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Agile Project Management training coursesAgile project management training - cutting edge, lean, exciting and agile

The future of projects is agile - or at least it is if you work in the IT, creative or marketing industries. What's been missing from agile until now is a set of robust project management processes to help manage your agile project. It's now arrived and it's here on this agile project management course.

AgilePM Foundation course

Agile Project Management Foundation course

This 3 day Agile Project Management Foundation course has an impressive 100% exam pass rate. Perfect for creatives types and tech gurus who work on, or support, agile projects.

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AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner

Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner course

This 4 day Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner course has a superb 99% exam pass rate. Highly recommended for creatives and techies looking to manage agile projects.

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Agile Project Management training
Agile Project Management training

Agile Project Management (AgilePM) certification

Agile methods focus on rapid delivery of working software to customers. Agile methods emphasise customer collaboration, flexibility, incremental delivery and an interactive working environment. But because Agile methods are not project management methodologies they do not address typical project management concerns.

So, whilst agile methods have become widespread in the software and creative industries, they must be married to project management methodologies if they are to truly benefit customers and help to realize a return on investment. That’s where Agile project management comes in.

Agile Project Management (AgilePM) courses offer accredited and widely recognised certification for individuals who manage or support agile projects. All our AgilePM courses are accredited by APMG-International, the owners of AgilePM. APMG-International produce the syllabus and guidelines that we strictly adhere to.

We offer 2 levels of Agile Project Management certification:

AgilePM Foundation certification

You can obtain AgilePM Foundation certification by attending our 3-day weekday or weekend AgilePM Foundation course. Both courses take place at our London venue and include the AgilePM Foundation exam.

Who is this for?

Our AgilePM Foundation course will equip you with the core principles required for successful agile project delivery. It is therefore suitable for anyone aspiring to work on agile projects or currently working on such projects.

If you need to learn the fundamental AgilePM techniques and terminology, or wish to formalise your existing knowledge with accredited certification, then this course is ideal for you.

AgilePM Foundation exam

The AgilePM Foundation course includes a 1 hour AgilePM Foundation exam. You will get your results straight after the exam. Our pass rate for this exam is 99%.

AgilePM Practitioner certification

If you require the higher AgilePM Practitioner qualification, you can obtain this by attending our 4-day weekday or 3-day weekend AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner course.

Both courses take place at our London venue and include the AgilePM Foundation and AgilePM Practitioner exams.

Who is this for?

The AgilePM Practitioner qualification is ideal for anyone currently managing, or wanting to manage agile projects. It builds on the principles learned at Foundation level and provides a highly respected qualification for your CV.

If you’re already managing agile projects, this certification formalises your existing knowledge. You’ll also learn new skills for work. Similarly, if you want to change careers and start managing agile projects, then this course and qualification is ideal.

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

Our AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner courses include both the AgilePM Foundation exam and AgilePM Practitioner exam. The Practitioner exam lasts 2.5 hours and results are provided same day.

Our pass rate for this exam is 99%.


Are your trainers experienced?

Absolutely they are!

Firstly, all of our Agile Project Management trainers have been accredited by APMG-International (the AgilePM accreditation body) to ensure they have the appropriate AgilePM training and/or agile project management experience.

Secondly, we only employ trainers who have plenty of real-world agile project management experience AND are good at training. When we select our trainers, we choose only those who have a passion for agile project management training and helping others to learn.

What's included in the price?

Everything except your lunch! For the Agile Project Management training, this means your exam fees and sample exams are included, alongside the official manual and course materials. You also have unlimited tea, coffee, water, biscuits and free Wi-Fi.

Where are your AgilePM courses held?

Currently we only offer Agile Project Management training in London. Check our web site for the exact location.

Is there homework?

You can expect to spend about 2 hours completing homework during each evening on the AgilePM course. The homework consists of revision and practising sample exams.

What is the pre-course reading?

There is no pre-course reading required for Agile Project Management courses.

I use a wheelchair. Can I get access to an exam venue?

This depends upon the venue. Please call us to check whether wheelchair access is provided.

How long does it take to get my exam results?

Your trainer will mark your AgilePM Foundation exams during class, and will usually give you your score within an hour or so of the exam finishing. For the AgilePM Practitioner exam, your paper will be electronically scanned for same-day results.

I have trouble writing for long periods due to a medical condition. What can I do?

