Our favourite project management bloggers

By on 19 Nov 2018

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Networking with project managers is a daily part of our routine here at Knowledge Train. Read this infographic and article to meet our favourite project management bloggers. Find out more about them and perhaps gain some inspiration by visiting their blogs (links in article).

Our favourite project management bloggers

The Google+ communities are her personal favourites, great for a chat with some friendly project management professionals. Everyone is up for some healthy debate, discussions and are always very welcoming. She’s connected with over 100 PM professionals on Google+ in the past year and is always keen to see some new faces.

There are many project management bloggers out there on the internet, taking unique initiatives to share their knowledge and discuss their favourite project management topics. Alison particularly likes the project management bloggers who actively encourage community involvement using different mediums such as Google+ communities and hangouts. It’s also interesting and refreshing to see a project management blog written with some humour and character, or when it is combined with a personal interest. I love blogs where true passion shines through and when the reader is compelled to react after reading it.

Together with Alison we selected a few of our favourite project management bloggers that we thought were worth following and connecting with. They are all very friendly people who love their world of work. The Internet is a busy place for any blogger and these guys have done a great job in establishing themselves, contributing and connecting with others – if only for a chat!

Each blogger has kindly written a short piece about themselves, their inspirations behind their blog and a description of the content. There are many articles, resources, podcasts, hangouts and good old conversation to be had – hope you like them as much we do!

Henny Portman’s blog on portfolio, program and project management

A resource filled blog featuring project management support and learning materials, book and app reviews. Ideal for exam candidates and trainers.

"I started this blog to support my book PRINCE2 in practice with downloads and related articles. From the moment I posted my first blog, I realised that there was already a lot written about PRINCE2, but sometimes difficult to find. To help the project management community I started to share this kind of information and by the reactions I received, it was of help to a lot of people.

Currently I am not only blogging book reviews but also reviewing quick reference cards and Apps. My focus is not just on PRINCE2 but Portfolio, Programme, Project Management, PMO’s and maturity models. My posts are in English and occasionally Dutch, as I review Dutch project management books. To help my readers I sometimes create one-page summaries of books or other material, like tabs or reference cards that can be used as exam aids.

My philosophy is if you share you will receive, and if you receive you will learn. I am looking forward to many more readers, and more importantly feedback on my blog, posts and ideas."

Author: Henny Portman, Trainer, consultant and partner at HWP Consulting.

Project Management Crumbs

The perfect project management blog for your lunch break, play a little game, ponder and learn something in a unique way! Join the Project Management Crumbs Google+ community here.

"It is a wonderful world out there. To study and understand how things work is a joy. Every little crumb of knowledge is a treasure, but it is not something to be hidden from others. Knowledge is something you have to share with other people and something you have to pass on. This is a principle to which I have always been loyal and I am trying to educate my children according to this.

Everything in my life has always been inspired by this. I am an engineer and I love math and statistics. Even though I work in a high technology environment, I still love studying, learning new things and new challenges.

So what is project management? I think we could discourse for years on this without realising a comprehensive definition. For me, it’s a type of science that describes and improves how people work together and interact to reach a common goal. For me, it is the most fascinating of all challenges.

My blog is simply an emanation of all these beliefs. The title reflects the blog contents, many short tips (or ‘crumbs’) on various subjects related to project management. I just hope it can be helpful to people, and that these people in turn will be more eager to share their knowledge with someone else."

Author: Emanuele Passera, Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager

The PM for the Masses Podcast & Blog

An inspiring website, blog and podcast with a focus on applying project management to both your career and personal life. A must for anyone striving for success, not strictly just for project managers! Join the PM for the Masses Google+ community here.

"Project managers can get things done. Project managers can set complex goals, see them through to completion, check them off, and move on to the next one. Project managers have the skills to truly change the world, one work package at a time.

Once I learned good project management and started applying it to my own life, I started achieving more, and truly taking charge of my career. My goal with my website, blog, and podcast is to show project managers that they can apply their valuable skill set to both their careers and personal lives, while achieving outstanding results that will propel their lives forward.

The PM for the Masses Podcast, which is the flagship avenue for my content creation, brings the listener project management concepts and interviews with other professionals in the field of project management who are achieving phenomenal success with their careers and lives. Besides sharing their own expertise with me and the audience, we try to understand the recipe for their success and do what us project managers do best: break their success down into manageable chunks and see how we can take similar steps. Listen to the podcast from my website or straight from iTunes.”

