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The ADKAR model is a change management tool used to help identify why change is difficult and why some changes succeed while others are unsuccessful. ADKAR is a change model commonly used by change leaders and is taught in these change management courses.

ADKAR change management model.

Entrepreneur Jeff Hiatt created the ADKAR model. He believed that the key to successful change was the human factor.

The ADKAR model divides the change process into 5 steps, focusing on the individuals affected by change and their reactions towards change:

  • Awareness of the need to change
  • Desire to participate in and support the change
  • Knowledge of how to change
  • Ability to implement the change
  • Reinforcement to sustain the change.

Prosci ADKAR

Prosci was founded in 1994 by Jeff Hiatt. Prosci uses the ADKAR model to engineer solutions to change management problems and help businesses successfully implement change.

The Prosci ADKAR model is one of the two foundational models of the Prosci methodology. The ADKAR model is used by thousands of change leaders around the world.

The Prosci methodology understands that organizational change can only happen when individuals change. The Prosci 3-phase process is a framework for organizational change.

The ADKAR model focuses on individual change within the Prosci methodology - guiding change and addressing any resistance along the way.

ADKAR change management

Organizational changes often fail because employees do not understand the importance of the change or how to make the change successfully.

Leaders are often not equipped to engage individuals effectively during the change and to manage any potential resistance.

The ADKAR model addresses these challenges by equipping leaders with the right strategies and tools. It equips those affected by change with the correct information, motivation, and ability to change with the organisation.

By outlining the goals and outcomes of successful change, the ADKAR model enables leaders and change management teams to focus their activities on driving individual change and achieving positive results.

ADKAR infographic

The ADKAR change management model is summarised in this colourful infographic.

ADKAR change management infographic.