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PRINCE2 Foundation

A PRINCE2 Foundation course is a great starting point for learning about PRINCE2.

A PRINCE2 Foundation course is for people new to PRINCE2, or for people participating in, supporting, or managing projects.

Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
location Location: London or online
classroom virtual classroom Format: Live or virtual classroom
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PRINCE2 Practitioner

A PRINCE2 Practitioner course is for students wanting to learn to apply PRINCE2 on projects.

A PRINCE2 Practitioner course is for people already certified at PRINCE2 Foundation level. A PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner course can also be combined into a single combined course. Click for more details.

Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: PRINCE2 Foundation
location Location: London or online
classroom virtual classroom Format: Live or virtual classroom

PRINCE2 online courses

PRINCE2 online courses are for students wanting to learn about PRINCE2, but are unable to attend a classroom course, or prefer to study in their own time.

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Accreditation Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
self-paced Format: Self-paced online
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Popularity of PRINCE2

PRINCE 2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2) is a project management methodology. It is used widely in all sectors – public, private, and third sector – and in many different countries.

It provides step-by-step guidance for managing projects. Guidance is described in the official PRINCE2 manual (Managing Successful Projects Using PRINCE2® 2017 Edition).

Since 1996, PRINCE2 has established itself as the world’s most popular project management methodology and certification. Approximately 2 million PRINCE2 examinations have been sat worldwide. Most of these students sat their exam as part of a PRINCE 2 course.

History of PRINCE2


PRINCE2 started out in the 1970s as a method called PRINCE (stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments). PRINCE was a UK government method for managing IT projects. It contained IT-specific terminology.

PRINCE 2 (PRINCE 2nd version)

In 1996 the 2nd version of PRINCE – or PRINCE 2 – was released as a generic project management method. All the IT terminology was removed so it could be used on any type of project.


Prior to 2013, PRINCE2 was Crown Copyright. It was owned by H.M. Government in the UK. In 2013, AXELOS was formed by H.M. Government and Capita plc as a joint venture. PRINCE2 is now owned by AXELOS which contracts the accreditation of training organizations and trainers to PeopleCert – the exam board.

Modern trends in project management

The PRINCE2 guidance is updated every few years to reflect recent developments in project management. The most recent changes were in 2017 when the PRINCE2 manual was updated. All PRINCE2 training courses on this web site are based upon the 2017 version.


One example of how the method has been updated to reflect recent trends in project management include the launch in 2015 of the PRINCE2 Agile guidance. This describes how the governance and control provided by PRINCE2 can be integrated with popular Agile development methods such as Scrum.

PRINCE2 course benefits

Benefits of a PRINCE2 course for individuals

Students who attend a project management training course benefit by learning practical tools skills to apply on projects.

By attending a PRINCE 2 course you can get these important benefits:

  • Career boost – By passing the exam which comes with your PRINCE 2 course you can boost your job prospects.
  • Salary boost – By passing the exam on your PRINCE 2 course can boost your earnings. In 2020, jobs in the UK requiring PRINCE2 ranged between £30-75k (according to
  • Skills boost – Learning a world-class project management methodology on a PRINCE 2 course will give you some core project management skills to enable you to take part in or manage projects.
  • Confidence boost – The knowledge you gain from a PRINCE 2 course can boost your confidence to apply the method at work.

Benefits of a PRINCE2 course for organisations

If your team members or project managers attend an in-house PRINCE 2 course where they learn to apply PRINCE2 your organisation can gain numerous benefits including the following.

  • Best practices – your staff learn a proven approach to managing projects based upon project management best practices.
  • Generic – your staff can use it on any project in any industry or sector.
  • Communication – your staff can improve their communications by learning a common vocabulary.
  • Accountability – by understanding the expected roles and responsibilities of PRINCE2 it can make your staff accountable for what they do on a project.
  • Outputs – your staff can help stakeholders focus their minds on how the outputs will benefit the organisation.
  • Adaptable – your staff can learn to tailor the methodology to suit the needs of each project.
  • Saves senior managers’ time – your senior managers can save themselves time because your staff will learn how to write regular progress reports to replace regular progress meetings.
  • Business-focused – your staff will learn to focus on achieving benefits to avoid a project becoming an end-in-itself.
  • Involves stakeholders – your staff will learn to involve stakeholders in decision-making, thereby ensuring their needs are met.
  • Continuous improvement – your staff will learn how to learn lessons on a project so your organization can continuously improve its project management practices.
  • Consistency – your staff will learn to use a common language which will promote consistency and re-use of assets.

