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Online Scrum course to help you learn to apply Scrum.

Most Scrum training coaches students to pass their Scrum certification exams.

Our online Scrum course is different. Although students do use it to prepare to sit their Scrum certification exam, our online course is designed to help you learn to apply Scrum.

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Are these Scrum online courses accredited?

Our Scrum online training courses are not accredited by, Scrum Alliance, Agile Business Consortium, or BCS/EXIN but they are fully compatible with the syllabuses for their Scrum certifications.

Are these Scrum online courses suitable for teams?

Yes. In fact, our Scrum online courses are perfect for teams because they are designed to help students learn to apply Scrum, not coach them to pass a certification exam. See the Scrum Essentials online training for more details.

Why should I take a Scrum course online?

You should take an online Scrum course if you are one of these people:

  • You are self-studying for your Scrum certification and want a course that helps you learn Scrum in your own time.
  • You simply want to gain a deep understanding of how to apply Scrum.
  • You are seeking Scrum training for your team.

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