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APMG Change Management Foundation course

Take your first steps into change leadership with an APMG Change Management Foundation course.

You will learn to identify and understand the different types of change processes, the roles required to manage change successfully, and how to help staff adapt to change initiatives.

This course includes the APMG Change Management Foundation exam.

Accreditation Accreditation: APMG
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
location Location: London or online
classroom virtual classroom Format: Live or virtual classroom, or self-paced online
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APMG Change Management Practitioner course

Practitioner certification is for those wanting to assume a leadership position and help businesses prepare for an organisational change initiative.

You will learn how to apply appropriate frameworks to effectively plan and understand organisational change, build an effective change team, motivate staff, and much more!

A Practitioner course is for people already certified at Change Management Foundation level.

Both Foundation and Practitioner courses can be combined into a single combined Foundation and Practitioner course. Click for more details.

Includes the APMG Change Management Practitioner exam.

Accreditation Accreditation: APMG
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: APMG Change Management Foundation
location Location: London or online
classroom virtual classroom Format: Live or virtual classroom, or self-paced online

More about APMG Change Management

APMG Change Management certification

UK Change Management certification

Global accreditation body

APMG International is a global accreditation and examination institute.

The APMG certification scheme provides exams, and accreditation services which enable organisations and professionals to maximize their effectiveness in change initiatives.

As a global accreditation body and examination institute, APMG ensures accredited training providers provide excellent standards of service.

UK accreditation

APMG is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) – the UK’s sole National Accreditation Body.

UKAS is renowned for its rigorous standards – influencing APMG’s approach to accreditation, training, and professional qualifications.

High quality courses

Knowledge Train and its trainers have been accredited by APMG as having the competencies to deliver APMG Change Management certification courses and exams.

By taking an APMG International Change Management Foundation and/or Practitioner course with Knowledge Train you can be satisfied that our course materials and trainers meet the highest standards set by APMG.

APMG Change Management courses

Based on the CMBoK

APMG Change Management courses are some of the best, most practical, and useful training schemes available.

APMG Change Management courses are based on the ‘Effective Change Manager’s Handbook’ – drawn from the Change Management Institute’s own Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK).

APMG Change Management training courses are broad, and look at a wide variety of tools, approaches, and situations. Courses explore how change affects individuals, teams, organizations, and change leaders.

Core disciplines

APMG Change Management certifications focus on 4 core disciplines:

  • Change and individual reactions to change
  • Change and organizational change
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management practices, tools, and techniques.


APMG Change Management training equips you with the knowledge, theories, and techniques to:

  • Unlock resistance to change
  • Provide effective support and motivation to individuals and teams to embrace change
  • Draw from a range of professional approaches to implement change smoothly and effectively
  • Manage and inform key stakeholders throughout the change process
  • Speed up the implementation of change initiatives.

Online APMG Change Management exams

If you take either an APMG Change Management course or APMG Change Management online course, you will be required to sit your exam(s) online.

To sit your exam online you must have a webcam, stable internet connection, proof of identification, and a quiet space to work.

You can book your exam at any time.

How much do APMG change management exam cost?

Your APMG Change Management exam cost is already included in the cost of your course.

APMG Change Management Foundation

APMG Change Management Foundation certification

This certification tests candidates on their knowledge of the basic principles for achieving a successful transformation.

It is suitable for those actively involved in organisational transformation projects or programs and those wishing to begin a career as a dedicated change manager.

To gain this certification, you will need to pass the exam. The format of the exam is:

  • Questions: 50 multiple-choice
  • Pass mark: 25/50 (50%)
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Style: Closed book.

After passing the APMG Change Management Practitioner exam, you will receive a digital badge from APMG. This allows you to showcase your achievements online. In addition, employers can easily view and verify your credentials and skills.

APMG Change Management Foundation sample question

Here is a sample exam question:

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What represents the need for an orderly, secure world?

  • a) Safety
  • b) Love
  • c) Esteem
  • d) Self-actualisation

The correct answer is a)

APMG Change Management Practitioner

APMG Change Management Practitioner certification

This certification tests candidates on their knowledge and ability to apply advanced change management methods and tools to drive organisational change. It builds on concepts first covered in the Foundation certification.

This certification is suited to experienced change managers, those who have already completed a Foundation certification and those wishing to pursue an advanced change management qualification.

To gain certification, you need to pass the Practitioner exam. The format of the exam is:

  • Questions: 4 objective questions based on a case study scenario
  • Pass mark: 40/80 (50%) or more marks to pass
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Style: Open book.

After passing the APMG Change Management Practitioner exam, you will be well-placed to work as a business change manager. You will also receive a digital badge from APMG.

APMG Change Management Practitioner sample question

Here is a sample exam question:

Which is MOST likely to begin a good learning objective?

  • a) Full attendance at the training course will demonstrate …
  • b) When the training is complete, participants will be able to …
  • c) Enthusiastic participation in the training will enable the learner to …
  • d) The abilities of the learner will limit the scope of what is to be learned …

The correct answer is b)