All these benefits are great reasons to get your boss to fund your PRINCE 2 course.

PRINCE 2 Foundation course

Course topics

  • PRINCE2 terminology
  • PRINCE2 Principles
    • Continued business justification
    • Learn from experience
    • Defined roles and responsibilities
    • Manage by stages
    • Manage by exception
    • Focus on products
    • Tailor to suit the project.
  • PRINCE2 themes
    • Business case theme
    • Organization theme
    • Quality theme
    • Plans theme
    • Risk theme
    • Change theme
    • Progress theme.
  • PRINCE2 processes
  • For each process, students learn:
    • Who performs it
    • When it occurs
    • Its inputs and outputs
    • The decisions which occur in it.
  • Preparation to sit the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

Course timings

For a PRINCE 2 course in London, the timings are:
  • Days 1 and 2 – 09:30am to 17:00pm.


For a PRINCE 2 course in London, the timings are:
  • None

PRINCE 2 Practitioner course

Course topics

A PRINCE2 Practitioner training course covers these topics:

  • How the PRINCE2 principles relate to the themes and processes
  • The composition and use of the recommended PRINCE2 management products
  • How to tailor the PRINCE2 themes and processes
  • Preparation to sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

Course timings

For a PRINCE 2 course in London, the timings are:
Days 1 and 2 – 09:30am to 17:00pm (Practitioner)
Days 1 to 4 – 09:30am to 17:00pm (Foundation and Practitioner).


Any of the following:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation Certification
  • PMI® Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
  • PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • IPMA®, IPMB®, IPMC® or IPMD®.

The marks IPMA®, IPMB®, IPMC® and IPMD® are registered trademarks of IPMA in Switzerland and other countries. “PMI”, “PMP” and “CAPM” are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

A PRINCE 2 course includes

  • Official manual (Managing Successful Projects using PRINCE2 (except Practitioner-only course)
  • Tuition from expert instructors
  • PRINCE2 training materials in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles
  • Exams taken on paper on completion of the course
  • Certificate issued by the exam board after passing the exam(s).


  • Foundation – 2 days classroom, or 20 hours online
  • Practitioner – 2 days classroom, or 15 hours online.
A PRINCE2 course is either a classroom, online or virtual course which teaches students the PRINCE2 methodology – a de facto standard for project management in the UK.A PRINCE2 Foundation course teaches students the PRINCE2 method and terminology. A PRINCE2 Practitioner course teaches students how to apply PRINCE2.
To get PRINCE2 certified we recommend you attend a PRINCE 2 course (either classroom or virtual) or study a PRINCE2 online course.If you hold one of these qualifications, you can sit the Practitioner exam straightaway:
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
  • IPMA Levels A® to D®.
Our PRINCE2 course London venue is: 14 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6AX. It is the same venue for both weekday and weekend PRINCE2 courses.
We like to think our PRINCE2 courses are the best in London, but you’d be foolish to take our word for it. Instead read what our students say about our PRINCE2 training London by reading their Google reviews.
A PRINCE 2 course is accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS. A PeopleCert PRINCE2 course means the course has been accredited and meets the quality standards set down by PeopleCert.
All our PRINCE2 training courses include the PRINCE2 exam.Our Foundation PRINCE2 training includes the PRINCE2 manual. If you only take the Practitioner PRINCE2 training though you need to bring the manual you were given on the Foundation course.
No. Attending a PRINCE course is not obligatory. You can self-study and sit your exam with PeopleCert. Most students however choose to take either a classroom or online PRINCE 2 course because it is more structured than learning oneself.
Our students come from all over the UK including London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Slough, Plymouth, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Blackburn, London, Glasgow, Aberdeen.
This table shows PRINCE2 exam pass rates by our students since 2013, and the UK national average pass rate during the same period.
ExamKnowledge Train studentsUK national average
PRINCE2 Foundation99%97%
PRINCE2 Practitioner83%73%
As the table shows, students find PRINCE2 Practitioner harder than Foundation. That is not surprising since the exam challenges a candidate’s ability to apply PRINCE2 rather than simply remember knowledge.Knowledge Train’s great PRINCE2 pass rates are due to several factors:
  • Great training materials – these are designed to enable students to only learn what they need to know
  • Brilliant trainers – the skill and experience of our dedicated PRINCE2 trainers means they know the best ways to prepare you for your exams
  • Diversity – being in London we welcome students of all backgrounds and languages. Our training allows for students who are not native English speakers so that they can sit their exam with extra time.