The challenges that you look forward to most within project management

challenges you look forward to as a project managerYou’ll learn about problems (or issues) on any of our project management courses, and you’ve probably heard the saying “Problems are merely challenges”? Well, my colleague was inspired to ask this question to the online project management community after watching the TV show “24 hours in A&E”. One of the nurses described how she always looked forward to Friday nights because that’s when all the stab wound victims are brought in.

Although this might make you wince, it was also very inspiring to hear how the nurse enjoyed a somewhat negative challenge to her job. My colleague thought about this whilst reading some project management articles describing project problems and venting about everything going wrong. She then approached a few members of the online project management community and asked

"What problems and challenges do you look forward to most, while working in project management?"

Here is what they said:

problems and challenges you look forward to most

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