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By on 24 Oct 2018

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The client company (Group) is the global leader in airline catering, retail-on-board and airline hospitality products/services. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, they deliver operational excellence through the largest catering network in the aviation industry, serving more than 500 million passengers annually from over 200 operating units in 60+ countries across all continents.


Towards the end of 2017, the Senior Leadership Team agreed that most of the operational activity in the organisation is delivered through projects. However, the organisation did not have a consistent approach to project management. Despite their ability to provide superior service to their clients, the lack of a standard project management methodology and relevant skills resulted in stressed projects. Delivering quality solutions with aggressive time, budget and human resource constraints was becoming increasingly difficult. This was an especially important realisation given the growing number of projects in the Group.

The Talent and Engagement Manager was tasked with finding an appropriate specialist training organisation that they could partner with to provide a bespoke project management methodology and supporting training to their teams. Knowledge Train® was delighted to be successful in our bid, and we nominated our associate Project Management Consultant – Emanuela Giangregorio – to deliver the assignment.


First, we had to establish an understanding of the types of projects, tools and processes at the client organisation. It was also important to understand their governance culture, so that the methodology was a good fit for the organisation. We then created a bespoke project management methodology for them and supporting course material.

The course equipped delegates with full life-cycle project management techniques. It was structured as a 1½-day course split into two sessions – 1 full day and half a day approximately four weeks later.

During the first session, delegates spent a full day using the methodology’s tools and templates to practice on real-life projects in the Group. The objectives of this session were to coach participants to:

  • develop a consistent approach to project management across the Group;
  • understand the key phases and principles of project management; and
  • understand how to utilise a set of templates that everyone can use to scale up or down depending on the project.

Scalability was a key word, as it was important for course participants to understand which elements would be mandatory for any project, and which elements would be used depending on the size and significance of the project.

The half-day session was used to follow-up with participants to discuss what they had used so far, answer their specific questions about the use of the tools and templates, and provide additional skills (completing an investment appraisal and influencing without authority).

Outcome and feedback

Following a very successful pilot programme in Luton in February 2018, a further two training programmes took place between February and May 2018 – one in Kista near Stockholm and one in Luton.

Not all the participants were able to use the tools immediately as they were either between projects or wrapping up projects. However, those that had started using some of the tools and techniques reported how this had saved them time, improved project productivity, created clarity and even had a positive impact on motivation.

It was good to mix lectures and exercises. This kept me engaged. I also liked that we could use our own projects for the case studies, as this gave them more detail. It’s also good that we did it all with no special systems to support it. I learnt new tools that will help at work.
Sara F
The course provided very good insight into project management language and the techniques used to implement a project successfully from start to end. It also equipped you to keep logs that can be useful and help save time for future projects. The mix of lectures and group participation certainly made the course more interesting.
Anil J
A very useful course given the time allocated to it. Very good presenter who covered lots of material with excellent pace. Excellent course, thank you!
Rami N

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