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Agile business analyst – a growing role

By Simon Buehring on 20 Mar 2020

Agile Business Analyst


Business analysts have worked on projects for many years. Agile business analyst roles are becoming more widely advertised. So, what’s the difference, and how can you become an agile business analyst?

What is an agile business analyst?

An agile business analyst (Agile BA) is a business analyst who works on projects using agile methodologies. These methodologies are based upon:

  • Adaptive planning;
  • Early delivery;
  • Responding to change quickly and easily;
  • Empowerment of people at the right levels;
  • Continuous improvement.

Agile business analysts require certain attributes such as:

  • Business-oriented;
  • Eagerness;
  • Empathy;
  • Flexibility;
  • Goal-oriented;
  • Innovation;
  • Leadership.

How to become an agile business analyst

The steps in becoming an agile business analyst are similar to the steps in becoming a business analyst. In addition you need to develop a range of agile business analyst skills.

Agile business analyst skills

To become an Agile BA you need to develop the skills below or enhance them by extra training:

  • The ability to see the big picture and identify possible solutions;
  • An understanding of the agile development process;
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • An understanding of the industry involving the project;
  • The ability to accept changes throughout the project;
  • Team-building skills;
  • Multi-tasking skills.

Agile business analyst certification

A training course in agile business analysis, like AgileBA®, combines both business analysis techniques and agile methodologies in one Agile Business Analysis qualification

Agile business analysis is a growing area as more companies utilise the benefits of agile development methods on their projects.

Getting a qualification such as the AgileBA® can help enhance your resume/CV and distinguish yourself in the job market.

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