Project management thought for Friday

Project vs programme management

You can't multi-task

Project vs programme managementThis week’s project management thought for Friday is a visual representation of a well known project management quote by author Geoff Reiss, taken from his book Project Management Demystified.You can't multi-taskYou may think you are good at multi-tasking because you can switch back and forth between tasks, but you are rarely ever performing two cognitive tasks at a time. Concentrate on doing one task until it is finished, minimise your distractions and improve your productivity!

Proactive project manager

Sixteen million people in PM!

Proactive project managerAre you thinking far enough ahead to enable yourself to anticipate problems before they arise?Sixteen million people in project management Did you know that more than sixteen million people in the world regard project management as their profession? That's a lot of gantt charts....

Communication is vital

Communication is vitalUnderstanding your team members’ personalities is a pre-requisite for good leadership. Every team member is different and will need to be engaged differently.