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The best way to prepare and pass your ITIL Foundation exam

By Simon Buehring on 05 Jul 2019

Prepare for your ITIL Foundation exam.

1. Do your research about ITIL

Read as much as you can about ITIL. Reach out to friends who studied the course and ask them about their experience. Join online study groups and see what their main discussion points are.

2. Register for an ITIL Foundation course

If you register for an online course, you have the advantage of flexibility. Most online courses are designed for a period of 6 to 12 months to finish the course. This will help you digest the content at a longer pace. Make notes while you study and ask the support team for clarifications.

If you register for a classroom course, ask as many questions as you can. The trainer’s job is to clarify any ambiguities you find in the course. So, don’t feel shy if you have any inquires. There's no such thing as a stupid question.

3. Visualise ITIL in your organisation

While studying the course, think about your organisation’s current IT practices. Are they already implementing the ITIL framework? Are there certain processes that are not implemented in the time being?

This helps you to put ITIL in the real world and thus makes your understanding more rooted in your mind.

4. Revise for your ITIL Foundation exam

Every person is different when it comes to learning. Some people can memorise information on the spot and only need a quick read before the exam. Other people need to process the material by studying it thoroughly.

Whatever your learning style is, make sure to cover all the important points needed to pass the exam. Have a look at the syllabus to find them out.

Mind maps or info graphs help visualise these key points and help with a fast and easy revision before the exam.

The online ITIL Foundation certification course provides mind maps! They are colourful, printable PDFs and available for each module.

5. Practice ITIL Foundation sample exams

An excellent way to prepare for the exam is to practice sample test papers as much as you can. Your trainer will give you a sample exam during your course to practise. The online course provide a sample exam also.

Sample exams help by:

  • Getting you familiar with the exam format;
  • Examining your knowledge;
  • Testing your speed at finishing the exam;
  • Giving you an insight about passing or failing the real exam.

6. Book your ITIL Foundation examination only when you are 100% ready

To avoid failing your ITIL Foundation exam, register for an exam when you feel confident enough. Make sure you worked hard and have ticked the 5 tips above to maximize your chances of passing.

Prepare for ITIL Foundation Exam infographic

 Best way to prepare and pass your ITIL Foundation infographic.

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