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Online Scrum course to help you learn to apply Scrum.

Most Scrum training coaches students to pass their Scrum certification exams.

Our online Scrum course is different. Although students do use it to prepare to sit their Scrum certification exam, our online course is designed to help you learn to apply Scrum.

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Are these Scrum online courses accredited?

Our Scrum online training courses are not accredited by, Scrum Alliance, Agile Business Consortium, or BCS/EXIN but they are fully compatible with the syllabuses for their Scrum certifications.

Are these Scrum online courses suitable for teams?

Yes. In fact, our Scrum online courses are perfect for teams because they are designed to help students learn to apply Scrum, not coach them to pass a certification exam. See the Scrum Essentials online training for more details.

Why should I take a Scrum course online?

You should take an online Scrum course if you are one of these people:

  • You are self-studying for your Scrum certification and want a course that helps you learn Scrum in your own time.
  • You simply want to gain a deep understanding of how to apply Scrum.
  • You are seeking Scrum training for your team.

More about Scrum online courses

Overview of Scrum Courses Online

What is Scrum and Why is it Important?

Scrum is a popular agile methodology in project management. This framework helps teams deliver projects efficiently by breaking them into smaller, manageable tasks. Initially developed for software development, Scrum practices are now used in many industries. Business analysts and project managers use Scrum to improve workflow, reduce delays, and boost overall productivity.

Benefits of Taking a Scrum Course Online

  • E-learning Flexibility: Online training lets you learn at your own speed, making it ideal for busy professionals.
  • Career Advancement: A Scrum certification can enhance your career by showing your expertise in agile methodologies.
  • Cost-Effective: Online courses are often more affordable than traditional classroom settings.
  • Accessible Learning: With online courses, you can access materials anytime, anywhere, using the latest learning technology.
  • Team Improvement: Learning Scrum skills helps improve team collaboration and efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Scrum Course for Your Needs

Choosing the right Scrum course involves several factors:

  1. Accreditation: Make sure the course is accredited and recognized by industry standards.
  2. Certification Options: Look for courses that offer certification after completion.
  3. Course Requirements: Check if there are any prerequisites before enrolling.
  4. Learning Goals: Match the course content with your career goals and current skill level.
  5. Flexible Options: Consider whether the course offers flexible learning options, such as on-demand or live online sessions.

Understanding Different Levels of Scrum Certification

Scrum certifications come in different levels, each for different roles in agile project management:

  • ScrumMaster: This certification focuses on mastering the Scrum framework and leading teams well.
  • Product Owner: Designed for those who prioritize project tasks and manage product backlogs.
  • Developer: Tailored for team members involved in creating and delivering product increments.

Each certification path requires passing an exam and shows different levels of mastery in Scrum practices. Whether you aim to be a ScrumMaster, Product Owner, or Developer, these credentials prove your qualifications and expertise in agile methodologies.

For more information about our Scrum courses, visit Knowledge Train and explore our comprehensive e-learning options.


Detailed Course Descriptions

Scrum Master Training Course

What Will You Learn in This Course?

In our Scrum Master Training Course, you will gain key knowledge and skills in agile development. This course gives you a deep understanding and practical experience in using Scrum principles. Through functional training and clear teaching methods, you will build a solid base in Scrum practices.

Duration and Cost

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Cost: $1,200
  • Payment Options: Flexible payment plans available

Key Takeaways from the Scrum Master Course

  • Mastery of Scrum methods
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in project management
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Practical, hands-on learning experiences

Scrum Product Owner Training Course

Objectives of the Product Owner Course

This course aims to give you the skills and certification you need to be a great Scrum Product Owner. Focus on key responsibilities, analytics, and development techniques. By the end of the training, you will understand your goals and objectives within a Scrum framework.

Who Should Enroll in This Course?

Ideal candidates for this training include:

  • Aspiring Product Owners
  • Current professionals seeking career growth
  • Employers looking to improve team skills

Certification and Career Path

Participants will receive certification upon completing the course. This credential opens up various career paths and job opportunities. You will gain industry recognition and be ready for advanced roles in product ownership.

Scrum Developer Training Course

Core Concepts Covered in the Developer Course

Our Scrum Developer Training Course covers core concepts essential for software engineering. Learn through well-designed training modules that include vital techniques and methodologies for effective development.

Practical Skills and Techniques

Expect hands-on training that emphasizes practical skills. The course offers many chances to practice and use Scrum techniques, making sure you gain functional and useful knowledge.

