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DevOps Foundation certification

This certification enables you to showcase your knowledge of the latest DevOps thinking, principles, and practices.

DevOps Foundation certification shows a candidate’s understanding of DevOps, including communication, collaboration, integration, and automation techniques to improve workflow between software developers and IT operations professionals.

Accreditation Accreditation: DevOps Institute
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
classroom self-paced Format: Live or virtual classroom
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More about DevOps certification

DevOps basic certification

The DevOps Institutes’ DevOps Foundation certification forms the core of all intermediate and advanced DevOps training.

This course has no prerequisites and does not require any coding knowledge, making it ideal for beginners.

Candidates who successfully earn their DevOps Foundation certification will be well prepared to take the more advanced courses offered by the DevOps Institute.

Many certifications are available, each targeting a specific audience with different learning outcomes.

For more information, please see below.

DevOps certifications

The DevOps Institute offers the following DevOps certifications.

DevOps Foundation certification

The DevOps Foundation certification tests your basic understanding of essential DevOps practices, DevOps culture, behaviours, operating models, and more.

DevOps Leader (DOL)

The DevOps Leader certification tests your knowledge of data-driven decision-making and measurable, value-driven outcomes for the DevOps journey.

DevSecOps Engineering (DSOE)

This certification tests your understanding of how to develop software that is secure by design. You must also demonstrate your ability to meet security, compliance, legal and regulatory requirements by creating working relationships between security professionals and developers.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

This certification tests your understanding of how production services work. You must demonstrate how to balance technical investment in reliability and customer experience and the operational impact of services in development teams.

Continuous Testing

This certification tests your understanding of how well-engineered DevOps test environments accelerate releases, improve quality, and reduce waste. You must demonstrate how to use testing results to help align teams for greater efficiency and satisfaction.

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem

This certification tests your understanding of how well-architected continuous delivery pipelines yield better business results. You must demonstrate how to design more mature and faster software release processes.

What is the best DevOps certification?

The DevOps Institute offers a multi-tiered, structured certification scheme for DevOps professionals. Depending upon where you are in your DevOps career, any of the following certifications might help accelerate your DevOps career.

DevOps Foundation

Understand basic DevOps concepts, principles, and practices to help your organisation deliver high-quality software solutions quickly, exceed customer expectations, and outpace competitors.

DevOps Leader

Lead your organisation’s DevOps evolution with new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership.

DevSecOps Engineering

Prevent data breaches and grow your teams’ knowledge on data privacy regulations. DevSecOps Foundation helps your team to prioritise security and compliance measures into everyday workflows.

Site Reliability Engineering Foundation and Practitioner

Improve service reliability and system resiliency in rapidly changing and more complex tech environments.

Certified Agile Service Manager

Learn how Agile Service Management and culture can strengthen and secure your processes to deliver greater business performance, rate of revenue and profit growth.

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation

Let your teams focus on vision while pipelines do the execution. Discover how successful Continuous Delivery leads to increased velocity.

Continuous Testing Foundation

Minimise risk. Continuous Testing enables faster, higher-quality releases and reduced costs.