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    DevOps Foundation certification

    This 2-day DevOps Foundation training serves to introduce the DevOps mindset, DevOps tools, and strategies. Learn the fundamentals of DevOps with the aid of our professional DevOps trainers.

    All DevOps courses includes course materials and exams.

    Accreditation Accreditation: DevOps Institute
    Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
    classroom Format: Live or virtual classroom.
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    More about DevOps training

    DevOps training London

    DevOps training UK

    DevOps training allow candidates to learn from a DevOps subject-matter expert and professional DevOps trainer. Our DevOps training is available for organisations both within the UK and outside the UK as in-house, onsite delivery.

    DevOps training London

    DevOps training in London has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

    What is the best DevOps course?

    Which DevOps course is best for you depends largely on your career aspirations, your current experience, and current role within your organisation. The courses below state which people would benefit from such DevOps training.

    DevOps Foundation

    This course benefits:

    • Developers
    • IT operations staff
    • QA and testing professionals.

    This course helps candidates understand common DevOps concepts and terminology, DevOps relationship to Agile, Lean and ITSM, automation practices, scaling DevOps, and more.

    DevOps Leader

    This course benefits:

    • Anyone interested in modern IT leadership and organisational change approaches
    • Business managers
    • DevOps practitioners.

    This course helps candidates understand leadership skills, the tools used to enact cultural improvement, value-stream-centric thinking, and practices that improve flow.

    DevSecOps Engineering

    This course benefits:

    • Anyone involved or interested in learning about DevSecOps strategies and automation
    • Anyone involved in Continuous Delivery toolchain architectures
    • Compliance teams.

    This course helps candidates understand the value of DevSecOps, the contribution of tools and automation in DevSecOps, and the role of culture in security.

    Site Reliability Engineering Foundation and Practitioner

    This course benefits:

    • Anyone starting or leading a move towards increased reliability
    • Anyone interested in modern IT leadership and organisational change approaches
    • Business managers.

    This course helps candidates understand how to improve the stability and reliability of services, how production services work, and the balance between technical investment in reliability and customer experience.

    Certified Agile Service Manager

    This course benefits:

    • Practice owners and process designers
    • Developers who are interested in helping make processes more agile
    • Managers who are looking to bridge multiple practices into a DevOps environment.

    This course helps candidates understand how to respond to changing business requirements with agility, faster implementation, enhanced workflows, and how to shorten feedback loops.

    Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation

    This course benefits:

    • Build Engineers
    • Enterprise Architects
    • IT Managers.

    This course helps candidates understand how continuous delivery pipelines yield better business results, faster software release processes and how leaders accelerate digital transformation progress.

    Continuous Testing Foundation

    This course benefits:

    • Delivery staff
    • DevOps engineers
    • IT managers.

    This course helps candidates understand how well-engineered DevOps test environments accelerate releases, automation to improve speed and frequency of software changes, and how testing helps teams align for greater efficiency.

    DevOps course FAQs

    You can find a DevOps course near you. Our students come from all over the UK including Aberdeen, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Plymouth, Reading, Slough, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea.

    Select one of the DevOps courses from one of the locations below:

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