Kotter change management

John Kotter wrote a book called “Leading Change.” He elaborated in detail how to manage change through his strategic 8-step model.
Kotter change management


Kotter change management model.

The Kotter change model is suitable for large change initiatives in complex organisations and is one of the many valuable change models covered in these change management courses.

Kotter change curve

Kotter’s model helps employees at all levels in an organization participate in change. This inclusivity is one of its primary features.

The Kotter change curve has 8 steps:

1. Establishing a sense of urgency

The first step is informing top management and key managers of the need for change. They must believe that the proposed change is essential for the organisation’s survival.

2. Creating a guiding coalition

A guiding coalition consists of a team that has the authority and influence to lead the change initiative. A coalition must have:

  • A common goal
  • Good level of trust
  • Individuals with credibility
  • Dependable change leaders

3. Developing a vision and strategy

The vision describes the new state that the organisation aims to achieve. To meet this vision, teams work together and develop a strategy.

4. Communicating the change vision

This step requires change leaders to explain the vision to those affected by the change initiative. You can use a combination of different channels. Examples of communication channels are:

  • Training
  • Awareness sessions
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring

5. Empowering employees

Employees need to feel that their contribution matters to the change initiative. When they are ready, change leaders need to make sure there are no interruptions.

6. Generating short-term wins

Small achievements in the change plan must be celebrated. They are considered progressive milestones. Individuals and teams should be rewarded for accomplishments. This encourages further achievements.

7. Consolidating gains and producing more change

When you apply new changes, you need to sustain them. Kotter suggests ensuring the guiding coalition is always active, delivering change continuously. Project management and programme management disciplines help a lot in this matter.

8. Anchoring new approaches in the culture

Organisational culture must be aligned with the change initiative. Failing to do so risks reverting to old practices. Here you can highlight the positive outcomes of change as a way of helping to surpass the old culture.

Kotter change management infographic

The Kotter change curve has been summarised on this colourful infographic.

Kotter change curve infographic.

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