MSP training courses

Programme management training courses (London)

MSP programme management training coursesGain programme management certification and the skills to manage and support programmes

Our programme management training courses (MSP) help you learn key programme management skills to bring about change and realize strategic benefits for your organization. Experienced trainers guide you through the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) course in readiness for your exams.

MSP Foundation

MSP Foundation course

This 3 day Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Foundation course has an excellent 100% pass rate. Perfect for anyone supporting a programme who needs to understand the basics.

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MSP Practitioner

MSP Foundation & Practitioner course

This 5 day Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Foundation & Practitioner course has a superb 90% pass rate. We’ll get you qualified and ready to start managing programmes in no time.

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MSP training
MSP training

MSP certification

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is the world’s most popular programme management methodology. It’s part of the best management practice product set which was developed by the UK government over the last 2 decades. It comes from the same product set as MSP.

MSP is used by organizations which need to coordinate and manage groups of related projects in order to realize strategic benefits for their organizations. The most famous example or a programme which was managed using MSP was the London 2012 Olympic programme.

MSP certification

We offer MSP certification at 2 levels:

MSP Foundation certification

You can obtain your MSP Foundation certification by taking 3 day MSP training course in London. The training comes with the MSP Foundation exam. The course is accredited by PEOPLECERT so it meets the quality standards defined by the accreditation body PEOPLECERT. All our accredited MSP training courses must comply with the syllabus which is written by AXELOS, the owners of MSP.

Who is this for?

This course is ideal if you’re new to programme management and/or MSP and if you work on, or would like to begin working on programmes. This includes programme support staff, project managers, change managers and experts working within a programme office who need to know learn the MSP framework and terminology to use on their own programmes.

By the end of one of our Foundation-level MSP training courses you’ll have gained an understanding of the MSP programme management framework, its terminology and how to act as an informed member of a programme team which uses MSP.

If you provide support on programmes, or would like to move into a programme support office role, this qualification is ideal.

MSP Foundation exam

All of our Foundation-level MSP training courses comes with a 1 hour MSP Foundation exam. For students taking our Foundation MSP courses the pass rate for this exam is 99%. You’ll get your results straightaway after the exam.

Passing the MSP Foundation exam is a pre-requisite for obtaining the higher level MSP Practitioner certification.

MSP Practitioner certification

You can obtain your MSP Practitioner certification by any of the following London-based MSP training options. If you already have your MSP Foundation certification:

  • Attend a 2 day classroom weekday Practitioner MSP training course

Or, if you haven’t already obtained your MSP certification at Foundation level, there is only one available training option:

Both the above accredited courses, come with the MSP Practitioner exam and the syllabus for each study option is the same.

Who is this for?

MSP Practitioner is highly sought after by employers when hiring programme managers and programme support staff. MSP Practitioner certification builds upon the programme management knowledge which you gained at Foundation level and shows that you are able to apply MSP on non-complex programmes.

The roles which can directly benefit from this training includes programme support staff, project managers, change managers and experts working within a programme office who need to know how to apply MSP to their own programmes.

MSP Practitioner certification is a great career booster and is ideal if you’re getting involved in more programme-related work, looking to find new skills to apply at work, or are looking to move into programme management.

If your CV already boasts project management experience, then programme is the next logical career choice for you.

MSP Practitioner exam

At the end of your MSP Practitioner course you’ll take a 2.5 hour MSP Practitioner exam. For students taking our MSP training the pass rate for this exam is 90%.


Are your trainers experienced?

Absolutely they are!

Firstly, all of our MSP trainers have been accredited by PEOPLECERT (one of the MSP accreditation bodies) to ensure they have the appropriate MSP and/or programme management experience.

Secondly, we only employ trainers who have plenty of real-world project management experience AND are good at training. When we select our trainers, we choose only those who have a passion for MSP and helping others to learn.

What's included in the price?

Everything except your lunch! For the MSP training, this means your exam fees and sample exams are included, alongside the official manual, course materials and pre-course study. You also have unlimited tea, coffee, water and biscuits and free Wi-Fi.

Where are your MSP courses held?

Currently we only offer MSP training in London. Check our web site for the exact location.

Is there homework?

