PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner case study – Rory Murray

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    PRINCE2 training course reviewed by Rory Murray

    Rory Murray, Managing Consultant at Atholl Consulting Ltd

    Why did you choose Knowledge Train over other training providers?

    They had a course on the date I wanted, at a reasonable price.

    In your opinion, please give the most 3 positive aspects of the course.

    1. Location
    2. I passed the exam
    3. Great trainer!

    What did you think of our trainer’s technique and did it work for you?

    Kobus had the pragmatism to relate the PRINCE2 theory to real life in a way that helped it make sense and be more memorable. For me, his style was perfect and he helped me to absorb huge amounts of knowledge in a very short time and apply it with confidence during the exams. I find it hard to imagine how he could have done his job better.

    Some PRINCE2 courses are very exam focussed. What did you think about your course, did you learn any new project management techniques and if so – please elaborate?

    I don’t think I learned anything NEW, but it was a great refresher after doing projects for about 25 years – you forget the basics after a while, a bit like driving. Having to actually think about it in a purist way was good news for me.

    How many hours homework did you complete a night and what were your thoughts about fitting this in with home life?

    I’m used to working in the US, so late evenings are a way of life for me. I probably did 90 minutes revision spread over two or three hours each night.

    What were your opinions on the exam? Was it easy/difficult/to your expectations?

    It was what I’d expected from what I’d been told – the combination questions are the hardest, because if you get one part wrong then you’ve get the whole thing wrong – there are NO HALF MARKS!

    Do you have any exam or revision tips you’d like to share?

    • Don’t drink too much whilst revising!
    • Write it down in your own words.
    • Take time to label the PRINCE2 manual CAREFULLY, so that you can navigate it at speed for the Practitioner exam.
    • Read the questions CAREFULLY and UNDERLINE the key words to make sure you’re focusing on what’s important.