Certification Details and Benefits

  • Certification: Scrum Developer Certified (SDC)
  • Benefits: Improved skills, career growth, and professional recognition
  • Course Outcomes: Better job performance and more career opportunities

For more information, contact Knowledge Train.

Course Delivery Methods

Self-Paced Online Training Courses

Self-paced online training courses at Knowledge Train offer flexibility to learn at your own pace. These courses are designed to fit your schedule. You can gain relevant skills and knowledge through various digital media and methods.

Advantages of Self-Paced Learning

  • Flexibility: Manage your time and learn at your own pace.
  • Convenience: Access training courses anytime, anywhere.
  • Individualized Experience: Tailor your learning experience to your needs.
  • Efficient Learning: Focus on areas where you need improvement and develop your skills.

Access to Materials and Support

  • Immediate Access: All course materials are available online.
  • Support Team: Get help from our dedicated support team when needed.
  • Learning Resources: Use a vast library of tools, guides, and tutorials.

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

  • Prioritize Tasks: Identify which tasks are most important and tackle them first.
  • Create a Schedule: Plan your study time and stick to it.
  • Stay Organized: Keep track of deadlines and stay focused on your goals.

Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom Courses

Instructor-led virtual classroom courses provide an interactive learning experience guided by expert instructors. These training sessions are conducted in real-time, allowing for immediate feedback and interaction.

Interactive Learning Experience

  • Engagement: Participate in live, dynamic sessions.
  • Collaboration: Work with peers in a virtual environment.
  • Immediate Feedback: Receive direct input from instructors during the class.

Scheduling and Flexibility

  • Adaptable Options: Choose from various time slots that fit your personal schedule.
  • Convenient Planning: Balance your training with other commitments.
  • Personalized Scheduling: Find times that match your availability.

Feedback and Assessment Methods

  • Continuous Evaluation: Frequent assessments through quizzes and assignments.
  • Constructive Comments: Get actionable feedback from your instructors.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor your progress and areas for improvement through comprehensive evaluations.

Hybrid Learning Options

Hybrid learning options combine self-paced and instructor-led classes, offering the best of both worlds. This flexible approach lets you customize your training experience.

Combining Self-Paced and Instructor-Led Classes

  • Blended Approach: Benefit from both self-study and live instruction.
  • Balanced Learning: Reinforce concepts through diverse methods.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Enjoy a dual approach that enhances understanding.

Customizing Your Learning Path

  • Personalized Training: Adjust the training to meet your specific needs.
  • Tailored Content: Customize your learning techniques to fit your unique requirements.
  • Flexible Options: Choose courses that align with your individual learning path.

Ideal Candidates for Hybrid Learning

  • Diverse Backgrounds: Suitable for professionals with various experience levels.
  • Flexible Learners: Perfect for those who benefit from a varied approach.
  • Adaptable Individuals: Ideal for learners seeking a balanced and customizable training experience.

For more information or to book a course, contact Knowledge Train today. Explore our range of courses and find the right fit for your professional development needs.

Additional Information and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions About Scrum Courses

Are These Courses Accredited?

Yes, all our Scrum courses are accredited. Each course provides certification that is recognized and trusted globally. This accreditation validates the training you receive, ensuring it meets industry standards.

Can Teams Benefit from Online Scrum Courses?

Absolutely. Online Scrum courses offer significant benefits for teams. They provide opportunities for collaborative learning and help team members develop essential team skills while working together on projects.

What Are the Prerequisites for Enrollment?

Most of our Scrum courses do not have strict prerequisites. However, a basic understanding of project management principles or previous experience in related fields can be beneficial. Specific enrollment requirements will be detailed in each course description.

How to Enroll and Get Started

Step-by-Step Enrollment Process

  1. Visit our website and select your preferred course.
  2. Click on the “Enroll Now” button.
  3. Fill in the required personal information.
  4. Choose your payment option and complete the payment.
  5. Receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

Follow these easy steps to get started on your Scrum training journey.

Payment Options and Discounts

We offer multiple payment methods to suit your budget, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Special offers and discounts are available periodically. Check our website for the latest deals and save on your training investment.

Contact Information for Support

If you need assistance, our customer support team is here to help. You can reach out via email at [email protected] or call us at +123-456-7890. Our team is available to provide help and answer any questions you may have.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Real-World Applications of Scrum Training

Our Scrum training has been applied in many real-world situations. Many of our students have used their knowledge to improve project results, streamline processes, and enhance team collaboration in their organizations.

