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Knowledge Train’s PRINCE2 examination results (since 2012)

Knowledge Train's high PRINCE2 pass ratesOne of the most important things which sets the many PRINCE2 accredited training providers (ATOs) apart from one another is their exam pass rates. We're proud to say that for the 4th year running we are on target to achieve PRINCE2 exam pass rates which easily surpass the national average. For that I would like to give a very big thank you to all of our dedicated trainers.

Be careful of inexperienced trainers

If you're considering PRINCE2 training, be careful. There are some ATOs which use very inexperienced trainers. You can tell who they are because they are the ones offering the cheapest courses. Their trainers have the bare minimum of real world experience - either of project management or PRINCE2. They also are often starting out in their training careers and hence the salaries they command will be less than the more experienced trainers. Do you really want to be taught by someone who has only just started delivering PRINCE2?

You can't beat experience

Here at Knowledge Train we can reassure you that our PRINCE2 trainers are some of the most experienced anywhere in the world - some of whom have more than 10 years experience of delivering PRINCE2 training. They know the PRINCE2 methodology like the back of their hand and have actually utilized PRINCE2 in the workplace.

This is one of the main reasons why our PRINCE2 exam pass rates have been consistently so high. Since 2012, our average exam pass rate each year has been:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation 99.5% (UK national average of 97%)
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner 83% (UK national average of 73%)
  • PRINCE2 Re-registration exams 97% (UK national average not available)

So, who are some of our trainers? Our lively and engaging weekday trainer, Kobus Scheepers, is a former barrister who re-trained in IT and went on to manage projects for the public and private sectors in the UK, Europe and Africa. Kobus has helped more than 6,000 students pass their PRINCE2 exams which perhaps makes him the most experienced trainer anywhere.

Our weekend trainer, Nick Duffew used to be a teacher and has a strong project management background in the education sector. Nick also used to work in Asia so he has learned to deliver classes with a mixture of patience and sensitivity.

I myself have been delivering project management training for 10 years and PRINCE2 since 2006. I have worked on projects in various roles since 1988. If your course materials are not up to scratch then it's my job to make them better.

We use other trainers when we need to, but we never employ inexperienced ones.

Continuous improvement of courses

You might be thinking what other reasons are there for our great PRINCE2 exam pass rates? Well, we also think that our courses are pretty good too and we've spent the last 9 years improving them based upon student feedback. If you come to one of our courses, not only will we give you our excellent training materials - hand illustrated by our in-house graphic designer - but you'll also learn in small classes and an encouraging classroom environment.

Short preparation time

Before coming to one of our classes we also don't like you to spend too much of your precious time preparing. Some companies wil ask you to spend 16+ hours of dull reading beforehand (seriously)! We don't want you to spend your whole weekend beforehand on reading about PRINCE2 so we provide you with our pre-course study materials which should only take about 3-4 hours of your time.

More sample exam papers

Just so that you can be extra confident of passing your Foundation exam, we provide you with 3 sample PRINCE2 Foundation exams compared with 2 offered by most ATOs

Ask questions if you're stuck

You might not believe what I am going to tell you but it's true - some ATOs put more than 30 people in a classroom! Imagine trying to ask a question - it would be very difficult. Our class sizes are kept small at just 16 people so that we can ensure that our trainers have time to answer your questions - no matter how tough!

Continuous improvement

A PRINCE2 course with Knowledge Train is not simply ‘death by PowerPoint’ with an unengaging, inexperienced trainer reading slides at you all day, and we have a philosophy of keeping classes concise, interesting and easy to understand.

Looking to the future, we anticipate our pass rates to rise even higher as we develop and improve our courses. All this is done so that each of our students can maximize their chances of passing their exams, achieve their goals and advance their career.

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