Author: Cesar Abeid, Project Manager at Remontech, Podcaster, and Public Speaker

The Sensible Project Manager

A Project management blog, podcasts and a weekly Google+ hangout to discuss topics chosen by the SensiblePM Google+ community. The SensiblePM is Mark Phillipy, a very friendly guy with passion to involve everybody. Are you a project manager with a unique topic to discuss? Join the SensiblePM Google+ community and let your voice be heard!

"The mantra for the Sensible Project Manager (myself, Mark Phillipy) is "Leading new project management conversations". I have several venues in which I initiate conversation about project management with the goal of engaging others to further the dialog.

At www.SensiblePM.com you will find I take a practical approach when blogging about project management. I often use stories or analogies to help others relate to the topic I am discussing. I’m also the host of two podcasts. The Sensible Project Manager Podcast where I share my thoughts about project management as well as interviews with PM's and thought leaders in the industry; and The SensiblePM 101 Podcast which consists of short 5-10 minute tips intended to help those who are just learning the trade.

And finally, the SensiblePM has created a community on Google+ called Sensible Project Manager Hangout, which holds a weekly hangout to discuss project management topics. This is a great venue where PM's all around the world can talk face to face about issues related to their profession. Recently the #PMHangout community has partnered with the #PMChat community on Twitter to expand the conversations across platforms.”

Author: Mark Phillipy, Project Manager at Avista Corp

Manager and Photographer blog

Abrachan’s blog combines his interest of project management with photography. He is a beautiful and thoughtful photographer, with each post comparing his latest creation to an aspect of project management. Connect with him on Google+.

"Through my blog I hope to explain the complex domain of management in a simple and interesting manner, using my insights from photography.

I have always been fascinated by simplification of complexity. My blog is my modest attempt to demonstrate creative work to managers, and management to creative workers. I do this by combining the concepts of two of my main passions – photography and project management.

Capturing a good photograph could be one of the quickest projects, as it satisfies all the criteria of projects like definite start and finish time, unique product or service as a result, performed by people, progressively elaborated and are constrained by the limited resources of time, cost and scope. Sometimes, everything starts with a vision of an image. I then plan for it, capture it, closely monitor and control it, and publish it.

Some of my dream photographic projects are…

  • Photographing a snake boat
  • A photo walk through fort kochi and mattancherry
  • Photographing the Taj Mahal with sunset in the background
  • Photographing a nun with an orphan child

I hope I will be able to explain this complex domain of management in a simple and interesting manner using my insights from photography."

Author: Abrachan Pudussery, Project Management Coach, Consultant and Photographer


An inspirational, jam-packed blog with a range of topics covering project management, productivity and career progression. Project-Aria is an active member of the Google+ community and is always keen for a discussion.

"Let me introduce Project-Aria to you. It is a website I created focussed around the themes of project management, leadership and IT Tools for productivity. Occasionally I’ll post articles on other topics that may be of interest to project managers. It is a platform that I use to share thoughts, interesting articles and my learning with others.

I developed the website because I am a passionate person with many different interests. I am a professional accountant (CPA) in Canada; I love business, finance, and project management. But I also have many other interests, including music, languages (Spanish and Swedish), fitness, photography, travel and chess. I also love technology. Getting my first Internet connection in 1989, I coded HTML manually for my website in the early 90’s. I wanted to learn more project management, and at the same time share with others. I also wanted to learn WordPress. So I combined all of this into the website Project-Aria.

Although I work as a CPA, music in my heart is always my top passion. I love creativity and love to exchange with others. The name of the site is inspired by the opera style of music - Aria.

On thing I enjoy about writing for Project-Aria is the research and continuous learning that I must do to keep posting information. And secondly, it is the interaction with others on Google+ and also on Twitter."

Author: Michel Dion, Director, Professional Practices and Development chez Health Canada

The Virtual Project Consulting blog

The Virtual Project Consulting blog offers a vast array of content suited to project managers at all levels of experience. Project consultant and marketing professional Linky Van Der Merwe gives top advice on using social media within your projects. Find a rich mix of resources, infographics, upcoming workshops, events and practical advice from various authors. Also, visit this blog to join the ‘Success Stories Shared’ project, one of our favourite knowledge sharing initiatives.

Virtual Project Consulting: Where aspiring and existing project managers find Project Management Resources relating to training, software, products and services. Also for practical advice on project management processes, templates and tools based on best practices.

The motivation behind my blog is to make a contribution to the project management community and to guide people who are considering project management as a career choice. Topics include project management, leadership, change management and social media for project managers. Guest bloggers are also invited to make regular contributions.

Author: Linky Van Der Merwe, Founder of Virtual Project Consulting

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