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Read this article to find out why studying for ITIL Foundation online is the most cost effective, efficient and effective way to get qualified. Ideal reading for anyone considering ITIL training, but not sure whether to do it online or in-class.

ITIL stands for ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’. It is the world’s most popular IT service management framework. ITIL Foundation is the entry level ITIL certification and it’s a popular course for anyone requiring knowledge of IT service management.

This article discusses some of the benefits of doing your ITIL Foundation training online, as opposed to in a classroom.

excellent value for money

1. Excellent value for money

Browse the ITIL Foundation courses on many training websites and one thing is obvious – online ITIL training is always so much cheaper! Some may assume this is because online ITIL Foundation courses are produced cheaply with less effort. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our online ITIL Foundation training is cheaper mainly because large expenses, such as renting a training venue and paying an ITIL trainer, are not needed. With online ITIL Foundation training, you just pay for the online ITIL content, sample exams, official ITIL Foundation exam and certificate.

This is appealing for both individuals and organisations. Individuals can gain ITIL Foundation certification and have money left to spend on more enjoyable things! Organisations can get their staff ITIL Foundation qualified and stay within their training budget, whether they are training one member of staff or hundreds.

fits in your busy time

2. Fits into your busy schedule

The average ITIL Foundation course is 3 days long, Monday to Wednesday. This is obviously a bit of a pain if you can’t take time off work or have other commitments, such as childcare. With our online ITIL Foundation training, however, things are much more flexible.

With our online ITIL Foundation training, you can log in whenever you want and take the ITIL exam when you feel ready. This makes it perfect for busy people who simply don’t have time to take classroom ITIL training. And to be honest – who isn’t busy these days?

Do it from anywhere in the world

3. Can be done in any country

With online ITIL Foundation training, gone are the days when people would have to travel to take their ITIL training. Online ITIL training enables you to study and take your ITIL exam at home, no matter where you are located. Just make sure you have a computer with an internet connection!

Course picked for you

ITIL Foundation

Learn ITIL and gain Foundation certificate with this online course

Not only is this convenient, but it also saves you money. With our online ITIL Foundation training, you won’t have to fork out for travel or hotel fees. Simply study at home and get ITIL certified - the world’s most popular IT service management certification!

suitable for everyone

4. Suitable for slow and fast learners

On classroom ITIL Foundation courses, the trainer might go at a pace that is too fast or slow for some people. There might be other obstacles too, such as others in the class who are disruptive or ask too many questions. This can affect the pace of learning for the rest of the group.

Because our ITIL Foundation training allows you to learn at your own pace, this makes it ideal for people who are faster or slower at learning than others. It is also ideal for people who don’t want to be distracted and like to learn in quiet surroundings at home.

The interactive nature of our ITIL Foundation course makes it perfect for more visual learners too! You’ll find sample ITIL exams, online support from an ITIL trainer and plenty of colourful activities.

available on different platforms

5. Available on different platforms

Our online ITIL Foundation course isn’t just limited to your laptop or desktop. It is now available on your tablet and smartphone too, meaning you can learn on-the-go. This makes it ideal for busy people wishing to study ITIL whilst commuting or travelling, and people who don’t have a computer.

Course picked for you

ITIL Foundation

Learn ITIL and get full certification with this online course


ITIL Foundation

Learn ITIL and get full certification with this online course

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