What is the best agile certification?

There is no single ‘best’ agile certification. Agile comes in different flavours, each method or practice has its’ own speciality and organisations have their own preferences based on business needs.
What is the best agile certification?


You’ll need to figure out what’s best for you (or your business) based on your own unique context and requirements. It can be a tricky process, that’s why we’ve made a handy guide to help you choose the agile certification that best suits you.

I’m looking for agile certifications as a business owner

If you’re looking for agile training for your teams, you’ll want to select an agile methodology that has been fine-tuned to fit your industry. While all agile methods share the same human-based values, they each have their own way of infusing these values into development.

Although agile was first developed for use in the IT industry, people around the world have since developed new agile methods to fit their own industries.

Not every agile method requires a complete overhaul of the way you operate. Many can be seamlessly integrated into your teams’ daily routine to help improve productivity.

You should start by enrolling your key team members in a beginner agile course. That’ll give them a good overview of what it means to be agile and how agile might work within your unique context.

Once you’re confident that agile is the right move for you, consider starting out with a Lean approach. Lean doesn’t aim to add additional processes to your development cycle but rather, it cuts out inefficient processes and improves cost-effectiveness.

You could also take the approach of integrating the Scrum method into your development life cycle. Scrum prescribes several key agile roles, one of which is the Scrum Master. Implementing Scrum requires management to change as much as teams do, but the benefits of adopting Scrum can be immense.

I’m looking for agile qualifications as a project manager

If you’re looking to improve you own career prospects, you first need to think about which agile methods are most common to your chosen industry.

If you have a specific role in mind, it’s likely potential employers will list all required certifications in their job listing, so hop onto a job board and see which agile certification employers like to see on a CV.

If you don’t know where to start, an Agile Project Management course (Agile PM) will teach you the fundamentals of agile project management.

If you come from a more traditional project management background, or perhaps have PRINCE2 knowledge or experience, a PRINCE2 Agile course will help you leverage your project management knowledge in an agile context.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one course or one agile methodology, all agile methods on the market today share common values and principles as they’re all based on the Agile Manifesto. Having more than one agile qualification can also help develop your understanding of what it means to be agile and vastly improve your marketability.

What is an agile course?

To become agile certified, you’ll need to pass one or more examinations. An agile course teaches you all you need to know to pass these exams. Courses may vary in length and difficulty and may have certain prerequisites to achieve before you’re eligible to take the course.

Training also helps explain the underlying principles of agile. An understanding of what makes agile work is vitally important if you ever want to start applying these methods to your work. Agile relies on transparency, both in communication and in development. If just one key team-member doesn’t understand what it means to be agile, the system doesn’t quite work.

The best agile courses will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to work confidently within an agile project development team.

What is the best agile course?

The best agile course depends upon several things – what you want to learn from it, whether you need certification, geographically where you are located, and whether you prefer to learn online, or in a traditional classroom or virtual classroom environment. Courses will usually cover the same content irrespective of their format, so you won’t miss out on anything if you choose one over another.

If you think the best agile course is an online course, then consider either an agile project management course online or PRINCE2 Agile course online. Every self-study online course is made with the best e-learning practices in mind. We don’t subject our candidates to lengthy, boring videos. Rather, we take learning modules, break them down into 15-minute, interactive mini-modules filled with pop-quizzes, infographics and more to help you learn.

Classroom courses and virtual classroom course are taught by our professional in-house trainers. We offer both weekday and weekend bookings for those with busy schedules. If you enjoy learning in a social environment with the aid of an experienced instructor, try our classroom courses today!

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