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ITIL is the most widely used best practice framework for IT service management in the world.

ITIL’s framework helps organisations and industry experts to:

  • Integrate an organisation's IT strategy with its business strategy;
  • Deliver IT services more effectively;
  • Standardise the approach to IT service management;
  • Deliver value for customers through IT services.

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ITIL definition

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It’s a global framework containing the best practices in IT Service Management which:

  • Enhances IT experts’ careers in ITSM (Information Technology Service Management);
  • Broadens the horizons of IT students;
  • Acts as a guide for a proper IT infrastructure;
  • Gives more credibility to IT service providers;
  • Helps professionals manage IT operations and costs efficiently;
  • Helps professionals create, deliver and continually improve IT services and products.

Why is ITIL important?

IT is a critical business function in every organisation today. ITIL enables organisations to:

  • Align IT services to critical business needs;
  • Keep IT services up to date with the rapid changes in the digital world;
  • Apply robust security measures as cyberattacks become more prevalent;
  • Deliver IT services in a cost-efficient manner.

ITIL certification

IT professionals can progress their career in IT service management by gaining professional certification in ITIL.

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ITIL versions

ITIL is owned by AXELOS – the best practice provider. Since the 1980’s, ITIL has provided a robust framework for managing IT services in organisations. It is periodically refreshed and updated to reflect current needs of organisations needing to manage ever more complex IT infrastructure and services.

The latest update to ITIL was launched in 2019 and is known as ITIL 4, or ITIL v4.

ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation is the entry-level ITIL qualification. Everyone who gets certified in ITIL must get qualified at Foundation level.

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