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Help your career blossom with a bargain AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner course. Click here to book.Help your career blossom with a bargain AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner course. Click here to book.

Agile Project Management training with professional certification

This Agile Project Management course provides the one thing missing from agile methods - project management. Cutting edge, flexible ways to manage agile projects are vital if you're working on agile projects. Agile Project Management certification can also boost your career and CV.

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This course at a glance

  • Duration:
    weekday: 4 days; weekend: 3 days
  • Location: London
  • Hours: 9:30-17:00
  • Pre-requisite: none
  • Pre-course: 1 hour
  • Exams: included
  • Results: same day for Foundation
  • Pass rates: Foundation: 100%
    Practitioner: 99%
  • Class size: small
  • Accredited: yes
  • PMI PDUs awarded: 24

Course details

This accredited Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner training course offers students accreditation in the world’s first Agile Project Management qualifications – the AgilePM® Foundation & Practitioner certificates.

It is designed to help students develop both the knowledge and skills required to work on an agile project and develop the understanding to apply the guidance on an agile project. The course is designed to equip students with the competence to begin working as an agile project manager on a non-complex project.

Students will sit 2 examinations, and on passing will receive an Agile Project Management Practitioner certificate.

The Agile Project Management guidance used in the course is based upon DSDM’s Agile Project Framework (AgilePF) a leading and proven agile approach.

Why this qualification?

The demand for agile project managers grows daily. As more and more organizations understand the benefits of using agile, they require people with the knowledge and understanding of how to manage agile projects.

The AgilePM Foundation course enables students to be able to recognise and distinguish between the key elements of the approach. The Practitioner part of the course focuses on equipping students with the competencies to begin to apply the guidance and to begin working as an agile project manager on non-complex projects.

By passing both the Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner exams you will be showing employers that you understand the key principles and terminology within the Agile Management Foundation guidance. It also means that you will be able to understand:

  • How to apply the guidance in a project situation
  • Configure the lifecycle of an agile project to a given scenario
  • Produce and evaluate agile products produced during a scenario
  • Apply various agile techniques in a given scenario: MoSCoW prioritization, iterative development, modelling, time-boxing
  • Identify agile techniques to be used for a given scenario
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities within an agile project and correctly determine appropriate personnel to fulfil these roles
  • Understand the control mechanisms for agile projects
  • Understand in outline how to test, estimate and measure progress on an agile project
  • Describe the agile approach to managing requirements and to identify problems with requirements within an agile project for a given scenario

Who is this for?

  • Agile team members who are looking to become agile project managers
  • Practising project managers who need to get up to speed with managing agile projects

Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner training is ideal if you are looking to apply the Agile Project Management guidance on your agile projects.

If your career goals differ from the ones listed below, please feel free to discuss your goals with our specialist advisors on 0207 148 5985. They can advise you on choosing a course which best suits your career.

Icon1I currently work on agile projects and want to learn new skills to bring back to work

As a delegate on this Practitioner-level Agile Project Management training, you’ll become equipped with the terminology within the DSDM Agile Project Framework. You’ll also be able to go back to work with the knowledge of how to provide governance on agile projects.

If you’re a developer using SCRUM attending this training, you’ll find that DSDM can be used alongside SCRUM and uses some well-known agile techniques such as time-boxing, iterative development, MoSCoW and facilitated workshops.

Project management is usually the missing ingredient from agile methods, but not from DSDM. This Agile Project Management training will enable you go back to work with an understanding of what’s been previously been missing from your agile projects and what you can do to fill in the missing link.

I’m unemployed and want an agile qualification to put on my CV

Even if you’re an experienced project manager and perhaps have been made redundant or are in between contracts, you can benefit from attending the Foundation & Practitioner Agile Project Management training. With the number of companies using agile growing daily, you can boost your job search by having this agile qualification on your CV.

By having Agile Project Management Practitioner certification along with your previous project management experience, it shows employers that you can apply the Agile Project Management guidance on non-complex projects. It also shows potential employers that you have taken the steps to re-skill and learn increasingly important agile methods.

I want to change career and work in project management

You will find that many project management jobs now require experience and/or knowledge of agile.

One good thing, however, is that even if you want to make a complete career change you’ll find that many jobs require project management skills that are transferable. We have trained beginners who are from unrelated backgrounds such as consultancy, military, merchandising and even nursing who have then gone on to work in project management.

Agile methods are becoming extremely common, not only in the software and IT industries, but in creative and marketing industries. If you already have experience in those domains, by attending the Practitioner-level Agile Project Management training you’ll gain knowledge of managing agile projects.

Gaining the full Agile Project Management Practitioner certification is recommended if you want to work in project management because it shows employers that you can apply the Agile Project Management guidance on agile projects.

I want to organize some agile project management training for my colleagues

If your organization undertakes agile projects or uses agile methods such as SCRUM, our Agile Project Management training will help your team members understand how to provide governance on your agile projects. Project governance is the missing link from most agile methods and our expert trainers are here to help your team understand how to fill this in missing link.

