkable pass rate of 83% for the Practitioner exam further exceeds the UK national average of 73%. Join us now and elevate your chances of success in both exams!


Here’s the full transcript of the video.

00:01:12 Sevcan Yasa: Hello and thank you so much for joining us today. Can we start by taking your name, the company you worked for please?

00:01:19 Myles Benham: Hi, my name is Myles and I’m currently working for HS2.

00:01:23 Sevcan Yasa: Uh, can you tell us a bit about your job role please?

00:01:25 Myles Benham: I’m currently a Project Management Consultant working within the logistics team.

00:01:31 Sevcan Yasa: Can you talk a bit about your daily routine please?

00:00:35 Myles Benham: It’s a wide-ranging and every day is a little bit different, but definitely working with stakeholders, managing the programme and different staff members. We’re obviously building a very big railway across a large expanse of the UK, so trying to bring it all together and keep it on time and on budget.

00:00:59 Myles Benham: I’ve been working for about a decade, and I felt like I had quite a lot of skills and experience around project management, but never completed an actual course and got an official qualification, so it just seemed like the right thing to do to solidify my knowledge.

00:01:14 Sevcan Yasa: In what ways did gaining a PRINCE2 qualification help you?

00:01:18 Myles Benham: I think it was fantastic and being able to solidify the knowledge that I had teach and explain certain aspects of project management. I wasn’t necessarily confident or comfortable with and I guess opened my mind up to different ways to be able to manage people and projects going forward.

00:01:38 Sevcan Yasa: How do you feel working on projects after having completed a PRINCE2 qualification?

00:01:43 Myles Benham: Certainly, feel more confident in my own abilities and speaking with people and in meetings and that type of thing.

00:01:55 Myles Benham: I’d like to keep working on bigger and more complex projects ideally.

00:02:00 Sevcan Yasa: Apart from the PRINCE2 qualification, what do you think contributed to your success?

00:02:05 Myles Benham: I think it would be hard work. I would say yeah, commitment to the to what you want to achieve and having clearly set goals.

00:02:20 Myles Benham: Both courses were fantastic. I managed to do both in one week and although it’s intense and it’s quite a lot of study, my teacher was fantastic. My fellow students were very, very helpful during the course work and overall is a really enjoyable experience.

00:02:44 Myles Benham: Just Googled it really.

00:02:47 Sevcan Yasa: Do you think that Knowledge Train stood out in any way for you?

00:02:51 Myles Benham: I definitely enjoyed my experience and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking at applying it.

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