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Scrum is a development framework

Scrum is a development framework, initially designed for use in start-ups to develop complex products. It’s the best-known Agile method.

Scrum is Agile

Like all Agile methods, Scrum evolved from the software industry. Its 2 creators – Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland – first presented Scrum at a conference in 1995. Since then Scrum has evolved and it became officially documented in the Scrum Guide in 2009.

In 2002, Ken Schwaber and others founded the Scrum Alliance which launched professional Scrum accreditation. In 2009 Schwaber left Scrum Alliance to found

Scrum certification

Scrum certification has become ubiquitous in the software industry. It is also growing in other creative industries such as marketing.

Choosing the best Scrum certification requires you to review the different Scrum certification bodies and evaluate the qualifications and criteria for each. The most popular qualification is Scrum Master certification.

Depending upon which awarding body you choose, Scrum Master certification is often available at different levels.

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