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Choose an instructor-led PRINCE2 course to learn the world’s most popular project management method. All courses now PRINCE2 7th edition.

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PRINCE2 course online

PRINCE2 course online

PRINCE2 online courses (7th edition)

PRINCE2 online training courses are for students wanting to learn about PRINCE2 but are unable to attend a classroom course or prefer to study in their own time.

PRINCE2 online training is available at both PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner levels. Click for more details.

  • Accreditation: PeopleCert (on behalf of AXELOS)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Format: Self-paced online course.

of our students recommend Knowledge Train

Our students recommend Knowledge Train
PRINCE2 certification

PRINCE2 certification

What is the PRINCE2 project management methodology?

PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments – it is the 2nd iteration of the PRINCE method.

The PRINCE2 project management methodology is a system of principles, processes, themes, and guidance which detail the following questions:

  • Who should be responsible and accountable for making decisions?
  • Which processes should be used to support decision-making?
  • When during the project life cycle, should these decisions be made?

PRINCE2 is comprised of 7 principlespractices, and processes.

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What is PRINCE2 certification

What is PRINCE2 certification?

PRINCE2 is a certification scheme in addition to offering practical guidance to project managers. There are 2 levels of PRINCE2 certification – Foundation and Practitioner.

PRINCE2 Foundation certification

The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is the entry-level PRINCE2 certificate. PRINCE2 Foundation is aimed at those who support project managers or have duties considered part of project management but are not responsible for the outcome a project.

PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam
  • Style: Multiple-choice
  • Questions: 60
  • Pass mark: 55% (33/60)
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Materials allowed: Closed-book
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Results: Same day.

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification

PRINCE2 Practitioner is the highest available PRINCE2 certification. It is suited to those in a role that involves project management as part of day-to-day work, such as change managers, project support, product managers, or business analysts.

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam
  • Style: Objective-style
  • Questions: 68
  • Pass mark: 55% (38/68)
  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Materials allowed: Open-book
  • Prerequisites: See below
  • Results: Same day.

Earning your PRINCE2 project management certificate

To earn your PRINCE2 project management certificate, you can enrol on an instructor-led PRINCE2 course. Our instructor-led PRINCE2 courses take place in one of 2 ways:

  • As a traditional physical classroom course – you must travel to the training venue, or
  • As a virtual classroom course – you participate over the internet using a computer and headset (and optional video camera) using our advanced virtual learning technology.

In both types of instructor-led course you receive face-to-face tuition from one of our experienced trainers. Whichever way you choose to learn PRINCE2, your instructor will get you ready to take your PRINCE2 certification exam.

Instructor-led courses

All instructor-led courses are taught by experienced PRINCE2 project management trainers and offer the benefits of gaining your certification with the help of face-to-face learning with an experienced tutor. To participate in an instructor-led PRINCE2 course, you must be able to commit to a fixed classroom schedule.

To check whether there is a classroom instructor-led PRINCE2 project management course in your area, or a virtual instructor-led course hosted on the internet, please check the dates on the PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Practitioner page.

Self-paced courses

If you cannot commit to a fixed classroom schedule, you can always obtain your PRINCE2 certification by enrolling in a self-paced online PRINCE2 course.

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Is PRINCE2 certification popular

Is PRINCE2 certification popular?

PRINCE2 project management is widely used in public, private, and third sectors in many different countries. PRINCE2 is used by some of the largest brands in the world.

PRINCE2 has established itself as the world’s most popular project management methodology and certification. Almost 2 million people have earned their PRINCE2 project management certifications to date.

PRINCE2 is more popular than other well-known certifications, such as Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® from the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.

In the UK, an entry-level role in project management can pay around £33,500 per annum, while the average salary for a project manager is £46,500 gross per year. Senior project managers can expect to earn more than £125,000 a year.[1]

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History of PRINCE2

History of PRINCE2


PRINCE2 first began as PRINCE (PRojects IN Controlled Environments). The UK government employed PRINCE to manage IT projects and, as such, contained IT-specific terminology.


In 1996, PRINCE 2 was released as a generic project management method. IT-specific terminology was removed so project managers could apply it to any project.


In 2013, ownership of PRINCE2 was transferred to AXELOS who, together with PeopleCert, now oversee the accreditation of training organisations, trainers, and students.