Testimonials from Past Students

“Knowledge Train’s Scrum course was a game-changer for me. The practical insights and hands-on approach have greatly improved my project management skills.” – Jane D.

Measuring the Impact on Careers and Organizations

The impact of our Scrum courses on careers and organizations is profound. Graduates often see career advancement opportunities and increased efficiency within their teams. The organizational benefits include better project outcomes, improved team dynamics, and measurable success metrics.

For more details or to enroll, contact Knowledge Train today!


What is included in the ScrumMaster certification training course?

Our ScrumMaster certification training course covers essential topics like product backlog management, sprints, and performance analysis. You’ll also get hands-on experience with tools such as Jira and Atlassian for managing projects.

How can I benefit from ScrumMaster training classes online?

Online ScrumMaster training classes let you learn at your own pace while covering important aspects of Scrum, including team accountability and complex problem-solving. Experienced practitioners guide these classes, offering valuable real-world insights.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in a Scrum certification training course?

No prerequisites are needed. Our courses are designed for both beginners and experienced professionals. You’ll learn agile methodologies, devops integration, and change management strategies.

Can I get discounts or coupons for the scrum course online?

Yes, we occasionally offer discounts and coupons for our online Scrum courses. Check our website or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest offers and updates.

How does your ScrumMaster training prepare me for the certification exam?

Our training includes detailed lectures and practice exams that simulate the actual certification test. The comprehensive curriculum ensures you understand key concepts like product backlog management, analytics, and change management courses.

What other courses do you offer related to Scrum and project management?

In addition to Scrum courses, we offer training in AgilePM, MSP, PMP, and DevOps. These courses cover various aspects of project management, from foundational principles to advanced techniques in analytics and digital marketing.

Do your courses include any practical, hands-on learning?

Yes, all our courses include practical exercises and case studies to enhance learning. You’ll work on real-life scenarios using tools like Jira and Atlassian to efficiently build and manage projects.

How do I know if a ScrumMaster training course is right for me?

Our ScrumMaster training course is ideal if you want to improve your skills in agile project management and become proficient in using industry-standard tools like Jira. It equips you with essential skills to lead teams and manage product backlogs effectively.

Is there any support available during the training?

We offer continuous support throughout the training via email, chat, and phone. Our instructors and support team are always ready to help you overcome any challenges and achieve your learning goals.

What are the learning outcomes of your Scrum certification training online?

After completing the training, you’ll be skilled at managing project backlogs, leading sprints, and implementing change management strategies. You will also gain skills in analytics, devops, and digital product development.

Are there real-time classes or only recorded sessions?

We provide both options. You can join live sessions for interactive learning or access recorded lectures at your convenience. Both formats cover essential topics like security, compliance, and development practices.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the course?

Yes, we have a 14-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with the course, you can request a full refund within this period, ensuring your investment is protected.

Do you provide any resources for additional learning after the course?

Yes, we provide various resources, including articles, webinars, and additional readings, to help you continue learning and stay updated on the latest practices in Scrum and agile project management.

What kind of career opportunities can this training unlock for me?

Completing our Scrum certification training can significantly boost your career. You’ll be well-prepared for roles like ScrumMaster, Agile Coach, and Project Manager in diverse industries like IT, finance, and consulting.

How can I contact you for more details about the courses?

You can reach us through email, phone, or live chat on our website for any inquiries. We’re always here to help you choose the right course and provide detailed information about the training and certification process.

Key Insights

  • Our Scrum course online includes certification training online and scrummaster training classes, ideal for scrummasters and professionals looking to boost their careers.
  • Learn about analytics, experiment with agile methodologies, and handle project management tools like SAP and Jira easily.
  • We offer thorough scrummaster training, covering complex problems, coding, and web development through practical lectures and resources that help you learn.
  • Improve your skills with courses on product backlog management, functional security, and change management courses, which are crucial for practitioners.
  • Our curriculum gives you the know-how to manage projects by pmp and pmi standards, with real-world insights from businesses and universities.
  • Gain hands-on experience through guided sessions, interactive activities, and live classes, helping you apply agile principles in different market settings.
  • Benefit from our latest teaching methods and relevant course content designed to deliver the best learning outcomes.
  • Explore topics like digital marketing, establishing accountability, and overcoming obstacles, all vital for creating high-performance teams.
  • Trustpilot reviews and expert feedback show how effective our training is, helping you improve performance and meet changing demands.
  • Features include clear course details, pricing options, and 14-day trial periods, ensuring a cost-effective approach to skill development.


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