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Studying a project management online course is suitable for students unable to attend classroom training.

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Self-paced online project management training courses.

Learning project management online

Self-paced project management online training has many different names, including distance learning, computer-based training (CBT), and e-Learning (or elearning). We prefer to use the term ‘self-paced’ because you can stop and start your online learning whenever you want.

Read the benefits of online self-paced learning below to learn more about why self-paced learning is a great way to learn project management online.

Benefits of online project management training courses.

Benefits of online learning

Saves you time
  • If you are busy and with no time to attend fixed-schedule classroom training, a self-paced project management online course saves you time.
Saves you money
  • If you work freelance you lose money if you take time off to attend a fixed-schedule classroom course. With project management online courses you fit your learning time around your work hours which saves you money.

Learn at your own pace

  • You can study project management online study at your own pace whenever you want, on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile), and on any platform (Windows, Mac, IOS, Android). You just need a computer with internet and audio.

Support provided

  • All project management online students have support from an expert project management trainer who aim to answer all questions within 1 business day.

Best practice design

  • All our online project management training courses use best practice design to engage your brain, with the aim of achieving longer lasting and deeper understanding of project management concepts.

Long validity

  • You have access to our project management online courses for 12 months. You can take your project management online exam any time within this period.

Online exam(s)

  • All our project management online courses include online exam(s).
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Project management online training technology.

About self-paced training

Learning technology

These online project management courses have been designed using the latest web technologies. That means they work on all devices, are fully responsive to fit any device and screen size, and no additional apps are required.

Best practice design

Our project management online training courses are highly interactive and are designed to aid deeper levels of understanding, to achieve longer-lasting learning.

All our online project management training courses are designed using the latest best practices in instructional design, including:


These are short chunks of learning taking just a few minutes to complete.


Selective use of gamified elements to promote playful elements into the learning experience.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A modern LMS to remember where you are in your learning and allowing you easy access to all your learning content.


Lots of quizzes to check your knowledge at the end of each topic.


Selective use of audio to enhance, which avoids ‘overloading’ the student with too much information.

Accessibility standards

Meeting most of the highest accessibility standards from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Many companies develop online training cheaply by filming a trainer in a classroom. That’s not a good way to help students learn, and it doesn’t engage learners.

We are confident that our interactive project management online courses will help you gain an understanding of project management which you can start applying at work straightaway, and also enable you to sit your project management exam with confidence.

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