All project management courses are now available as either virtual classroom training or as self-paced online courses.
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Change Management Training Courses with Exams (London)

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Change is unavoidable in today’s business world.

Managing change is essential for all organizations. Effective change management requires leadership and robust and proven best practice approaches. Successful change must also overcome resistance to change.

Change Management training helps you learn the best practices and strategies to become an effective manager of change.

These virtual classroom training courses are run by experienced Change Management instructors so they’re like a classroom course but you participate from home.


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Choose a Change Management course

Practitioner class.

Foundation & Practitioner course

4.5-day training with Foundation & Practitioner exams. Students learn to prepare and apply change processes. Suitable for experienced managers initiating and executing change programs.

Format: Virtual classroom.
Course code: CMFP.
Location: Online.

Study a 5-day Change Management course. Ideal for Change Managers.

Change Management training course.

Foundation course

3-day training with Foundation exam. Students learn an overview of theories, methodologies, processes and strategies. Suitable for those who are starting as change managers or involved in a change program.

Format: Virtual classroom.
Course code: CMF.
Location: Online.

Study a 3-day Change Management course. Ideal for Change Managers.

Change Management training course.

Foundation online course

Get your Change Management Foundation certification by studying online. This online learning covers the same topics as the classroom course. Online exam is included. Works on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Format: Online.
Course code: CMFO.
Duration: 10-12 hours.

Buy online Change Management course.

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