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Reinforce and add to your existing skills

Becoming more involved in projects without formal knowledge of project management can cause a host of issues. You might wish you had the right skills to help you meet deadlines, organise your team and control your projects better. Read on to discover the best approach for you.

If you’re beginning to take on more project work, you may find that you need more project management skills and techniques to help you meet your deadlines. You might require more control for your projects or better organisation for your team. Or perhaps you are taking on your first project and need a good starting point, or want to expand your current knowledge to help you manage your projects better.

Do any of these sound like you?

I have competing priorities
I am taking on the role of a project manager, but I haven’t had any formal training
It’s currently my job to delegate tasks, manage a budget and deliver products to clients on time
I am keen to adopt an established framework to manage my projects better
I want my team to be able to use a common vocabulary across projects
I want to expand my current knowledge of project management into programme management

If so, read on to see how you can improve your project management practices.

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