In response to popular demand, the PRINCE2 project management method has been updated to reflect the popularity of agile trends in project management. PRINCE2 Agile describes how the governance and control provided by PRINCE2 can be integrated with popular agile development methods such as Scrum.

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PRINCE2 Foundation course details:

Course format

  • Instructor-led classroom courses (either virtual classroom or traditional classroom).

Training includes

  • Accredited PRINCE2 training materials
  • Sample PRINCE2 Foundation exams
  • PRINCE2 Foundation exam (7th edition)
  • Digital copy of the PRINCE2 manual (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 (7th edition)) is received when booking your exam
  • Sample PRINCE2 Foundation exams
  • 1-month free AXELOS membership with every used Foundation exam voucher.

Course times

  • Instructor-led classroom PRINCE2 training is held over 2 days from 9 am to 5 pm.

Learning outcomes

  • Instructor-led PRINCE2 Foundation training provides students with a basic understanding of the PRINCE2 framework and PRINCE2 terminology. Successful candidates learn to act as informed members of a PRINCE2 project team.

Course content

Instructor-led PRINCE2 Foundation training covers the following topics:

  • PRINCE2 structure
  • PRINCE2 terminology
  • PRINCE2 principles
  • People in PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 themes
  • PRINCE2 processes.


  • None.

The full PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus can be found here.

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PRINCE2 Practitioner course details:

Course format

  • Instructor-led classroom courses (either virtual classroom or traditional classroom).

Training includes

  • Accredited PRINCE2 training materials
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (7th edition)
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner sample exams
  • PRINCE2 Project Management game
  • 1-month free AXELOS membership with every used Practitioner exam voucher.

Course times

  • Instructor-led classroom PRINCE2 training is held over 2 days from 9 am to 5 pm.

Learning outcomes

  • Instructor-led PRINCE2 Practitioner training provides you with an in-depth knowledge and the understanding necessary to apply PRINCE2 to the management of projects within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

Course content

The instructor-led PRINCE2 Practitioner course covers the following topics:

  • How to apply the PRINCE2 principles in context
  • How to apply and tailor relevant aspects of the PRINCE2 themes in context
  • How to apply and tailor relevant aspects of the PRINCE2 processes in context.


Prior to sitting the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam you must already hold one of the following certificates:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Practitioner (6th edition)
  • APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
  • APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)
  • PMI® Certified Associate in Project Management
  • PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • IPMA® Level A, Level B, Level C, or Level D.

IPMA® is a registered trademark of IPMA in Switzerland and other countries.

The full PRINCE2 Practitioner syllabus can be found here.

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PRINCE2 courses frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Knowledge Train accredited for PRINCE2 training?

Yes. Knowledge Train is an Accredited Training Organisation for PRINCE2. We gained our accreditation in 2006. Since then, we have helped tens of thousands of people to gain their PRINCE2 by providing instructor-led training.

Why choose Knowledge Train over other course providers?

Knowledge Train only hires the most experienced project management professionals and certified PRINCE2 trainers to help deliver our world-class PRINCE2 training.

Our instructor-led PRINCE2 training courses are taught by the best PRINCE2 trainers in the UK. Each is a training expert with years of experience working as project managers in a PRINCE2 context. They help us deliver a high quality of PRINCE2 training you won’t find elsewhere!

If you’d like to sit in on an instructor led virtual PRINCE2 course and learn how we run our virtual training courses, give our team a call at +44 (0)207 148 5985, and we’ll find you a place on our next available PRINCE2 course.

Should I take instructor-led or self-paced training?

We’ve designed our instructor-led training and self-paced courses to give you the best possible chance to learn about PRINCE2 and pass your PRINCE2 exams. Simply choose the PRINCE2 course format that best suits your needs.

You should take instructor-led PRINCE2 classroom training if any of the following apply:

  • You can commit to a fixed classroom schedule
  • You’d like to earn your PRINCE2 qualification as quickly as possible
  • You prefer face-to-face learning with a trainer
  • You enjoy learning in a social environment with other students.

You should take a self-paced PRINCE2 online course if any of the following apply:

  • You cannot commit to a fixed classroom schedule
  • You cannot travel to a classroom training venue
  • You prefer to learn at your own pace.

Should I take a PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Practitioner course?