Keeping the flexibility of agile and providing the governance structures which enable the business benefits to be realized are the keys to successful projects in today’s world.

To help us better understand your agile project management training requirements, call one of our advisors now on 0207 148 5985 or complete this form.

Course and exam structure

This course covers the following topics:

  • What is Agile?
  • Choosing an appropriate agile approach
  • Philosophy, Principles and Project Variables
  • The People – DSDM Roles and Responsibilities
  • Agile Project Management process
  • The DSDM Products
  • Communication Techniques: Facilitated Workshop; Modelling, Iterative Development; People teams & Interaction
  • Key Practices: Prioritization and Timeboxing
  • Requirements – User Story
  • Estimating, planning and control
  • Quality - never compromise quality
  • Risk Management
  • Tailoring the approach

The course lasts for 4 days. The Agile Project Management Foundation exam takes place in the afternoon of the 3rd day. This closed-book exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions in 40 minutes. The pass mark is 50% (i.e. 25 marks or more). You receive your results straightaway.

The Agile Project Management Practitioner exam takes place in the afternoon of the last day. It is a 2.5 hour exam and consists of 80 questions. The pass mark is 50% (i.e. 40 marks or more).

There is no pre-course reading for this course, but homework of 2 hours will be set each evening. The course starts at 9:30am and finishes at 5pm each day.

Agile Project Management Practitioner exam pre-requisites:

  • AgilePM Foundation Certificate (either 2010 or 2014 version), or
  • DSDM Atern Foundation Certificate, or
  • DSDM Advanced Practitioner Certificate

What’s included in the price?

  • Training and exam preparation from an approved AgilePM trainer
  • Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner exams
  • Agile Project Management Practitioner certificate (on passing both exams)
  • Agile Project Management Handbook version 2.0
  • Detailed course manual
  • Sample exam
  • Refreshments


Average rating of 4.6 based on 52 user reviews.

Friendly and professional trainer

Excellent. Well-paced with good examples used throughout. Trainer answered queries very well and gave answers relevant to the course. She was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Our materials were good and I can think of no problems with the venue.

20 Mar 2017


Our trainer, Jumoke, was very competent and delivered the training at the right pace. We also received very good materials and the course was held at a good venue. The course was excellent.

20 Mar 2017

Professional and engaging trainer

Comprehensive, effective and did exactly what I expected. We had a professional and engaging trainer and the course was in a great location.

10 Feb 2017

Jumoke was an excellent trainer

Very good materials and delivery style. Jumoke was an excellent trainer. She explained the concepts thoroughly and was very knowledgeable.

10 Feb 2017

Excellent course materials

Good overall coverage of the Agile syllabus and how to prepare for the exams. Excellent course materials and great delivery of the course. Summaries via illustration on the white board were very helpful.

10 Feb 2017

Jumoke was very informative

The course was concise and well-structured. The course materials were well-presented and helpful. Our trainer, Jumoke, was very informative.

10 Feb 2017

Very professional trainer

I really enjoyed the pace of the course. Our tutor, Jumoke, was very good at sharing knowledge. She was a very professional trainer with a high knowledge of the subject, providing clarity in an engaging way. I would certainly do another course if she were teaching it. She was excellent and I wouldn't fail to recommend her. Very appropriate course materials were also provided to complement our learning.

13 Jan 2017

Fantastic tutor!

Really great pace. Fantastic tutor! Very engaging, informative and energetic. She made the learning experience much easier. Great course materials and venue. 

13 Jan 2017

Jumoke was clear, fun and friendly

It was a good course providing insight into the agile theory, practical, processes and philosophy. Our course materials were very good, being both clear and accessible. Jumoke was excellent. She made sure we understood all points and answered all of our questions. Jumoke was clear, fun and friendly. The venue is also in a great location.

13 Jan 2017


Jumoke is an exceptional Agile and MSP trainer who has managed large IT and telecoms projects/programmes around the world.

A chartered telecoms engineer with over 10 years delivering telecoms projects, Jumoke gained her experience working for Fujitsu, Atos, Centrica, O2, Vodafone and Save the Children.

Jumoke is known for her positive and approachable training style, and you can certainly feel confident you are being trained by a professional with real experience in the field.

Jumoke Ogunbekun

"I like the fact I am helping students take their career one step further"

What our students say

"I enjoyed the course. I think that I learned good techniques to engage with the Agile method. The teacher was really good. He used a lot of examples to help me understand the material. "
Cesar Alberto Outon, K2 Corporate Mobility

"It has improved my knowledge of how Agile works in software development, which is my background. I am now equipped with the basic methodology to use while working on Agile projects. In depth tutoring and good delivery of the course content "
Femi Fashoyin, Fash Consulting Ltd

"Great intructor! Got a good insight into agile methodology especially with regards to prioritisation of requirements. I would have liked to have seen more of the elements tailored towards enterprise and scaling methods from projects to larger programmes. Overall covers fundamentals well and these can be practically applied where relevant to a real life scenario with an ability to flex approach. "
David Glen, Deloitte