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ISEB Business Analysis (now BCS Business Analysis)

By Simon Buehring on 20 Mar 2020

ISEB business analysis.


What is ISEB Business Analysis?

ISEB stands for Information Systems Examinations Board. It was a qualifications body established back in 1957 by the British Computer Society (BCS).

In 1999, ISEB launched the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis. ISEB Business Analysis was the professional qualification for business analysts.

ISEB Business Analysis became a familiar qualification in the business analysis (BA) community and amongst UK employers.

BCS rebranding

In 2012, BCS made some brand changes to help raise its international profile. In addition, they often changed the names of their qualifications to better reflect the topics covered within their modules. The results were:

Because of its long history, many people still refer to the Foundation certificate in Business Analysis as "the BCS qualification that was formerly ISEB".

Must I retake my ISEB Business Analysis Foundation Certificate?

No. You don’t have to re-sit the exam if you hold an ISEB Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis. ISEB qualifications are still valid, still valuable and are known around the world. Experienced ISEB business analysts are very respected in the business analyst community.

BCS Business Analysis

The BCS qualifications are worth looking into if you want to become a certified business analyst. The qualifications are modular and can be tailored to your specific career path. In addition, many business analyst roles in the UK job market are required to have a formal business analyst certification.

BCS offers qualifications from foundation level right up to expert level.

In the Business Analysis Foundation course, these are just some of the topics you will study:

  • Stakeholder management;
  • Requirements analysis and management;
  • Business process modelling and techniques;
  • The business analyst’s role in developing business solutions;

Knowledge Train provides the BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis as an online training course. The exam is included as well.

It is ideal for individuals who are working and have a tight schedule. You can study it on your own pace. Contact us today!

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