Prove you have what it takes to manage projects

Gaining a formal project management qualification is a smart move if applying for project-based job roles. Increasingly demanded by employers as proof of your skills, a project management course will enhance your CV and boost your job search. Discover which course is right for you.

Are you an experienced project manager looking for your next job? Have you have been made redundant, are in between contracts or are working but looking to change roles? If so, now is the ideal opportunity to gain a new qualification.

Project management certification is increasingly demanded by employers. Gaining certification can boost your job search - your enhanced CV can show your ability to your prospective employers!

Do any of these sound like you?

I have been rejected from jobs because I didn’t have the right qualifications on my CV
I am an experienced project manager, however I am having trouble finding work
I am self-employed and want to show more credibility to my clients

If so, read on to see how you can improve your project management practices.

Enhancing your CV

You may have seen the words “must be PRINCE2 certified” during your job search more times than you can remember. After all, it is the most popular project management qualification in the entire world.

Agile certifications are also widely recognised and are becoming the popular partner to have on your CV alongside PRINCE2.

Having a professional qualification will not only increase your chances of landing your next job, but your CV will remain credible for years to come.

Which course to choose?

PRINCE2 courses

PRINCE2 ATO You can become PRINCE2 certified in just 5 days. Once you are certified your registered practitioner status lasts for 5 years, making it a great long-term investment.

Our 5 day PRINCE2 course is designed and taught to give you the greatest chance of passing your exams. This is reflected in our PRINCE2 Practitioner exam pass rates of 83% (10% above the national average) and our PRINCE2 Foundation pass rate of 99% (2% above the national average).

We also like to save you time and have condensed our pre-course study into just 3-4 hours, compared with 16+ hours by many other training providers. Within just 5 days, you will be able to boost your job search with more chance of success.

After a 5 day PRINCE2 course you will be able to:

  • Approach your projects in a methodical, structured manner
  • Apply the method to different project scenarios
  • Understand PRINCE2 vocabulary and use it within your project team
  • Continuously improve your practices for years to come
  • Use key risk management techniques to help you avoid failure in the future

You can take this course in a classroom or online.

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AgilePM courses

AgilePM ATO The Agile project management qualification is a more recent addition to many project manager job role specifications. You may have noticed this particularly if you are looking for a job in the software industry.

If your projects have a lot of changing requirements, an AgilePM qualification can be ideal to enhance your CV. You can become certified within just 3 or 4 days, with great confidence in our pass rate of 100%. What’s more, there is no pre-course preparation for our AgilePM courses, making it even easier to get certified.

An AgilePM qualification shows employers your ability to:

  • Respond quickly to change while reducing risk
  • Deliver in increments, on time every time
  • Understand the setup of an Agile project team
  • Apply AgilePM methods effectively on Agile projects

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MSP courses

MSP ATO If programme management is your area of work, then look no further than the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) course. This course is a fantastic way to differentiate yourself in the jobs market, particularly if you already hold a project management qualification such as PRINCE2. In as little as 5 days, your CV will reflect more of your ability to manage simple programs as a qualified MSP Practitioner.

An MSP qualification shows employers your ability to:

  • Act as an informed member of a programme management team
  • Apply the guidance in a relatively uncomplicated programme
  • Understand MSP vocabulary and use it within your programme team

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