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How do I get PRINCE2® certified?

By Simon Buehring on 24 Mar 2020

How do I get PRINCE2® certified?

PRINCE2 certifications are recognized around the world as the leading project management qualification for project management professionals. It’s no surprise many budding project managers are eager to study PRINCE2 and jump-start their careers. So, whether you’re a seasoned project manager wanting to brush up your skills, or are just starting out in the industry, we’re here to answer some questions you may have about PRINCE 2 and PRINCE2 project management.

Can I take a PRINCE2 course or exam without training?

Yes, you can. PRINCE2 isn’t an all-inclusive term. There are several ‘levels’ to a PRINCE2 qualification. If you’re a beginner, or if you have no industry experience, you should start with a PRINCE2 Foundation course. A PRINCE2 Foundation has no entry requirements and is available to anyone, including students and working professionals.

If you want to continue with your PRINCE2 training past the Foundation course, you’ll find PRINCE2 has qualifications suitable for professionals at every level. The highest of these is the PRINCE2 Professional course, which is suitable only for experts who have gained several years’ experience in project management.

How much does a PRINCE2 course cost?

The price of a PRINCE2 course varies depending on what level of qualification it is, and who you’re purchasing it from.

At Knowledge Train® we’re 100% confident our prices are the best value money can buy. It is possible to find cheaper alternatives but, because AXELOS (the company behind PRINCE2) doesn’t monitor the quality of PRINCE2 course providers, you might find that competitors are more interested in quick sales than investing in the future of their customers.

If you want to be sure the product you’re buying is worth the money, take a look at our courses and the glowing reviews left by our customers.

Are PRINCE2 exams difficult?

PRINCE2 exams are challenging. They must be to ensure the quality of PRINCE2 certified professionals remains high, and to inspire consumer confidence in PRINCE2 certifications.

The difficulty of a PRINCE2 exam depends on how well you understand the course content. At Knowledge Train, our classroom courses are taught be highly experienced trainers and our online courses are crafted with the best in e-learning practices.

Because we dedicate so much time and effort to our content, we’re proud to boast a pass rate that’s 10% higher than the national average.

How long does a PRINCE2 course take?

The duration of a PRINCE2 course depends on the level of qualification you’re studying and whether you’re studying online or in a classroom.

A single classroom or in-house course generally takes about a week or so (including the final exam).

Online courses give you access to PRINCE2 training materials for a full 12 months. It’s possible to complete all course content within 10 hours and sit your final exam on the same day.

That’s just the Foundation and Practitioner level qualifications however, the PRINCE2 Professional certificate requires several years of project management and several weeks studying.

Can I study PRINCE2 online?

Most PRINCE2 training providers offer online alternatives to classroom courses. At Knowledge Train, we offer both online and virtual courses.

Online courses will allow you to study at your own pace, so you won’t have to rethink your weekly schedule to fit classes. The exam can also be taken online wherever you have a stable internet connection.

Virtual courses work just like real classrooms. You’ll be able to see and talk with your instructor (and classmates) in our virtual classrooms. The exam is written just like the online exam, you can take it whenever and wherever, so long as you have an internet connection.

Is PRINCE2 Agile useful?

While PRINCE2 is considered the certification of choice, PRINCE2 Agile is commonly used by organizations specializing in PRINCE2 Agile project management.

We recommend you start with a PRINCE2 project management course. Once you’ve acquired this, if your employer requires a PRINCE2 Agile certification, or if you’d like to expand your PRINCE2 repertoire, then perhaps consider studying PRINCE2 Agile.

I have a PRINCE2 certification, now what?

Congratulations! You can count yourself among a growing number of project management professionals dedicated to improving their practices. There’s still a long way to go, but you’re off to a great start.

If you want to become a practicing project manager, you’re going to need some relevant industry experience. You’ll find most organizations already employ a project manager in some shape or form. A good start would be to ask their advice, you might even offer to lend a hand in assisting the project management process or gain some experience working on low risk/low visibility projects.

If that’s not an option for you, consider volunteering your skills to a charity or other non-profit organization. They’ll be more willing to take on a novice so you can learn the ropes from a dedicated and passionate project leader.


We hope that this article answers at least some of your PRINCE2 questions. If you’d like to know more about Knowledge Train and our PRINCE2 courses, make sure to visit our PRINCE2 courses page.

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