Instructor-led PRINCE2 Foundation courses are best suited to:

  • Project managers within a PRINCE2 project development team
  • Anyone responsible for tasks that fall under project management but are directly accountable for the success or failure of a project.

Instructor-led PRINCE2 Practitioner courses are best suited to:

  • Apply the PRINCE2 method to the entire project lifecycle
  • Tailor the PRINCE2 method to suit different projects.

This makes an instructor-led PRINCE2 Practitioner course suitable for those wanting to work as PRINCE2 project managers and those who work closely with project managers such as:

  • Operations managers
  • Product managers
  • Product Owners
  • Business analysts.

What is the latest version of PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is updated regularly to align with the latest developments in project management best-practices.

The latest update to the core PRINCE2 publication was in 2017 – Managing Successful Projects PRINCE2 (6th edition).

This update brought with it a stronger emphasis on tailoring the methodology to the project’s needs, reflecting the shift in project management becoming a business-wide discipline.

Does my PRINCE2 certification expire?

You will need to renew your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications after 3 years. All Foundation and Practitioner certifications issued on or before 30 June 2020 will have a renew by date of 1 July 2023.

Foundation certifications that have passed their renew by date will still be accepted as pre-requisites for further certification.

To keep your PRINCE2 certification up to date, you can choose any one of 3 ways provided by PeopleCert and AXELOS.

  1. Retake the same exam before the renewal date.
  2. Take further courses and certifications by attending another course and taking an exam within the same product suite before the renewal date.
  3. From March 2023, renew your certification by collecting and logging Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. See AXELOS for more details.
    There is also free membership for one month when you use your exam voucher.

When do I receive my PRINCE2 certificate?

All exam results and certifications are administered by PeopleCert.

PRINCE2 Foundation official exam results and digital certificate are issued within 1 working day of submitting your exam.

PRINCE2 Practitioner official exam results and digital certificate are issued within 3 working days of submitting your exam.

When do I receive my PRINCE2 manual?

If you choose to attend an instructor-led PRINCE2 Foundation or Foundation & Practitioner course, you will receive a digital copy of the PRINCE2 manual via email.

You can still elect to receive a hard copy of the PRINCE2 manual if you choose but must pay an additional fee.

How can I prepare for my PRINCE2 course?

If you’ve enrolled in an instructor-led PRINCE2 course, we’ll provide introductory reading to help you familiarise yourself with basic terms and concepts before the course begins.

For the PRINCE2 Foundation course, pre-course reading should take no more than 4 hours. For the PRINCE2 Practitioner course, pre-course reading should take approximately 3 hours.

When can I take my PRINCE2 exam?

In our instructor-led PRINCE2 training courses, your instructor may set aside time during training hours within which to take the exams.

However, you are not obligated to sit your PRINCE2 exams at this time and can book your exams whenever it is most convenient for you.

Do I receive any support to help me pass my PRINCE2 exams?

As a student of an instructor-led PRINCE2 course, you’ll receive 2 official sample exams that match the style, form, and content of questions you will be asked in your live PRINCE2 exams.

Students of our instructor-led PRINCE2 courses are also able to watch video recordings of earlier training sessions for later review.

Do PRINCE2 courses have homework?

If you choose to study through our instructor-led classroom PRINCE2 courses, our trainers will assign you homework. Typically, you can expect to be required to complete 2-3 hours of homework at the end of each day.

Homework includes reading assignments, quizzes, and other beneficial revision exercises.

What is the PRINCE2 game?

The PRINCE2 Project Management Game is separate from our instructor-led PRINCE2 courses. It is a game designed to help PRINCE2 students learn how to apply the PRINCE2 method on projects.

It uses a simulation of a fictional project and poses a series of dilemmas for the player (the project manager). The game can be completed in 3 hours and can be stopped and returned to later.

The game is included free of charge in the instructor-led PRINCE2 Practitioner course.

Is there a PRINCE2 course near me?

PRINCE2 courses in England

You can find a PRINCE2 course in these towns and cities in England:


PRINCE2 courses in Scotland

You can find a PRINCE2 course in these towns and cities in Scotland:


PRINCE2 courses in Wales

You can find a PRINCE2 course in these towns and cities in Wales:


PRINCE2 courses in Ireland

You can find a PRINCE2 course in these towns and cities in Ireland:

[1] PMI. 2021. Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey—Twelfth Edition. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 6 June 2022].

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