Practice resources

Agile challenges

Learn the challenges faced by organisations when they transition to agile.

Why projects fail?

Large projects don’t necessarily have to fail. Discover some key lessons from history.

What is a project?

Project management has become a buzz word in recent years. But what is a project? Read to find out more.

Find out if these are your favorite challenges in project management too.

Best management practices on small projects

Why even the tiniest projects can benefit from good project management best practices.

Learn the benefits of using social media on projects.

Learn the benefits of using a project management method such as PRINCE2.

Achieving successful projects

The 5 most common reasons why projects fail and the things every project manager must know.

Integrating PRINCE2 - book review

Ever wondered how you should apply PRINCE2 in the real world? This book will help you.

Top tips on how to manage and lead your remote team to ensure project success.

Discover how to adapt your leadership style and take on the challenge of leading a virtual team.

Learn how to give a constructive criticism with this juicy sandwich.

Scrum graphic

Confused about DSDM? Learn the 8 DSDM principles with this colourful infographic and article.

Scrum graphic

Find out how to use Scrum to manage your product development work.

Find out how adopting the Kanban principles can help improve your work efficiency.

Agile Manifesto

Learn the 12 Agile principles and download your A0 poster here.

Agile Manifesto

Learn the four key values in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Scrum graphic

Find out how our in-house training helped a client.

Scrum graphic

Everything you need to know about cybersecurity.

Scrum graphic

Learn how to write user stories with this incredibly useful article.

Scrum graphic

How to write a great business case.

Agile challenges

Here are the top 15 agile books that are worth reading.

PRINCE2 podcasts

Listen to our popular podcasts on PRINCE2 and be on top of the methodology and exams!

Applied Software Project Management - book review

Even with the rise of agile, this book still has great things to say about managing IT projects.

PRINCE2 Agile - book review

PRINCE2 Agile is about blending both the flexibility of agile with the strengths of PRINCE2.

Agile Project Management explained

Agile is from mars and project management is from venus. But can project management be agile?

The project triangle

Why you can’t deliver everything, on time and within budget. Why project managers aren’t magicians.

Agile challenges

Discover the best books about DevOps

Learn the insights on portfolio management from a subject expert.

Scrum graphic

Get the low down on GDPR with this article.

Scrum graphic

All your business case questions answered!

A very interesting article on social media and project management.

Learn a project leadership consultant's view on the impact of social media.

A graphic view of how you can avoid procrastination.

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