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DevOps training courses

DevOps helps deliver top-quality applications and services by ensuring IT teams can work together efficiently and effectively.

Products developed under a DevOps mindset evolve and improve faster.

DevOps training draws from Agile principles. Candidates will learn how to automate processes, how to adapt quickly to unplanned work, and how to consolidate the work of software development and IT operations teams.

Accreditation Accreditation: DevOps Institute
Certification Certificate: DevOps Foundation
classroom virtual classroom Format: Live or virtual classroom

Price from £899 £1,199

DevOps Institute registered education provider for DevOps.

DevOps certifications

There are many different DevOps certifications. Each targets different needs within IT-enabled organisations.

DevOps certification can advance and validate your DevOps expertise. DevOps certification helps you to improve your skills and technical understanding of DevOps.

Click to learn more about DevOps certifications and how they can benefit IT professionals and organisations.

Accreditation Accreditation: DevOps Institute
Certification Certificate: DevOps Foundation

Price from £899 £1,199

DevOps Institute registered education provider for DevOps.

More about DevOps

What is DevOps?

DevOps is difficult to define precisely. It is not just a collection of practices and methods. More accurately, we might say it is a mindset or culture which aims to improve workflow amongst IT professionals working both within IT development and IT operations.

Dev. and Ops.

As its name suggests, DevOps works by combining the normally disparate IT development and IT operations departments. Combining the two enables better collaboration.

As a result, software and IT solutions can be delivered rapidly and at higher quality. This, in turn, delivers a better business service for the customer.


Derived from Agile philosophies, DevOps achieves speed with practices designed to improve collaboration and communication between teams. DevOps products undergo continuous monitoring, testing and deployment using a high level of automation and tools such as Puppet, Chef and Jenkins.

Continuous feedback

Feedback is also continuous between all parties involved, meaning the team can always allow for improvements and the customer’s needs.


DevOps requires organisations to break old habits and change their entire culture. However, because of its focus on continuous delivery, DevOps is also very powerful when used alongside agile, lean or ITIL methods.

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