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PRINCE2® pre-course prep

22 Jul 2021 By
PRINCE2 Pre-course Study

I liked how the pre-course work was targeted to every type of learner with text, images and video”

- Emily Morales,
PRINCE2 student

No black and white photocopies, thick text books or 18 hours staring at boring diagrams. We know about the tedious and unhelpful ways that other providers supply their pre-course materials. We have also listened to what our students think and how they prefer to learn. With those two ideas in mind, we designed your perfect PRINCE2 package.

Focused, bite-sized preparation

We don’t ask you to read the PRINCE2 manual from cover to cover, as many training providers do. To be honest it would either send you to sleep, take a long time or be too overwhelming to digest. You can expect your Knowledge Train pre-course study to be short and sweet with bite sized chunks of information. Our strategy is that you should only focus on the core elements that will maximise your chances of passing the exam. That’s why our pre-course study materials only take on average between 3-4 hours to read.

I looked at the e-books before I signed up to get an idea of how the training and revision would be undertaken. I liked the bite-sized style and that's what made me decide to book with Knowledge Train.

David Crosby,
Service Improvement and theatre efficiency Manager for East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Below are the bite-sized nuggets which you will be given access to:

  • Lesson 1: What is PRINCE2?
  • Lesson 2: What is a project?
  • Lesson 3: Customer-supplier environment
  • Lesson 4: Products
  • Lesson 5: PRINCE2 principles
  • Lesson 6: PRINCE2 themes
  • Lesson 7: PRINCE2 processes
  • Lesson 8: Tailoring
  • Lesson 9: Sample PRINCE2 Foundation exam 1
  • Lesson 10: PRINCE2 Practitioner exam guidance


PRINCE2 is composed of 4 integrated elements: Principles, Themes, Processes and Tailoring to the project environment. The first three elements are covered by the pre-course material. The fourth element – tailoring – will be covered during the course. For your pre-course study you will receive access to four graphic-based, narrated videos that introduce PRINCE2 and its Principles, Themes and Processes in under 6 minutes each. Give yourself a real head-start and watch them as many times as you like!

PRINCE2 Pre-course Study

Full-colour diagrams

When you attend your course you will be given a full colour A3 size wall chart which depicts the PRINCE2 process model. As part of your pre-course study, you will have access to both the chronological and detailed view of the chart to familiarise yourself.

PRINCE2 Pre-course Study

Official sample exams

Your sample exams will consist of 60 questions with a pass mark of 55%. This is where you start to put your knowledge into practice. Your pre-course study includes two official sample PRINCE2 Foundation exams, which are provided under license by AXELOS and completed online. One is to be done before the course to familiarise you with the format and question style, the other will be done during the course under the trainer’s instruction.

Cartoon-style mindmaps

Now, here is a treat for the visual learners among us! These mindmaps are often the part of the pre-course study that students find the most helpful, memorable and easy to digest. You will master the three PRINCE2 elements with 28 hand-illustrated, cartoon style mindmaps. Not only are they bright with all the colours in the rainbow, but they each come with a brief synopsis and are neatly packaged up for you into 3 e-books. Who said exam preparation had to be dull and boring?

PRINCE2 Pre-course Study

Revision ebooks

The e-books will be ideal for you if you prefer to read and learn. They don’t burst at the seams so much that they are overwhelming, and include colourful graphics and drawings to help you remember key points. Immerse yourself in our ever-popular e-books of the PRINCE2 Principles, Processes and Themes, which include the hand-illustrated mindmaps. Then if you are taking the PRINCE2 Practitioner, enlighten yourself by going through our ingenious e-book full of exam tips and strategies; written by Knowledge Train’s founder Simon Buehring.

PRINCE2 Pre-course Study

If you would like to know more about our exclusive PRINCE2 pre-course preparation, please call our friendly team of advisors on 0207 148 5985.