You can expect to spend about 2 hours completing homework during each evening on the MSP course. The homework consists of revision and practising sample exams.

What is the pre-course reading?

The pre-course reading for MSP takes 14 hours to complete, and consists of a workbook and course manual sent out to you before the training.

I use a wheelchair. Can I get access to an exam venue?

This depends upon the venue. Please call us to check whether wheelchair access is provided.

How long does it take to get my exam results?

Your trainer will mark your MSP Foundation exams during class, and will usually give you your score within an hour or so of the exam finishing. For the MSP Practitioner exam, your paper will be electronically scanned for same-day results.

I have trouble writing for long periods due to a medical condition. What can I do?

Talk to us beforehand about any existing medical condition which you have. We can contact the accreditation body to ask their advice on whether extra time can be given in the exam. For example, if you are dyslexic and have a certificate from a doctor, extra exam time can be given. It’s always best to discuss this before you book your training.

Can you deliver this course onsite at my company's premises?

Yes. All our MSP training is available as in-house training. Please call us and speak with our representatives to discuss the pricing.

What time does the training begin?

Our MSP training starts at 9:30am each morning and continues until 5:30pm, except on the fifth day, when it finishes at 3:00pm. If you require further details, please call us.

How long do courses last for?

The MSP Foundation training lasts for 3 days, Monday to Wednesday.

The MSP Foundation & Practitioner training lasts for 5 days, Monday to Friday.

Does the course include exams?

All our MSP training courses include your exams.

The MSP Foundation course consists of one exam taken on the Wednesday afternoon of your course.

The MSP Foundation & Practitioner course also includes a further exam – the MSP Practitioner exam which is taken on the Friday afternoon.

When will I get my certificate?

If you pass you MSP exams your certificate will be available for download about 3 working days from the date of the exam.

I have no experience of programme management. Is this course the right course for me?

This course is ideal for programme support staff, project managers, change managers and experts working within a programme office who need to know how to apply MSP to their own programmes.

It is also suited to people such as programme managers and senior responsible owners who want to take a higher level qualification, such as Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner.

Are there any prerequisites for your MSP courses?

No, there are no prerequisites for our MSP courses, but if you wish to sit the Practitioner exam, then you must have already passed the Foundation exam.

How long does the qualification last?

The MSP Foundation qualification lasts forever. However, to retain your MSP Practitioner status, you will need to sit a re-registration exam between 3-5 years of passing your initial exam. This would also ensure your knowledge of MSP is up-to-date.

Will this qualification help me to get a job?

To kick-start a programme management career, MSP is an excellent qualification to have, alongside the necessary experience in managing or supporting projects or programmes.

Managing programmes requires much expertise and knowledge, and many people enter the field after building up their experience in a project management role first, or even as a management consultant or change manager.

It is wise to combine MSP with a qualification such as PRINCE2, which will prove you also have the necessary project management knowledge, and you will find that many MSP students are already PRINCE2 certified.

Are there any example exam questions?

Yes – as part of your pre-course study and homework you will be given access to 2 full sample MSP Foundation and/or and MSP Practitioner exam papers.

How well known is the MSP framework?

MSP is a globally recognised methodology. MSP practices have been adopted in organisations throughout the world in both the public and private sectors. MSP was successfully used to manage the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Is the course aimed at any particular type of programme?

MSP can be applied to all types of programme, regardless of the industry or sector.

What's the difference between the Foundation and Practitioner examinations?

Both exams are multiple choice exams. The Foundation exam lasts for 1 hour, and it test candidates have enough knowledge and understanding of MSP to interact with those managing a programme, or act as an informed member of the programme team.

The Practitioner exam lasts for 2.5 hours, but has different styles of multiple choice question, and tests candidates on their ability to apply the method to a particular project scenario. To pass either exam, you will need to get at a score of at least 50%.

Are the exams difficult?

You’ll be pleased to know that both exams are multiple choice. Out of the two exams, the MSP Foundation exam is more straightforward. The MSP Practitioner exam requires you to apply your knowledge to a specific programme scenario, so is more of a challenge.

However, thorough exam preparation is a crucial part of Knowledge Train’s MSP course, so you’ll be ready to tackle those questions when attending one of our MSP training courses!