Help your team reach their project goals

Adopting a best-practice project management approach has benefits for both your team and your organisation. If you recognise that your team could benefit from adopting a project management framework, read on to discover which course suits your needs.

Are you managing a team and looking to adopt a universal standard of project management? Perhaps you’d like your team to adopt a recognised framework, or maybe just learn the basic principles of managing small projects? Or perhaps you are the training professional responsible for organizing the training of your colleagues.

Do any of these sound like you?

I’d like my team to adopt an established framework to manage their projects better
I want my team to be able to use a common vocabulary across projects
I’d like my team to learn how to approach projects in a methodical, structured manner
I am responsible for organizing the training for my company’s employees

If so, read on to see how your organization can improve their project management practices.

Training benefits for your organisation

You have a few options to choose from when it comes to project management training for your team, whether or not they have worked on projects before.

All our training courses can help by giving your team a boost of confidence as they get to grips with working on projects together. You can look forward to projects with more structure, tighter teamwork and increased efficiency.

Your team will also be able to use a common vocabulary and method when managing their projects. As an added bonus, your team members can gain a qualification which will not only benefit their career but will look professional to your clients.

How we can help you

We know it may be difficult for your whole team to take time out of work for training, so you will have a dedicated account manager to help you with any issues you may have with this.

If you have a large group of delegates, we can conduct a training course on your premises. For smaller groups there is the popular classroom option or even an elearning package. You will find that the classroom option offers more flexibility on course dates, particularly if all of your delegates can’t attend at the same time. We try our best to be flexible to fit around the work commitments of your staff, so feel free to discuss this with our team.

You may also be able to benefit from a group discount, please contact our team on 0207 148 5985 for details.

Which course to choose?

PRINCE2 courses

PRINCE2 ATO The most in-depth course on which your team will learn the most up to date modern best practices in project management AND gain professional certification is our 5 day PRINCE2 course. Unsurprisingly this is also our most popular course.

After taking this course, your team will be well prepared to apply their knowledge on any type of project, small or large, in any industry.

After a 5 day PRINCE2 course your team will be able to:

  • Individually work as an informed member of the project team
  • Approach projects in a methodical, structured manner
  • Apply the method to different project scenarios
  • Understand PRINCE2 vocabulary and use it within the project team
  • Use key risk management techniques to help avoid failure
  • Call themselves a fully qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner

This can be taken as a classroom course or online. For information on in-house PRINCE2 training please contact our team on 0207 148 5985.

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AgilePM courses

AgilePM ATO A 4 day AgilePM course might be more suitable than PRINCE2 if your projects have a lot of changing requirements, or your projects are delivered according to Agile principles. As such, this course is particularly popular with people from the software industry. Agile boasts a modern, flexible approach that will effectively manage change and utilise every member in your team.

After an AgilePM course your team will be able to:

  • Respond quickly to change while reducing risk
  • Deliver in increments, on time every time
  • Understand the setup of an Agile project team
  • Apply AgilePM methods effectively on Agile projects
  • Call themselves a fully qualified Agile Practitioner

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Non-accredited project management training

If using a framework and gaining certification is not so important for your organisation, but you still want to learn some solid project management skills, tools and techniques, then our non-accredited courses might suit your staff better. These courses are either 1 or 2 days and focus on providing your team with some core project management skills.

After a 1 day Introduction to Project Management course your team will be able to:

  • Understand common project management terminology
  • Write a project plan effectively
  • Define scope and manage risks and changes
  • Implement techniques that the most experienced project managers use
  • Know how projects are managed and how they relate to your everyday business

Alternatively, you can choose the 2 day Fundamentals of Project Management course which provides more opportunities to discuss the subject matter in greater detail. Students will work with the same content of the 1 day course, while gaining practical experience in the application of the key principles and techniques. The extra day allows them to cover topics in more detail, discussing common project problems and learning how to deal with them.

For information on in-house project management training please contact our team on 0207 148 5985.

Helpful resources for your team

To discuss your needs further, please contact our advisors who will be happy to advise.