Talk to us beforehand about any existing medical condition which you have. We can contact the accreditation body to ask their advice on whether extra time can be given in the exam. For example, if you are dyslexic and have a certificate from a doctor, extra exam time can be given. It’s always best to discuss this before you book your training.

Can you deliver this course onsite at my company's premises?

Yes. All our Agile Project Management courses are available as in-house courses. Please call us and speak with our representatives to discuss the pricing.

What time does the training begin?

Our Agile Project Management courses start at 9:30am each morning and continues until 5:00pm. If you require further details, please call us.

How long do courses last for?

The AgilePM Foundation training lasts for 3 days, Monday to Wednesday.

The AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner training lasts for 4 days, Monday to Thursday.

If you choose to do the AgilePM Foundation or AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner weekend courses, each course last 3 days, Saturday to Sunday, with the following Saturday being your exam day.

Does the course include exams?

All our Agile Project Management training courses include your exams.

The AgilePM Foundation course consists of one exam taken on the Wednesday afternoon of your course.

The AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner course also includes a further exam – the AgilePM Practitioner exam which is taken on the Thursday afternoon.

When will I get my certificate?

If you pass your Agile Project Management exams your certificate will be available for download about 5 working days from the date of the exam.

I have no experience of project management. Is this course the right course for me?

This course is ideal for project managers and support staff who work on agile projects. It is also recommended for people in other roles who need to learn agile project management methods.

This course is also suitable if you are aspiring to work on agile projects. The AgilePM qualification will look great on your CV alongside some relevant work experience, and will certainly boost your career prospects.

Are there any prerequisites for your AgilePM courses?

No, there are no prerequisites for our Agile Project Management courses, but if you wish to sit the Practitioner exam, then you must have already passed the Foundation exam.

How long does the qualification last?

Both the AgilePM Foundation and AgilePM Practitioner qualifications last forever.

Will this qualification help me to get a job?

To kick-start a project management career, AgilePM is an excellent qualification to have.

Many companies within the IT, software development, digital marketing and creative industries use agile techniques to manage their projects. They are increasingly looking for project staff with Agile Project Management professional qualifications such as AgilePM.

A CV with this qualification and some experience managing or supporting agile projects will certainly impress employers and put you on the right track to success.

Are there any example exam questions?

Yes – as part of your course you will be given access to 1 full sample AgilePM Foundation and/or 1 full AgilePM Practitioner sample exam paper.

How well known is the AgilePM framework?

AgilePM is recognised globally. Within the IT and creative industries, agile techniques are commonly used to manage projects and deliver products successfully. Agile methods have been adopted in organisations throughout the world in both the public and private sectors.

Is the course aimed at any particular type of project?

Agile Project Management can be applied to all types of project. Agile methods are more common in the IT and creative industries, but there is evidence to show these methods are gaining a following within other industries too.

What's the difference between the Foundation and Practitioner examinations?

Both exams are multiple choice exams. The Foundation exam lasts for 40 minutes, and it tests candidates have enough knowledge of AgilePM to act as an informed member of an agile project team.

The Practitioner exam lasts for 2.5 hours, but is an open book exam and tests candidates on their ability to apply the method to a particular project scenario. To pass either exam, you will need to get at a score of at least 50%.

Are the exams difficult?

You’ll be pleased to know that both exams are multiple choice. Out of the two exams, the AgilePM Foundation exam is more straightforward. The AgilePM Practitioner exam requires you to apply your knowledge to a specific project scenario, so is more of a challenge.

However, thorough exam preparation is a crucial part of Knowledge Train’s Agile Project Management course, so you’ll be ready to tackle those questions when attending one of our Agile Project Management training courses!

Upcoming courses

AgilePM Foundation

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This course at a glance

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: London
  • Hours: 9:30-17:00
  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Pre-course: 1 hour
  • Exam: included
  • Results: same day
  • Pass rates: 99%
  • Class size: small
  • Accredited: Yes
  • PMI PDUs awarded: 16

AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner

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This course at a glance

  • Duration:
    weekday: 4 days; weekend: 3 days
  • Location: London
  • Hours: 9:30-17:00
  • Pre-requisite: none
  • Pre-course: 1 hour
  • Exams: included
  • Results: same day
  • Pass rates:
    Foundation: 99%; Practitioner: 99%
  • Class size: small
  • Accredited: yes
  • PMI PDUs awarded: 24