How to kickstart your project management career

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Based upon feedback from our students, we have produced a guide to getting ahead in the project management sector.

This e-book answers a number of burning questions.

  • How might PRINCE2 certification aid your project management career?
  • What do employers often look for when hiring a project manager?
  • What kind of free project management careers advice is available to unemployed professionals with an interest in the industry?
  • Can project support be considered as a career in itself?

You'll find the answers to all these questions plus lots more in this 7 page e-book.

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Here is some advice from the project management experts

"My advice would be to try and get involved in a project. If your company conducts projects, you can ask to participate, or even volunteer to collaborate or shadow someone on the project after hours. If your company is not strong in managing projects, seek employment in a company that is. Then get involved."
- Cesar Abeid, Project Manager at Remontech

"Find yourself a good coach. I have coached many project managers, at various stages in their career: prospective, newbie and experienced. They have all gone on to bigger and better things. A good coach will help you to identify the most important topics, and focus on them. A coach can work with you to work out where you want to get to, understand where you are now, look at the alternatives for getting there, and decide a course of action."
- Russell Whitworth, Director at Q2 Associates Ltd

"I'd advise you to be clear on the business case for the project. If you're clear on what benefits the project has to deliver (and what those are worth), you will be clear on the amount of money you've got to spend. If you know how much cash you've got in the pot that will automatically shape your plan, and therefore what you need people to do. If you know what you need people to do then you're well on the way to being a project manager and a leader."
- Francis Hooke, Managing Director at Quality Project Delivery

"For someone new to the project management world, it would be good to get into observation mode first and shadow other project managers in the organization. Joining project management communities online or offline will give you a basic feel for the job and whether it fits with what you'll want to do in the future. Start managing smaller row risk/budget project and learn as you go. Both aspects - learning from others and hands on work are great teachers! Thereafter, some formal education/ recognized certification will help to put things into perspective, expand further and make you marketable."
- Ankoo Batra, PMO Manager at IT World Canada

"Communication, communication, communication!! Project managers are often judged when gossip starts flying around about the project. To solve this, the project manager needs to constantly communicate project progress in a variety of ways at different frequencies. The art of good project management comes from being able to communicate the right message at the right time to the right stakeholder. Perfecting your communication will result in better project perception and therefore increase your credibility."
- Barry Hodge, Project and Programme Manager at Bromford Group

"Practice project management with many activities in your personal life: sports, music, training, blogging, reading, etc. It may feel somewhat excessive (although you may be surprised by the results of such focus), but it will definitely help you master project management methodologies."
- Michel Dion, Director, Professional Practices and Development at Health Canada

"Look for opportunities to volunteer within your organisation. Find projects within your company, make yourself known, talk to the teams and volunteer to get involved."
- Tony Adams, Program Manager at NBN Co Limited