PRINCE2 Agile resources

For this article we have curated the best resources about PRINCE2 Agile, including those from Keith Richards, the author of PRINCE2 Agile, and an agile thought-leader in the UK.
PRINCE2 Agile resources

PRINCE2 Agile videos

In this section there are recordings of videos with Keith Richards (lead author of PRINCE2 Agile) and Andrew Kell, expert consultant in PRINCE2 Agile.

AgilePM vs PRINCE2 Agile

In this video, Keith Richards (Lead Author of PRINCE2 Agile and Lead Author of AgilePM) explains the two different agile project management frameworks.

AgilePM vs PRINCE2 Agile

What is in PRINCE2 Agile for you

In this webinar, Keith Richards explains what PRINCE2 Agile is and what is in it for you. The presentation used in the video can be downloaded by clicking the link.

What’s in PRINCE2 Agile and what’s in it for you

PRINCE2 embraces Agile

In this webinar from around the launch of PRINCE2 Agile in 2015, Keith Richards talks about PRINCE2 Agile, the rationale for combining PRINCE2 with Agile, and the respective strengths of PRINCE2 and Agile. He also answered lots of questions about PRINCE2 Agile from the audience.

PRINCE2 embraces Agile

PRINCE2 Agile webinar

For those people who are new to PRINCE2 Agile and want to learn what it is, and the benefits it can bring, watch this webinar recording of PRINCE Agile expert Andew Kell talking about blending PRINCE2 with Agile.

Blending PRINCE2 with Agile

PRINCE2 Agile articles and PDFs

In this section there are articles and presentations, some of which you can download as PDFs by following the links provided.

PRINCE2 Agile and careers

This article explains how PRINCE2 Agile is a good qualification to aim for if you are working in an agile context and wanting to apply PRINCE2.

How getting a PRINCE2 Agile qualification can help your career

Improving project delivery with PRINCE2 Agile

In this presentation delivered to the British Computer Society (BCS) Agile Methods Specialist Group in January 2018, Keith Richards explores PRINCE2 Agile and explains how to use it in the best way for organisations. The following page also provides a PDF download of Keith’s presentation.

How PRINCE2 Agile improves project delivery

PRINCE2 Agile book review

The PRINCE2 Agile manual is the definitive source for PRINCE2 Agile. The book provides comprehensive guidance to applying PRINCE2 in an agile context. The book forms the official manual for PRINCE2 Agile accredited training, and its content forms the basis the PRINCE2 Agile examinations.

PRINCE2 Agile book review

PRINCE2 Agile glossary

This PRINCE2 Agile glossary contains a comprehensive set of PRINCE2 Agile terms and more generic agile terms.

PRINCE2 Agile glossary

PRINCE2 Agile vs PRINCE2 comparison

This article compares PRINCE2 and Agile and also compares PRINCE2 with PRINCE2 Agile.

PRINCE2 vs Agile or PRINCE2 Agile?

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam questions

These free exam questions and answers have been prepared to help students preparing for their exam for PRINCE2 Agile Foundation.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam questions with answers

PRINCE2 Agile frequently asked questions

View lots of FAQs about PRINCE2 Agile.

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